Nov 14, 2011

One of those awkward oh dear moments. . .

This is actually, I guess one of those oh dear awkward moments in life where my husband must be feeling so frazzled and worried and not being able to be everywhere at the same time. All his children are unwell and his wife is also feeling poorly.
It started with his elder daughter who had been feeling pretty unwell a few days ago. She had fever and guess what, her SPM exams are on as well.
To my foreign friends reading this, SPM is practically the most important exams in school. It detrrmine where you head next in life or which college or not.
Then I woke up with the mother of all sore throats and an aching body today. Then noon came and my husband's eldest son called to say he has appendicitis and is going to need a surgery. So both my husband and his ex wife rushed east to Kuantan, some 150 or so kilometres away from Kuala Lumpur.
Then our youngest daughter came back and when she heard I had sore throat, insisted she had one too. At first I thought she was playing at it but obviously it was real when she started crying in pain on having to swallow her noodles soup.
Now at 11.30pm, she is kinda sleeping restlessly as she has a fever to go along with it. I gave her some ibuprofen medication and tucked her back to bed I can't sleep, because my throat hurts like hell too and I have not eaten anything since breakfast.
And I am thinking of my husband who loves his family so much but is now with his eldest son who just finished his surgery while the rest of us also need his presence but have to contend ourselves with other comfort for the present. He must be so worried and stressed.
He is a wonderful husband and father and can be more protective of his brood at times then a mother hen and her chicks. Much more then me even. I adore him and treasure our life together, the ups and downs and all. Thanks so much for being in my life, Dzul Rashidi.


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