Oct 20, 2011

The price of procrastination

When you want to do something, just do it!!! Look what the price of procrastination has caused me.. I was browing through the Kinokuniya bookshop here and an ad really drew my attention. Buy the magazine and a chance to win a free Brics Milano bag worth RM399 or a Laura Mercier toiletries set, and also a chance to win a watch worth RM3000! !!!

I mulled it over, wanting to buy it or not. . And went home. Today, I was at the book shop again and I saw a woman bought 3 of the magazines and came walking out , smug and proud owner of 3 of those bags I so coveted. I rushed in and bought one of the magazines and yup, I won a prize, but unfortunately for me, the lady had just walked off with the last bag available and I had to make do with a box of Laura Mercier toiletries.
Indeed, I should be grateful I got a prize, but if I had not procrastinate , I would have been a proud owner of one of those bags!!!! Hmmm. . That should teach me.to.procrastinate more!!!


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