Apr 17, 2012

At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 31

Anyway, don't we all love melodrama eh? Truth is though, I am kinda tired of seeing these 2 guys tortured emotionally for like most of this series. I actually love watching Lian Cheng running around smiling happily, however deluded he may be and I do like seeing Qiyou like a fumbling exasperated fool in love rather than vomiting blood or crying or both. There is only so much suffering a viewer can take.

You know Qiyou and Fuya has yet to consummate their marriage right? Lian Cheng can't even hold onto her hand. Anyway Fuya could just stroll into Qiyou's "prison" which is a nice place except for that huge chain attached to his leg. Of course Lian Si let her in, thinking she is the sister of Qiyou, trying to buy favour and she was drunk. Anyway Qiyou was drunk as well, but not that drunk, they cried and all but in all Fuya's tears of "I will save you!!", Qiyou at least thought like a logical man when he said "Lian Cheng will never release me, even if he loves you and will do anything for you, when it comes to matters of the state, his hands are bound". WHICH IS TRUE FUYA!! Why? Lian Cheng can never release Qiyou, Qiyou is the former emperor of Shu. If he released Qiyou, Shu will come fighting back. Qiyou is now like the ransom for safety. And moreover, Fuya will run away as well, which defeats everything Lian Cheng did in the first place. So they cried some more. And Qiyou said bitterly "Go away. You're now his Imperial Concubine Di. He loves you, he will protect you. He will help you to revive Chu" and one slap. Yes, he deserved that. And then they cried even more. And then they kissed, and then they fell back onto the floor and let us all imagine and which they did, that they consummated their marriage in the most open sort of way. A prisoner in his "prison", the concubine of another man, doors WIDE OPENED, guards out there and I suppose Qiyou must be a good lover because can you imagine the layers of clothes they had to remove and all done in maybe 5 minutes perhaps? Qiyou can't be that bad! Lian Cheng would have taken his own sweet time, like how he did with Xiangyun and never even finished the deed. After they're done, not a hair out of place, not a drop of sweat, not anything. So in case you're thinking did they? And I shall say, YES THEY DID. But of course maybe for Shu, a kiss is might as well as good as doing the deed.

Now this is where this scene is all wrong. Two reasons really.

One. Why the hell is Qiyou so affectionately calling Lian Cheng "Lian Cheng"?? Shouldn't it be more stranger -ish as in "LIU Lian Cheng"? Like full name? Twice he referred to Lian Cheng as "Lian Cheng". Like I said before, if not for Fuya, these 2 could have been best buds. Two. The sex. As cold as Northern Han. Passionless. I find Lian Cheng stripping Xiangyun more erotic and he didn't even want her. I find Lian Cheng creeping up and holding Fuya's hands gently sexier. I find Lian Cheng sucking on Xiangyun's veiled face more passionate. This scene is just all wrong. Too much tears. And the doors, WIDE OPENED. The clothes, perfect. That bloody fur, still there!! Entire scene, marred by this when earlier when Fuya presented Qiyou with the fur coat made by Empress Dowager Du, that was a good scene as Qiyou laughed cynically when he was told his mom loves him and wanted him back as he snickered "What about Qixing?" and which is true. There can't be 2 emperors in one state. Qiyou is basically damned if he stayed, damned if he goes back. Everything after that was just stupid. And Fuya forgetting her reviving Chu state pledge. Now she promises to kill herself if Qiyou dies.

Anyway after sex, Fuya went back, upset over the state of things as she realised even Lian Cheng can't protect them forever and saw poor old fool Lian Cheng napping on a chair as he was warming those flowers to wait for it to flower. Lian Cheng saw her and wondered what happened and thought Xiangyun bullied her and Fuya said it wasn't her and when he tried to touch her hand, she angrily said "Don't treat me so well! I don't deserve your kindness" and she stormed off. Lian Cheng thought to himself "Whatever I did, whatever I will do, you are still thinking of him!" which is also true. In that moment my sympathy is on Lian Cheng because his love will never be reciprocated. I also pity Qiyou because he can never leave unless Lian Cheng lets him go. I am however not remotely interested in how Fuya feels. I was strangely very annoyed with her. She was the reason for these 2 men's despair. If she never existed, or if she died, everybody will have a solution to their problem. Someone told me solution is for Lian Cheng to let them go. That is not a solution, that is stupidity. Fuya has to die! And yet these 2 men will die protecting her.

Lian Cheng was so angry he went to see Qiyou who was busy composing his Art Of War on the floor as he said "I plan to defeat you one day" and Lian Cheng said "Why not now?" and threw a sword at Qiyou and so they fought. Even then Lian Cheng lost until Lian Cheng used the chains to his advantage and pinned Qiyou to the wall as he said "I won't kill you, not because of you, but because of her. I don't want her to be sad" and Qiyou said "No, you won't kill me for yourself, because you know she will hate you if you did" and he was right as Lian Cheng said "I will prove to her I am worthy to love her" and he laughed bitterly as he left and Qiyou said to himself "She will never love you"

Does Fuya love Lian Cheng? I doubt it. At this point I hated her because she misused Lian Cheng's trust as she strolled into the prison and had sex with Qiyou. He gave her that freedom and she misused her position. Of course the series wants us to believe Fuya never used Lian Cheng that way but the truth is she is as manipulative as he is foolish.

