Oct 5, 2011

Brunch at The Loaf

After being so ill and suddenly weak for more then 36 hours. I think I slept at least 26 hours away. . . I decided to force myself back to activity and well. . . Seeing my beloved husband had some appointment in Bangsar, I went to Bangsar Village to kill time and so call strengthen myself.
I popped into The Loaf Bistro there. Gorgeous ambience. Delightful choices of exquisite bread and pastries. I sat down and ordered a grilled mushroom served with some tomato salsa and cheddar cheese on a soft toast and a glass of apple, carrot and ginger juice.
The sandwich dressing and cheddar cheese was perhaps too rich for my weak stomach, but I loved the mushrooms and the salad. The juice was good too. Not too gingery.
However, after nearly 6 hours in my stomach, my stomach suddenly rebelled and I had to throw up the remains in my toilet.
Ok. Guess point taken. No more attempting to eat rich food for another couple of days at least. Sighhhhh


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