Feb 16, 2012

candies I enjoyed back in the 80s which are still around today.....

Haw flakes....
These are sweets made from the Chinese hawthorns, the fruits that are also used to make traditional Chinese snack bing tang hu lu 

White Rabbit Creamy Candy
Developed in Shanghai as early as 1943, each white, chewy candy is wrapped in a thin edible film made of sticky rice. Its popularity here declined after the nineties, and was almost banned after being hit by the melamine contamination scandal in China in 2008.

lemon tablets
 80's kids should know this or remember this sweets. It used to be only 20 cents per packet but know RM 1.20 per packet, so sad!!!

It is good for our sore throat, you can eat it as tablets or smash it into powder and eat it like icing sugar or you can mix it with warm water and drinks. Once you open it.. one piece is never enough.. it is somewhat addictive...

sugared jelly sweets...
These comes in an assortment of flavours, strawberry, lychee, pineapple, lemon, lime, orange and assortment of colours. Sweets covered with more sugar.. but so addictive too...

sugared gems

A product from  Khong Guan Biscuit Company, these little biscuits with sweet star-shaped coating at the top were joyful titbits for children. And they came with different types of colours too.


  1. i love all of it. plus choki-choki :D

  2. bestnyer... In memories.. Hehehe


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