Anyway Lian Si finds out Fuya is Qiyou's girlfriend and not sister thanks to the jade pendent which Qiyou returned to Fuya (since Lian Si once asked Qiyou who gave him that pendent and he sorta said his beloved) and so Lian Si was so angry for being made a fool when her mom overheard and ordered Qiyou and Fuya to be brought forward. This is where it gets stupid for the 2nd time in this episode.

They were dragged past each other and held onto each other crying and crying and crying, ready to die with one another and Empress Dowager ordered Fuya to be executed for shaming the harem and RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE Fuya again rushed to Qiyou, held his hands as she cried and cried and cried. All over melodramatic. And if it is true, entire Han, Shu, Chu, Zhou, whatever is laughing at the fool called Lian Cheng, wearing his "green hat" (in Chinese speak, being cuckolded by an adulteress wife). And guess what? Lian Cheng will save the day which he jumped into the middle of the fight with Qiyou and the guards, he beat them all away as Fuya was stabbed and Qiyou held onto her, strangely silent as again, Lian Cheng now battles his mom IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. Empress Dowager said "How can you protect this woman who has made you a laughing stock?! Do you not owe a duty to your people, your kingdom?" and Lian Cheng said "Mother, why do you always insist on destroying the things I love, my brother, now my wife? She is after all my wife! I know about her past with him, I don't care. If I can't even protect the woman I love, what am I good for? Listen everyone! Anyone dares touch Imperial Concubine Di, I will kill that person!!" and mother really angry and I do pity her as she said "So if I insist on executing her, will you kill me too?!" and Lian Cheng, not a change of expression on his face said matter of fact "No mother, you're safe in your position. But since you intend to take my wife away from me, then I shall take away your son. I will kill myself if you kill my wife" and bam!! What a retort! Lian Cheng is the KING OF RETORTS! And he carried Fuya and up and away he went as in on the flight of stairs. As for Qiyou, he is ordered to be executed but Lian Si now cries and said "Mother I love him! If you kill him, I will... I will kill myself!!" and mother was so shocked as she said "Why? Why did I ever give birth to such children?!?!" and promptly fainted.

Sad isn't it? I really pity her. And I really dislike the writer at this point. Because Qiyou should surely recognise the effort Lian Cheng used to ensure his beloved is safe and sound? Of course he didn't give a damn about Qiyou but can't he at least muster a look of gratefulness as Lian Cheng saved the day and carried Fuya to safety? Because I would have. However much I hate Lian Cheng, as Qiyou I would be grateful because to ensure the one you loved shall live is the priority, like Lian Cheng sees and protects Fuya. But then the script has no time for such beautiful subtlety at this point. What a waste. Will Qiyou at least ever acknowledge that in a grudging respect sort of way? Because Lian Cheng did grudgingly admitted Qiyou is to be admired for his prowess as a military commander and a hero. The thing with Lian Cheng is he is really not that bad a guy if he wasn't Liu Lian Cheng.

Fuya wakes up and said to Lian Cheng "You should have let me died" and I was thinking Fuya, you can jump off from the tower if you want as Lian Cheng said "How can I let you die?" or something like that. Anyway Fuya shall live to be threatened with death, yet again!

Mother wakes up but is so sick she is dying, thanks to Lian Si's earlier outburst. Mother's faithful maid cum bodyguard (I really like this girl!) rushed to Lian Cheng and begged him to see the empress dowager but Lian Cheng said "I was fooled once, I shall not be fooled again. GO AWAY!" because he didn't believe she was dying so he stayed with Fuya. Meanwhile Xiangyun took this opportunity to instigate her maid to beg the dowager to kill Fuya for the safety of Han and mother agreed as she said "I am alive and it is such a mess, imagine if I am dead, that woman will destroy us all! Xiangyun, remember my edict if I were to die, kill that woman!" and Xiangyun was happy and you may wonder why she is asking Xiangyun and the Xiangyun she meant here is Xiangyun the minister, father of Suyao who by the time has yet to be told his daughter's dead. Fuya was busy self pitying and all, she forgot her promise to Suyao. She forgot her promise to her parents. She forgot everything. She doesn't keep her promise.

As much as I hate that Nu for being such a despicable person (doesn't even dared to acknowledge his sister when he saw her as he thought his entire plan will fail and his life lost if he did), at this point I hated

1. Fuya for reasons as stated above
2. Lian Si for being a busybody
3. the writer for giving such crap storyline in this episode and also naming so many people Yun or Xiangyun

But strangely I don't hate Qiyou or Lian Cheng. In fact I don't hate Lian Cheng at all. But I find myself pitying him less. But you gotta admit, that man does know how to make an entrance, the way he flew into the middle of the fracas and saved the day with his retorts. He is officially the King of Retorts.

I was asked if this has happened in Shu, what would Qiyou have done? Not that he could do anything. If Shu emperor did not poison himself, he would have married Fuya already. He would have possessed her body but not her heart. Problem with Lian Cheng is he wanted her heart. He should have just gone with the physical first before moving to the emotional. Anyway if this was in Shu, I believe Qiyou could have done nothing. And his mother would have executed Fuya anyway and Qiyou couldn't have done anything at all, so end of story. I am just frustrated no one in this bloody series seem to acknowledge what Lian Cheng gone through to protect Fuya.
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