Apr 16, 2012

The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (story.....so far, by Point 2 entertainment....)

At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 19

Nothing much happened in ep 19 but some things confused the hell out of me. Not only did the emperor failed to kick out Qixing and reinstate Qiyou, even Qiyou begged the emperor to not blame his mother, and mind you, Qiyou is the real victim here! That is because Concubine Han helped the empress by giving her rather reasonable opinion and the empress didn't appreciate it. And the emperor, being someone who uses someone else to do his deeds rather than dirty his own hands let it be. Moreover Empress actually said it quite plainly the emperor can't do anything because her family's powers are too big. He did squeezed Qiyou's shoulder before he walked out and I was thinking; did he really feel bad for Qiyou or he was disappointed Qiyou didn't put up a fight? Meanwhile Duwan clearly finished as in the emperor says she will NEVER be crown princess and so she will NEVER be empress. She will just be a concubine. Stupid woman. One person very happy was Fuya who eagerly went to see Qiyou who himself was I suppose secretly happy at the turn of events.

Now this is where I am confused. Why are they so happy? After all, with Duwan NOT being a crown prince's wife means Fuya still has a big chance of being one? And so she won't be with Qiyou. And then I found out Fuya was supposed to leave the palace. And I was like why? It was explained when Duwan messed up the whole process, the whole process has to be kick started again and so all candidates must leave the palace. SAY WHAT? Anyway suddenly there were rumours of Concubine Mei's ghost coming back to haunt the candidates and some candidates died when in actual fact Han Ming went and hung them to create such ghost story. So this will prevent Fuya from leaving and so Concubine Han can still make the emperor meet Fuya. By this time I no longer cared.

Fuya was knocked out by some smoke-drug and was carried to the plum blossom garden and she woke up and she bumped into the emperor who was very distraught because that night was Concubine Mei's death anniversary. Moreover some spread the rumour that she returned because she wanted to tell the palace who killed her. When he saw her he said emotional "Concubine Mei! Concubine Mei!" and rushed to hug her and Fuya panicked and Qiyun arrived and pushed them apart and told his father who she was and he was so distraught he cried "Concubine Mei! You promised we shall meet in dreams but you have never come to see me! Whatever you want to say, say to me, see me! Tell me! Why have you lied to me! Why?!" and sorta fainted. But he didn't and he ordered Fuya to be captured. Alone with Qiyun and Fuya, he questioned her; who brought her in, and all that and she didn't say Qiyou or Concubine Han. The emperor didn't believe her as Fuya begged to be believed and he said "If I were to believe you so easily, then how can I ever claim myself to be worthy of an emperor? Lock her up, torture her and she will reveal the truth!" and so it was, despite Qiyun protesting.

Concubine Han was kinda panicking but she was convinced Fuya is a stubborn girl, she will never reveal anything. Grandpa Hua very worried and Qiyou could do nothing but they were convinced Fuya is a stubborn girl and will never reveal anything. No I did not unintentionally repeat myself, it is intentional. Annoying Yun Zhu made a huge fuss outside the prison and I am surprised she is not dead yet. As not sure who analyzed it said the Emperor wanted to use Fuya as a bait for the real perpetrator to reveal himself and so they must remain incognito and I think it was Qiyou who said it. Which is why Yun Zhu is not dead yet. Last scene was Grandpa Hua and Qiyou looking rather good with fake moustache sneaked into the prison to deliver food and looking for Fuya but couldn't find her. The way they went in there was so unbelievably simple. And my guess is Fuya is somewhere being treated rather well. Funny thing was Concubine Han being rather shocked the emperor did not fall to his knees and crying HALLELLUJAH!! when he saw Fuya and instead was shrewd enough to lock her up and torture her. I was surprised too. But then the emperor is a shrewd man who is low enough to use his son and wife against one another.

At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 18

A tale of 2 beautiful man and one pretty girl. Love the guys' eyebrows. Awesome! They do look better in ancient costume than modern looks. Someone did asked me a very good question; why drink from such a small cup and small wine pot? Why not from those big ones? Ahhhh but you see, they're kings and queens and therefore must do somethings with style. Moreover they have eunuchs and maids to help refill at all time. Anyway taken from SPCNET forum.

At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 18

All 3 brothers became drunk that night, so was Fuya, all very sad for their own reasons. Qiyou because deep down he is not happy. Qixing because he thought Fuya ignores him thinking he told mama about Qiyou and Fuya. Well, blame that stupid maid! Qiyun because... errmmm... not sure why. He seems genuinely happy for Qiyou and seriously daft about Qiyou's opinion of Du Wan but I suppose he is depressed because he wants to be BBJX's 13th prince; aka "Brother, I envy you! You had the opportunity to travel for the past 2 years whilst I... I am always in the palace..." but Qiyou said sincerely "You have father's love..." and I bet Qiyou would want that more than his so called freedom. Anyway everyone was drunk the night before the wedding. And this was like the longest scene of everyone drunk, and I was like CAN WE MOVE ON?!??! And they did as Qixing crying for Fuya drunkenly and Du Wan gambled her happiness by climbing into bed with him and you know what happened. In the morning, Empress, Qiyou, maids and servants were in the room to witness the ultimate humiliation of Qiyou.

