Apr 12, 2012

Domestic maids

I was at a friend's place and we had dinner. My friend is well to do and lives in a big house somewhere. To my amazement, my friend set the place for four people. When dinner was served, we all sat down and guess who sat down with us? Her new maid.
Ok, I always thought maids should be treated equally and this was exactly the case. The maid ate choice beef steak and chicken, something she definitely did not have in her village, considering that she came from a very isolated island and lived like the natives did. My friend's husband took pleasure teasing the maid and said that he bet she would put on weight in a couple of weeks or so. The camaderie was friendly and even when shopping for toiletries, my friend bought her maid the brands she would use herself and occasional treat such as candy or such.
I think this is good and healthy and only a foolish or stupid maid would run away.
Then you get maids who are treated like slaves or 2nd or 3rd class citizens. They can only eat leftovers , sit on the floor and eat and such. Maids that get abused and beaten. Treated like an animal. These monster of an employer who thinks that paying RM400 or RM600 means you canenslave people into doing what they want.
The thought that many innocent people coming to our country to work but end up slaves are really sad, but it happens. We always need to respect people from all walks of life, and yes,that includes the lowly houswho is matter
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