Dec 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Today is the very last day of 2011. Tomorrow, we greet a whole new year.

There are so many things to decide, behaviors to change, hopefully for the better. Lots of things to learn still and to improve upon. If we were to look back, there are plenty of mistakes and weaknesses in us that can and should be improved on.

To all my dear relatives, friends, pen pals, swap pals, colleagues, clients, and all, please forgive any mistakes I may have done, the things I should have done but did not or any hurtful words as sometimes as humans, we tend to speak without thinking .

May the coming New Year bring more meaning, teach us all to be better people, send us more solutions to any problems or questions we have, more success, love, happiness and good health to everyone of us....

Happy New Year to all...... Happy 2012


  1. Hello dear :) I write to you on Postcrossing forum because my travelling notebook is going to you ;)

    Shizunia from Postcrossing forum :)


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