At this stage I was like "Poor Qiyou! Father uses him, mother hates him, stepmother distrusted him, the other stgepmother didn't bother about him, 2nd brother plotting, 3rd brother took his position, now even his future wife deserts him!!!!" and I am very confident if Qiyou has a dog, even the dog will run away from him! If a bird flies by, the bird will drop one big wollop onto his head. If a bear strolls by, one sniff and the bear will show his bum to him. You know what I mean! Totally and absolutely alone! And you may ask, well he has Fuya. BUT Fuya is someone he can't touch, so in the end he has nothing. Anyway earlier he asked his father to let Fuya leave the palace I think so that she can find happiness. I think he was resigned to his fate, something his father didn't expect him to do.


Lian Cheng, handsome as always AND sulky as always lounging alone when Xiangyun came in front and wanted to give him a bowl of soup or something when he quietly without looking at her said "Get lost". It was such a gentle voice that it almost sounds nice when it wasn't. Xiangyun began to cry as she said "3 years, you have no spoken one word to me in 3 years and the very first word you said was such a cruel word...and here you sit, pining and thinking of that woman.. I know for 3 years you still blame me for her death..." and he said "Yes you did kill her" and she admitted!! She said "Yes I did but did I have a choice? She was going to beg my most loved to attack my father.. do I even have a choice? ... Stop pining for her. I am your wife, not her, she never even loved you and she is dead!" and he scolded "She is not dead! She is still alive! She understands me the most!" and Xiangyun cried "Understand you? She isn't bothered about you! She told me so, that she sees you only as a friend, A FRIEND! Alive or dead, she isn't bothered about you at all!" and words reached the Empress that both were fighting again and she sighed "If it isn't because I want to maintain the good relationship between Chu and Northern Han, I would have sent her back to Chu..." and she went to them. Meanwhile Xiangyun was so upset she threw the bowl onto the floor, grabbed the piece of porcelein and guess what? Lian Cheng not even bothered, not one bit and he still looked away. Mommy came and Xiangyun faced him and cried and I do believe her pain is real as she said "If you hate me so much, kill me. Kill me to avenge your beloved Fuya's death. I'd rather I die at your hands.. do it! DO IT!" and when he just looked away from her she cried some more and said "You are so disgusted with me that you won't even kill me...." and she wanted to stab her own neck when Lian Cheng swiftly threw away the glass, pushed her to the floor and shouted "YOU CAN'T DIE! YOU CAN'T DIE!" and Xiangyun was so happy as she said "Have you forgiven me? Have you?" and he grabbed her as he sneered "I will not let you die so easily. I want you to live a long and healthy life, so that I can continue to ignore you, never to touch you, to make you suffer forever" and she was so angry she charged ahead at Lian Cheng who of course moved away and she knocked herself onto the pillar and fainted. Lian Cheng looked like 1% concerned.

