Jan 8, 2012

My pet Marimo....

I somehow ended up adopting or buying myself a new pet today. A Marimo ball. Marimo (a.k.a. moss ball) is an endangered species of filamentous green algae originally founded in its natural habitat in Lake Akan, Hokkaido but it has now become a popular domestic plant that can be purchased at souvenir shops. Legend has it that Marimo can bring love, luck and happiness to those who nourish it with love and patience.
So hopefully, my pet Marimo which I call "Baby Emerald" will bring me love, luck and happiness.... It's small and in a bottle with some tiger eye crystals. I probably might get it a small aquarium to put it in.


There is a fairytale behind marimo balls. About 100 years ago, on the island of Hokkaido, there lived a young girl whose father was the head of a village near Lake Akan. The girl’s marriage had been arranged but unfortunately, she fell in love with a commoner and they ran away together. When the lovers reached Lake Akan, they jumped in. They then metamorphosed into little marimo balls and lived happily ever after


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