Nov 1, 2011

Fried carrot cake aka char koay kak

Ok. I know the English name really sounds strange and even misleading as it is actually just rice cake fried with egg, bean sprouts, soy sauce, chilli, garlic and preserved bitty radishes. But somehow, someone started the trend calling it carrot cake and it stuck.
I was confused the first time I realised the English name for this dish was fried carrot cake as it barely resembled the traditional or original carrot cake I sometimes have for tea.
This dish was one of my favourite dishes when I was growing up at the Pulau Tikus market. It is still there. I think.
You can now find it in various Chinese nightmarkets all around Klang Valley, but they are not halal as sometines they are fried with lard to make it more fragrant.
The halal ones, you can probably find in food courts like in Avenue K, where this pic was taken, and other food courts like KLCC, Mid Valley, etc.


  1. Hi, I'm now in penang, trying to find good and halal fried carrot cake and oyster omelette. You have any idea? The one you wrote is of course halal right?

    1. In Penang, I am not sure where can I find Halal carrot cake.. but the one I posted on top can be found in the food court in Mid Valley Oasis food court or at the AEON One Utama food court and I think it's halal. My family eats there all the time

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