You know, Lian Cheng was despicable, the way he treated Xiangyun but then I do not pity Xiangyun. He has made it very clear he will treat her like shit and he did. The woman should learn to let go and leave! I love how he just sat there and sulked and ignored her and then insulted her and all the things he did to her. If he doesn't insult her one day or she doesn't get to upset she charges at him, this wouldn't be the Northern Han couple. Shu has scheming women, Northern Han has very very angry women!
Anyway Xiangyun probably made the best decision ever when she woke up and pretended to have amnesia. Lian Cheng was unconvinced. Suddenly Xiangyun was like Fuya, picking up injured birds to put them back to the nest. She fell and Lian Cheng flew to make sure she didn't hit the floor and then held her at arm's length. This man is consistent! BUT I think he believes her amnesia because he wouldn't have bothered to buffer her fall if he didn't. He was surprised to learn she even started learning medicine to make him medicine since he looked pale and she wanted to make sure he has good health. Later on she made him some outer coat and brought to him and saw a old mouldy fungus filled persimmon thing that Fuya gave Lian Cheng. Anyway he told her to leave the cloth on the table as she left and he looked at the cloth and something flickered on his stony sulky face; perhaps a hint of melting cold heart.
I tell you, Xiangyun should have treated him that way earlier on. Lian Cheng is a man who responds to patient kindness. Well she is playing her cards right. I do love how he used his back to buffer her fall, then face to face with her she almost fell onto his chest and he immediately held her at arm's length. The entire time I was laughing. I find Northern Han very funny. These 2 are such perfect couple!
Anyway earlier Lian Cheng got some shocking news about Shu. His assistant was saying "Meng Qixing..." when Lian Cheng said "No, I want to hear about Meng Qiyou. What is he doing?" and the assistant was curious why be bothered with a discrowned prince "whose father doesn't even love?" and Lian Cheng it seems is quite knowledgeable about politics and his opponents as he said "He may be discrowned, but when he was a crown prince, his intelligence and ruthlessness is akin to his father's. He wouldn't be sitting still. He is bidding his time, to take back his crown. He is the one we must be wary of..." and Lian Cheng truly understands Qiyou. Maybe they're meant for each other.
Meanwhile at Shu, Qixing got slapped by his father, stupid Duwan got scolded, her father got scolded also, Empress has nothing to say and Qiyou was quiet. Concubine Han in her own room laughed happily and her servant said why not get rid of Empress' brother now and Han apparently knew what the emperor was up to. "He won't, because he wants to balance my power and the empress'. He wants us to be loggerheads so that he can step aside and see us destroy one another. If he takes out the brother now, that would give me an advantage and my power grow. He wouldn't want that". Anyway at that point the Emperor thought of a perfect plan. He said "Qixing, because of your sinful conduct and the wrong you have committed to your brother and the shame you brought onto the Shu Kingdom, your conduct is unbefitting of a crown prince..."
and have to wait until next episode to see how Empress is going to solve this! My take on this is he will use this to return the title to Qiyou and then let Qiyou take out the Empress before emperor takes out Qiyou to give the crown to Qiyun.
Poor Duwan, surely "gamble no more" because imagine Qixing got discrowned even before she marries him, then the man she was supposed to marry is now the crown prince!! And poor Qixing; he clearly doesn't want Duwan
Anyway very happy to see cool Lian Cheng tonight. Classic way he dealt with his wife which is you die I also don't care! My sis said "If I was the wife, I will ignore him" and I was like THAT is exactly what he wants her to do!! His mother said he actually wanted to kill her but he stopped her and Lian Cheng said he has been very lenient when he didn't kill her. As for Qiyou, poor guy! Poor guy! Nobody wants him!
At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 17
Picture post!
Some Lian Cheng banners (really nice!) taken from SPCNET Forums until the real Lian Cheng turns up on screen which I hope is soon.

And more pictures of Wallace as Lian Cheng. Whenever I see Wallace in this series' BTS pictures, not a single bad picture. He looks better in BTS than in official posters! But very bad posture. And I feel the costume for him is very suitable for his looks.

Is he holding a ciggie? Finally a smoking picture! No comment except if he is serious in singing, smoking is not something encouraged.

Wow, the number of BTS pictures either by production crew or by fans. Amazing shots! I really really really love that headgear. I seriously think this look apart from the taoist look suits him the most. And if you think he looks dead serious when filming, that is because he himself said he is dead serious when filming. Doesn't mean no NGs but it means no fooling around.

The following picture, do look at his script. Highlighted, side notes and I am sure underlined as well.

And ok, some love for Yan Kuan. Not many I can repost since he looks rather haggard in most pictures. But when he looks good, it is usually great.

I should post some pictures of another handsome guy, Commander Han Ming if I can find some nice ones. I even think the young actor playing Qixing is rather handsome, and Qiyun actor looks good as well. Need to find some first!

At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 17
No Lian Cheng got Northern Han which is more like a contrast between "warm" Northern Han and "cold" Shu. Why warm? Lian Cheng's mom actually liked Xiangyun and wanted her to leave Northern Han and remarry again, rather than be almost like a widow/nun in Northern Han. As usual Xiangyun refuses. She seems rather nice to the maids there. As for Lian Cheng, no sign of him at all.

Now back to the messy Shu Kingdom. As I was watching this episode, suddenly my brain goes "Na you mama dui ta de er zi ze yang hen hai you xia shou ze yang hen de?". Yes, my brain now is wired to Mandarin and it just seems more dramatic to speak that way, in my brain. Translation: where got mama treats her son with such contempt and uses such severe methods in dealing with her son? True! I mean what the heck is wrong with this family? Qiyou is like Ka Zai Zhong Jian Da Huang Zer aka The Stuck In The Middle Eldest Prince.

