Mar 27, 2012

Kepong Metropolitan Park

This 95 hectares park is a vast area that consists of a 57 hectares lake where anglers will be glad to know that they are allowed to fish here. During the weekends, the huge parking bays are usually taken up and many have to park their vehiclesalong the main road. It is not a good idea to park along the main road as it is illegal and dangerous as there are many oncoming cars driving at quite a high speed. Try to go as early as 3:30pm and you will be able to secure a parking lot. You will see families with young children coming here for a time of relaxation and to unwind the minds. Other facilities that have been built include:

■Children's playground
■An observation tower
■Jogging tracks
■Cycling tracks
■Reflexology facilities
■A boat house
■Car Park
■Open space for Kites enthusiasts

This is actually one of our favourite places to go for an early morning walk during the weekends... It is along the MRR2. It is pretty much packed even early in the morning and during evenings when kite flying enthusiasts come out to fly their kites....
I only have morning pictures at the moment... will post evening kite pictures if and when I go there in the evenings someday soon....


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