Oct 2, 2011

Lunch at Tony Roma's

My girls and I caught up with my cousin, and we went for lunch at Tony Roma's in Sunway Pyramid.
The ambience was really beautiful and soothing , and we got a nice view of Sunway Lagoon.
Knowing the portioning was probably huge as per American servings, we opted to share.
We ordered the beef ribs and beef medallions which came smothered with barbeque sauce, brocolli and mash potatoes, half a barbeced roast chicken with fries and coleslaw. And Anne took the opportunity to order the kids meal which was complimentary, fish and chips (which was in a surprisingly large portion and served with a sundae conprising of a vanilla ice cream and crushed oreo biscuits).
The verdict? The meat was all really scrumptious and melt in your mouth soft!!!!! I really loved it, it exceeded my expectations.
And yes, the waiting staff was just as good. Thumbs up for the waiting staff. They were really great!!! Energetic, friendly and personal.


  1. wow what would you recommend to have at Tony Roma's ? Love to try ! ;)

  2. Try the beef ribs and medaliions. It is really scrumptious. My daughter loved the strawberry lemonade as well. . . That is , if you like strawberry


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