Empress did asked for the emperor to grant marriage but LO AND BEHOLD the marriage is between Qiyou and Miss "Finished Gambling" aka Du Wan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?! WHY?! HUH?! WHA..... and Empress came by to announce that to Qiyou with Fuya there and Qiyou was shocked as the empress was like very happy with the union. Theory is abound that Empress wants to put a stop to Qiyou and Fuya and so marries Qiyou to Du Wan, the worst of the lot but nonetheless her favourite niece so that Fuya is free to marry Qixing. Qixing is probably the only one who understood Qiyou's feelings, despite him being angry with Qiyou about Fuya. He is a good brother. Qiyou had to accept that edict and moved on with life. Du Wan didn't want to marry Qiyou, not because she is in love with Qixing but because "I WANT TO BE CROWN PRINCE'S WIFE!! I WANT TO BE EMPRESS!!". In other words she doesn't want to marry the guy with the least possible chance at being an emperor. Concubine Han congratulated Empress on her vindictiveness and her swift action and Empress just smiled as Concubine Han observed "Who would have thought a mother would ruin his son's life?" and indeed Empress smiled on as Concubine Han said "But we all know what it is you seek; the throne. You're indeed Wu Ze Tian!" to which Empress sneered "Now my sister shouldn't say that; what if the emperor hears?". And Concubine Han left but before that she said "I hope my sister will show me more mercy than you did to your own son in future".

Du Wan refuses the marriage, claiming "YOU DEPEND ON MY FATHER! MY FATHER WILL NEVER ALLOW THIS! MY FATHER WILL INSTALL ANYONE HE THINKS CAN BE EMPEROR!!!!" and Empress slapped Du Wan and sneered "Scream any louder and you must know this is a palace, not the Du backyard garden! Anyone hears your screaming such words you will run the risk of executing your entire Du family! Is that what you want? Moreover this is a good marriage. Qiyou is still a prince, it is a good match!" but she ain't happy.

Interestingly Qiyun thought it is a good match. Dumbo.

My take is this; it is a good match. After all who the hell is Pan Yu aka Fuya? Nobody. A magistrate's daughter. The eldest prince should be married to the empress' family, and favourite niece. Problem is it is not fair to the poor girl who should be married to someone with a chance at the throne. And Fuya can be second wife. Why is everybody talking as if once Qiyou marries Du Wan it is indeed "wan liao" (finished)? And must everything revolve around Fuya?

And Concubine Han now wants to speed up Fuya meeting the emperor. My anticipation for that finally meeting is now like me waiting in vain for Lian Cheng to appear. I am fed up! Go on, speed things up! Why such running around? GET TO THE BLOODY POINT!!

The emperor was surprised how well Qiyou is taking the news and he said "He is indeed my son" and the minister thinks Qiyou is being too soft but emperor says "Do not underestimate Qiyou. He is brighter than all the ministers combined" and so one wonders, WHY NOT THEN LET HIM BE EMPEROR?!?! You hypocrite!! I think he did say Qiyou is most like him, or was it Qiyun?

And we have a small scene of Lian Cheng's weirdo brother testing poison on Fuya's spineless brother. For me that scene is a total waste of time and off tangent. So is the scene where Yun Zhu was thinking of ways to chase Du Wan out of the palace, to delay the marriage a bit.

As for Qiyou, he was already dressed for his wedding the night before, his eunuch was crying for him but Qiyou laughed and said "You must laugh for me tomorrow. This is a joyous occasion. Father and mother arranged a good marriage for me, Du Wan is after all a great general's daughter, we must all laugh and be merry!!!!" but dear Qiyou ...
Why do I feel there is sorrow in your laughter?
Wèishéme wǒ juéde zài nǐ de xiào rung yǒu bēishāng?
A tear in your bright eyes?
You le lei sui zai ni de yan jing?
Hopelessness in your forced optimism?
Juéwàng zài nǐ de bi de lèguān?
Sadness in your happiness?
Bēishāng zài nǐ de kaixing?
The joy has gone, even if you laughed out loud,
Huanle mei le, sui ran ni xian jai da xiao
I could hear your heart crying out in pain as you scream to yourself silently;
Wǒ néng tīngdào nǐ de xīn zài tong ku lai ku ni hai you momo de jiao;
Father, mother, why have you both forsaken me...
Fu hwang, Mu hou, nǐ men wèishéme líqì wǒ...
Why do you hate me so?
Wei se me hen wo?
I am your son too!
Wo ye shi ni men de gu rou!

This is just too tragic! If this was Lian Cheng, he would have just not bothered and probably eloped with Fuya. But as someone wisely pointed out to me, Lian Cheng has a mom who loves him and does everything for him. Qiyou is the unwanted child. Everything is stacked against him.
At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 16
This Kingdom of Shu is what a mess!! I realise in this episode the worst scum in Shu is the Emperor and Qiyou was right. Anyway Qixing was very hurt by Fuya's betrayal, that I understand but he did not reveal her betrayal. He instead called her a "slut" who seduced his brother who in turn betrayed him by seducing his wife which Fuya explained she is yet his wife. Fuya, you're one of the candidates. It isn't exactly you have a choice. If he chooses you, you're that person. Unless you leave, which she doesn't want to. Qiyun came to Fuya's defence and Qixing final parting words were "Fuya, you're really something aren't you? Even 2nd brother is taking your side" which insinuates that she has at the very least flirted with him. Fuya was very angry but she understood Qixing's hurt.

