Oct 27, 2011

why I choose to be a Unit Trust Consultant

I am a Unit Trust consultant and I have been one for the past 9 years.. yup, since 2002!!! I may not be your so called successful agent who's driving a Mercedes or a BMW, earning 5 to 6 figure incomes, but nevertheless, I am successful in my own way.
I have been a National Sales Convention qualifier year after year since 2006 and a Million Ringgit Producer every year for the same number of years.
I came from a broken home, had a miserable childhood, struggled to make ends meet, was a single mom, and just finished school with a grade 2 in SPM. I did not know where I was going and what I was doing. Oh, I had dreams to marry a rich man but even though there were rich or very well to do men wanting to fulfill my dreams, I just couldn't go through with it because I did not love them.
I was bored easily, hated going to work from 9 to 5 and staring at the same 4 walls or people for too long, and I never worked in a place for more then 3 years. I have worked in Sunway Lagoon, Penang Parkroyal, The Ritz Carlton, Warner Music Malaysia , just to name a few...
It as by sheer chance , upon coming back from overseas, after a holiday upon quitting my last job that I happened on an advertisement in the Star newspaper looking for unit trust consultants with Public Mutual Bhd. It seemed interesting for me, and I went for the Business Opportunity Meeting and was signed up by my upline, Hamidah.
I was hopeless at meeting people and balked at the thought of making cold calls. And when following my upline and some colleagues on roadshows and such, froze when my upline urged me to approach someone to solicit sales. My upline all but gave up on me.
I was lucky though I manage some nerve to talk to a few slightly higher nett worth people and they invested their EPF funds with me and that kept me going. I had some income but it as not much.
Finally with my upline and side lines (colleagues under the same group) urging, tutorial and all, I finally broke out from my shell and did more or less what was expected of me.
I fell in love with one of my colleagues who helped me a lot and guided me a lot. He was a divorcee just like me, and after about a year of seeing each other, we got married.
It was he who encouraged me a lot, pointing out what would happen if I give up (I have to back to work and earn pittance and stare at the same four walls etc... no time to myself and such)
and it was for my children I decided to work harder.
That is how I got to where I am today. The other beautiful part of being a unit trust consultant like me is I have no boss, and I go to work whenever I like. There are times I work just 2 or 3 days a week, there are times I go to work late or come back early. There are times I just skip work altogether just to spend time with my children, especially when they are unwell. It's the freedom of not having to report to anyone and just taking time off whenever I like. There are times, I just see a client a day and run off to go shopping or watch a movie on my own.
And oh... every year, I get to go on free trips... all paid for... I sold of tickets to Kunming and Ho Chih Minh trips to my colleagues as I was dumb in the beginning, and went to Bali, Phuket (as you can see in the pictures here)... all in 5 star hotels and 5 star tours and meals... we don't have to pay a single cent except for your shopping.... and next year??? I am heading to Tokyo, Japan....... anyone coming????
And the best thing? I earn so much more then I would earn working for someone in the office. I earn 2-3 times more and sometimes on a hardworking month, even 4-5 times what I would earn getting scolded or having to clock into the office from 9 to 5.
Well, I know I can earn so much more if I want to and if I am willing to put in more effort, but hey, I want to enjoy my life, my husband and my children's growing years as well, instead of being just a workaholic and thinking about dollars and cents. Thus I choose to be a simple, average unit trust consultant instead earning enough to give my family a comfortable life... and managing my clients the best I can. To any of my clients (if you are reading this) Thanks for all the support you have give me.... I will endeavor to do my best.
To anyone interested in joining me or exploring a career in unit trust like me, and enjoying your time, feel free to contact me : Miera at 012 3386033 or Dzul at 017 6830333


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