Oct 2, 2011

A Malay translated break up letter. . .

(Tijah ingin memutuskan perhubungan dengan boyfriend Mat Salleh nya. .
Dia tak sanggup bertemu muka, lalu dia pun mengutus surat. Surat tu macam ni bunyinya. . . )

Tijah is a Malay girl who wanted to break up her relationship with her European boyfriend. . She couldn't bring herself to face him, so she decided to send him a letter using the dictionary. This is the letter

Hi, my motive write this letter is to give you know something.
I want to cut connection us. I have to think about this very cook cook.
I know I clap one hand only. Correctly, I have seen you and she together in town with eyes myself. You always ask for apology back back. I don't trust you again!!! You are really crocodile land.
My friend speak you play wood three. . Now I know you correct correct play wood three. So I break connection to pull my body from this love triangle. I know this result I pick is very correct, because you love she high from me. So, I break off to go far from here. I don't want you to play play with my liver. I have been crying until no more eye water thinking about you. I don't want banana to fruit two times. . Safe walk. .


  1. Though it is painful for Tijah but if Tijah is right in her letter it was after all a good decision she took. No need to stay with the person whom I cannot expect respect from. Now she can heal the time following the tips here: http://lovesagame.com/the-secret-how-to-get-over-a-break-up/


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