Meanwhile Fuya went to see Concubine Han to treat her mom when she heard some moaning and she thought Han was having an asthma attack when she stumbled into Han and Han Ming in bed together, sorta naked. She was so shocked, she could only say "You're both siblings..." and she ran off. Concubine Han said "I will bet on her kindness and compassion, that she will understand our predicament. I will tell her everything" and I think this was a later scene but Han Ming looked disappointed when he said to Concubine Han "You will even use our past as your wager?" and he actually looked offended (nice guy!) and Han said "I will do everything so that we can be together". So what was the big reveal?

Fuya said "Do you think you can use me to defeat the empress?!" and Concubine Han said "I hate the empress but I hate this person more. This person, robbed me of my life. I want you to help me to defeat the emperor!".

Concubine Han told Fuya a rather sad story; Han was the daughter of a scholarly family, the Hans. One day Han Ming's father, a general and entire family was executed by Qiyou's father. Only the boy survived and he was placed with the Hans and took the place of Han Ming, Concubine Han's actual little brother who died many moons before. Han Ming (the new one) was about 7 or 8 years younger (seriously the actress looks at least 2 decades older than the actor but just for the sake of creative license, we believe this tiny age difference) but soon they grew up and fell in love. The father was resistant at first but in the end granted her hand in marriage to Han Ming. On their way to the temple, emperor saw Concubine Han and literally had his men dragged her away as her parents were murdered before her eyes. Han Ming wasn't killed as he was away. She decided to play her cards right and promoted her "brother" and won the favour of the emperor so that one day she can exact her revenge.

I see! I see!! Rather sad story, I kinda pity Han but Fuya was right when she said "But what has this got to do with my mother? Let her go!" and Han said "I need her and I need you" and she said "You are despicable" and Han said "I will be willing to be as despicable as I can be for revenge, for the man I love. We are not that different Fuya, you're here for your father, you're still here for the man you love" and Fuya thought and said "No, we are not the same. I will never be like you" and Han said "Then why didn't you leave when you had the chance?"

Good point but Concubine Han was confident Fuya will help her in the end. Interesting strategy. Get the help of the one woman who can defeat the emperor BY IMPRISONING AND POISONING HER MOTHER. WOW! WOW!! Not even Sun Tzi can think of this move! The way she put it as if she is asking Fuya for help when Fuya hardly had any choice. Han Ming wasn't pleased though. He is more honourable.

Qiyun went to Emperor and said "I wanna be emperor". And Emperor was very happy because he always wanted Qiyun to be emperor and now he wanted it, as father he will grant it. Why Qiyun suddenly wants to be Emperor?! Meanwhile stupid maid Yun Zhu said very loudly about Fuya and Qiyou's supposed affair, evil crown princess to be heard it, relayed back to Aunt who vowed to "destroy that useless son, foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr". Ok, less dramatic but kinda more like "Since he doesn't care for (Qixing's) feelings, I will not play nice anymore".

Then another twist! Emperor said he must get rid of Empress so that Qiyun can be Emperor and he has allowed Concubine Han's power to grow not because he loved her but to balance the Empress' power and so that the Empress will not disturb Qiyun by making Qixing the temp crown prince. Now he said he will unleash his secret weapon to deal with the empress once and for all!

WOW! With so much plotting, who is running the country?!

Then back to Qiyou. Suddenly one day out of the blue emperor paid a visit to the unloved, unfavoured and unliked son (all the uns can be used for Qiyou). And so Qiyou is the secret weapon! He saw Qiyou reading from a book titled "How to be a good Emperor" or something like that. Emperor expressed surprised at his choice of reading material and we found out Qiyou was given that book when he was little. Emperor said "Did you ever hate me for being so strict with you?" and Qiyou said no and Emperor said "Did you not feel even a little hate when I removed your title as crown prince?" and Qiyou said "I did but then I realised I'd rather spend my days with the woman I love than to fight for such title. I do not feel such feelings anymore father" and the father looked... disappointed. And he said "To tell you the truth, I wanted to make you crown prince again but your mother... she thought otherwise. And she came by to see me almost every night, insisting I execute you" and Qiyou was shocked as father said "I do plan to carry out my promise to reinstate you but your mother is a problem. Qiyou, do not disappoint me.. I have high hopes for you" and he left.

