Sep 23, 2011

Money. . Money. . Money

I love money and I want money, don't get me wrong. And I'd love to be a millionaire if God will let me. I can pay off my debts, and create a wonderful life for my family and myself. Go for trips and all, buy anything I like and not worry about debtors chasing me. Put my kids in college and have enough to comfortably by.
But the chase for money can be frightfully scary as I see friends, peers, colleagues, clients and others sacrifice too much, their own health, their loved ones, their faith, their own dignity and self respect, and all just for money.
I have seen marriages break; colleagues overworking until they collapse, die or get sick; peers sleeping or having sex with potential clients for accounts, losing their dignity and self respect; colleagues forgetting they have children or spouses; and so much more. To them it becones a case of eat money, sleep money, live money and their motto is just money. Nothing else stands in their way and sadly, in my line of business, where clients investment is of utmost importance, it is not so with them. They put money as their most important factor, but oh no, not the clients money but their own. All these to achieve that brand new BMW in 6 months, or that Tod's or Louis Vuitton handbag.
They dress provocatively, go to work from as early as 5am and home only at 1 or 2am. And oh, back stab each other and also others, steal other people's agents or clients with no guilt at all. . . Children and spouse are neglected.
Oh dear God, please do not let me be like them. I pray for the strenght to continue as I am, hopefully to be even more successful then I already am, but never losing sight of what is most important in life, my family, my own health and God. May I live a moderate but comfortable life. . . amen


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