DESPICABLE!! WHAT A HUSBAND! WHAT A FATHER! Pitting mother against her own child, her own child against his mother. I hope Qiyou was smart enough to see through, since I do believe in his heart he really wants his mother to love him, and he is sorta protecting his mother earlier. The way he answered his father, I feel he both feared and hopeful about his father; meaning he yearns for his father's approval. I think at that moment I really pitied Qiyou for having such a despicable father and at the same time I pitied the empress for having such a despicable husband. But I also still don't get why the empress just can't admit she loves Qiyou? Why make him think he is like a rabid dog?

Anyway he went to Fuya about this situation and he said "My father warned me about my mother wanting to get rid of me. I never would have thought she would ever consider that.." and Qiyou was genuinely shocked and hurt by this turn of events. I mean ignoring your son to not loving your son doesn't equate to wanting your son dead! But for once Fuya was level-headed, like she took some streetsmart-pill as she wondered "But isn't it weird, that your father who has never bothered with your situation would one day visit you and say all those things to you? I think you should not take your father's word literally and wholly" and in a way this is the kind Fuya speaking her voice of reasons. She doesn't think the Empress wants Qiyou dead. And Qiyou agreed but still curious and a bit hurt.

Meanwhile suddenly Empress went to see the emperor and what a conniving couple. Anyway Empress said the reason she wanted to see the emperor is to ask him permission to allow a marriage. No answer to which marriage until next episode. My guess is; Qixing and Fuya.

Now here I do not believe Empress wanted Qiyou dead. I mean we know she loves him, and hates him and all that. But she never wanted him dead because earlier suggestions were made to kill Qiyou but she got very angry as she retorted "Only I can deal with my son! Only I can take his life! You all have no right to suggest that to me!!". So no, I don't ever think she would want him dead. I am still unsure why she is witholding her love, BUT I hope it will be for a very dramatic reason. I am hopeful for a tearful reunion between son and mother but I feel maybe... I am being too optimistic.

As for Concubine Han, however smart she thinks she is, she doesn't know the reason why she is so favoured is because she is a diversion. I don't think the emperor ever loved anyone at all, except Concubine Mei. But such a cold hearted monster is capable of love? Seriously?

At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 15

In this episode, the Bee Gees song "TRAGEDY!!" kept playing in my mind. Not so tragic but sort of. Some major surprises; Fuya's mama didn't die, she was sorta lightly disfigured on the face and was rescued by a general who brought her to Shu and seek protection from Concubine Han. Luckily they didn't go to Northern Han. Fuya was very happy, so was Qiyou who seems to have given all hope of regaining his crownship, or rather he doesn't want to anymore. But Han poisoned mama with some potent poison that won't kill fast but will make mama suffer and Fuya went on a face off with Han with a knife held to Han's neck but Han coolly challenged Fuya to kill her which Fuya couldn't. She promised to ease mama's pain and at the end to give the antidote if Fuya agrees to help her to destroy the Empress. Fuya told Qiyou and she quietly asked "Will you hate me for agreeing to destroy your mother?" and Qiyou said "She is still my mother..." but anyway questions remained unanswered as Qixing saw them hugging and he went berserk and Qiyou rightly told him how he felt about Fuya. Poor Qixing was so angry he refused to eat/drink for days. later Empress came to see him and he didn't blabbed, and Empress thought he was upset about the rumours with Fuya and Qiyou lost for 3 days. Somehow interesting Empress rightly defended Fuya by saying "She may be something but she is not a flirt. I believe her integrity, and as for your brother, I may not like him but he knows what he ought to do and what he ought not to do. Don't believe in those rumours, listen and discard them". Interesting. Anyway episode ended with Fuya rushing to see Qixing and bumping into Empress and Qixing and Empress wanted to reprimand Fuya who asked Qixing "Have you told her everything?" and Qixing said defiantly "YES" and we will have to wait for next episode.

First of my problem with this episode is many.

Firstly, Concubine Han's plan is surefire fail. If I were Fuya, to save my mom, all I need to do is throw myself at the emperor as I will surely be his favourite, force Han to return her mom to the emperor's protection. This can do so much in terms of protecting her mother, avenging her father's death and getting rid of Han the nuisance. Han thought she can control her but if Fuya is the emperor's favourite, how can she then control Fuya? Of course the series won't show Fuya does such a huge sacrifice since hey, if she doesn't end up with Qiyou, the love story is pointless right? WRONG! If she wants Qiyou to regain his title and do whatever she intended to do, seducing the emperor is the best way!

Secondly, there are just too much dialogue. The scene never ends; the snide remarks between Fuya and Concubine Han whilst entertaining is just so damn long winded. The scenes between the crown princess wannabes, the scenes between Qiyou and Qixing, the scenes between Qiyou and Fuya. The dialogue just goes on and on and on and on non stop. After a while I just wish the scene just move on for heaven't sake! And not like anything profound was said at all. It is just like a merry go round sorta dialogue.

Thirdly, I am beginning to like Fuya less and less. I find her very selfish. Why? First of, she doesn't give a damn about anyone else unless she chose to and for someone so kind hearted, etc, I find the fact she hurt Qixing so much and yet she was reluctant to do her part and comfort him at his saddest very selfish. Only when Grandpa Hua said what is Qiyou got implicated, she quickly rushed to see Qixing. She doesn't give a damn about the poor boy. Neither does she give a damn about Lian Cheng. The only man she gives a damn about is Qiyou and even then she has never considered sacrificing herself to gain back his crown. My feeling is she will not do what I said in the Firstly paragraph. Qixing protected her, Qiyou loved her, Lian Cheng in his own weird way wanted to protect her as well and yet she was always ME, MYSELF AND I. She comes first. Strangely also her own mom doesn't give a damn about her poor lost son. In fact her mom should be smart enough to know when Han was using her as ransom and ought to just kill herself to free her daughter. Every woman in this series is just selfish.

Fourth, why does Fuya think by telling Qixing about her and Qiyou she then can run off with Qiyou? I mean what does she want? If she wants Qiyou, then run away. Yet she wants to avenge her father's death, and Qiyou who is a pariah in the imperial household of Shu which means he has absolute no power couldn't help her at all, so better marry Qixing or Emperor. And yet she is neither here nor there. Qiyou was clear; he has given up on his fight for crownship. But Fuya is like what does she want? Everything?!

Very frustrating to watch. Anyway, 3 interesting aspects tonight;

One, Han Ming and Concubine Han and their tiny disagreement. I think Han Ming is not pleased at Concubine Han's antics towards Fuya and Concubine Han does not appreciate Han Ming not butting in when Fuya held a knife to her neck. They're lovers by the way.

Second, what I said about Empress Du and what she said about Fuya. Interesting.

Third, Qiyou was surprised to know Han knew Fuya is Ma Fuya, so he wondered how she knew? There's a spy and Yun Zhu looked at him guiltily and he never suspected her since he thought she was too simple minded, and he said so in an affectionate way. How will he feel when his most trusted servant betrayed him? I am beginning to pity him more and more and more.

At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 14

Picture post!! Oh so many!! All are thumbnails!

First, the 2 men.


Now, the fashion!! No doubt, the men's look lighter and the ladies heavier. Especially those in powerful positions, I notice Kara Hui's costume is like 5 layers or more. The men in Northern Han is in heavy looking costume whilst Chu looks lighter. I can't imagine how they can swim if they fell into the river or something.

Kingdom of Chu
Nothing much, similar to Chu Kingdom.


Northern Han
I am a bit biased when I say I like the dresses here more because I like blue and I can see all shades of blue in these pictures. The details are exquisite and whilst they don't jump out of the screen like BBJX did, it is however subtle and yet elegant in a morose sort of way. Gives me a feeling like the place is just tinged with blue as in melancholy. The fur is nice but way too many fur, giving the impression Northern Han is forever having winter.


Although I am not a fan of Xiangyun or the actress whom I feel is to be honest, unattractive, whether her face or her performance, but I really like her costume, especially this one. It makes her look almost pretty. The embroidery is stunning.


And this one for the guy, this is stunning!


Kingdom of Shu
A more simplistic fashion but no less stunning because the embroidery is more subtle on the fabric BUT very gold on the lapels from what I can see. But less layers perhaps? The colours are more brighter, less blue and more gold, red, purple.. which makes Kingdom of Shu a more colourful place and perhaps livelier than Northern Han. I think the attention to colours and the headgears are what defined what is wonderful about this series; I would think the colours are representative of the mood in the kingdoms. By the way in pictures Kara Hui's costume looks stunning but on screen it looks a tad clumsy.


Whilst I love Lian Cheng's head gear, and his later fashion, I absolutely love the colour and the details of Qiyou's costume, the plum red one which he wears everytime he climbs into Fuya's room through the trapdoor. The details as in around his waist.


Character Pictures
The looks in the series is much better looking than in these character stills because you see the costume in motion. Personally I like the men's fashion more than the women's in this series for various reasons but mostly because the guys wore them really well. For the girls, some make them look pregnant because of the high waist look. And the silly hair doesn't help.


At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 14
This episode has many waste of time moment; like Qiyou getting attacked by Lian Cheng's weirdo brother (and even then he lost to Qiyou despite poisoning Qiyou, TWICE), dying and then Fuya sucked out his poison and she dying and woke up and no one bloody hell died and we are told of a rescue plan, etc etc etc. I find it unbelievable. But in this long winded scene we are told more of Qiyou and love for Concubine Mei whom he calls Auntie Mei. I still think he was in love with her. Anyway poor Qiyou as he supposedly lay there dying on Fuya's lap said "I am tired of this world. I am now at my happiest dying in the arms of the woman I love. Before I met you, I was just that extra nobody, cast aside. Now, in your arms I feel your love and I feel important. I was very little when..."

And flashback we see young boy Qiyou accidentally knocked over a vase or something and his mom and dad came in and immediately Empress I remembered slapped him and even urged the Emperor to discrown this useless son as she called him and she declared "I have only ONE son and that is Qixing" but the emperor slapped her and walked away. The father was just angry with the non stop blabbering of the empress. Qiyou knelt and begged his father to spare his mother but not only did she not look at him appreciatively, he gave her dagger stares. Poor kid. Anyway at that time he was taken care by Auntie Mei whom he found happiness, because she was very loving and gentle. He felt loved. And then he grew up and one day Auntie Mei fainted on the floor, being poisoned by the same poison Qiyou got now when he was attacked and he narrated "I knew it would be difficult, almost suicidal to try and obtain the antidote but I went anyway. I risked my life, and fought as hard as I could and successfully got the antidote. I rushed home and I saw father was with Auntie Mei..." and here he overheard Auntie Mei as she laid dying in his father's arms said weakly "My Lord, you must promise me to discrown Qiyou and make Qiyun the crown prince. Qiyou is after all not our son. I believe he poisoned me. I do not believe he will risk his life to get me the antidote. Promise me, promise me you will make Qiyun the crown prince" and the emperor promised. WHAT A DESPICABLE WOMAN!! Even the gentle one won't trust him! I knew who poisoned her! Concubine Han ordering some weirdo guy to do it! Anyway Qiyou said "From that moment on, I hardened my resolve and buried the antidote by the lake together with my heart. I vowed to trust no one and to depend on no one. But Qixing became Crown Prince. That is because when Auntie Mei died, Qiyun lost his position. Mother has more influence and Qixing became Crown Prince and I... I couldn't do anything. After that I decided to leave the palace where I am unwanted and went to Chu Kingdom to seek your hand in marriage so as to help me regain my title"

Such a tragic guy!! So he originally wanted to marry Fuya! But then he met Fuya and saw her and maybe hatched another plan. He didn't seem surprised when he first saw her though. So Auntie Mei died like 3 years ago or so. Quite recent. Poor poor Qiyou. It would seem NO ONE loves him except Fuya and in Fuya he feels happiness. Since neither died when poisoned, so now what? I was thinking elope and end of story since everyone thought they're dead anyway. But Fuya being damn honourable wants to go back and explain to Qixing. Qiyou's plan is "We must return. You may explain to Qixing but after that you will leave the palace, but I will stay back. The burden of avenging your father's death should lie with me. You must trust me and I promise you" and so it was decided. And guess what? By this time Empress Du and Concubine Han both met with the emperor (AMAZING HEAD GEAR BY THE WAY!! That hint of red is like this guy has a hint of deviousness in him?) and both asking emperor to order some guards to search for Fuya. Emperor was curious, why everyone is so concerned about Fuya. Concubine Han said "I like Miss Pan, she is the living Hua To (famous doctor during 3 kingdoms time) who cured my illness. I am indebted to her so I must find her" and the emperor praised her for being compassionate and then asked Empress "Question is why Empress is so eager when Qiyou is also missing as well and no one is asking where he is?" TRUE! NO ONE BLOODY CARES FOR QIYOU!! Empress Du said "I am not as compassionate as my dear sister. My reason is selfish. Pan Yu is Qixing's chosen bride" and Concubine Han sniggered "Isn't Qiyou your son too? Why are you only concerned with Qixing?" and Empress Du threw back the insult "I am so burdened with concerned for my 2 sons since I had the misfortune of giving birth to 2 princes. Unlike you dear sister, who had none, you are so fortunate" and argument ensued and empress ended it by saying "Enough! You are in no position to teach me how to raise my sons! If you so wish for that, give birth yourself!!" and by that time Han Ming had already ordered people to search for Pan Yu and Qiyou since Yun Zhu asked him to do it. She begged him actually and I almost like her when she said "Eldest prince rescued me and bring into the palace and gave me food, protected me and even shared his food with me! Brother, you must find him. If he is dead, I do not wish to live!!". Well ALMOST since I still find her exceedingly annoying. Anyway they came back, rumour mongers said 3 days they were missing, one man, one woman, what did they do, etc and Crown Prince Qixing seems to have those question himself. He went to see Qiyou and wanted to speak with him about Pan Yu and then...

have to wait for next episode! DAMN IT!!

(up to episode 13)

Anyway great episode tonight. I am undecided about Concubine Han. I think she is even more evil than Empress Du. Joke is when Qiyou heard Fuya was going to treat Concubine Han, he was pretty much spooked. So someone is scarier than his mother. Like he told Fuya; "Do not mistake a kind exterior as a good person. Those pretending to be good are usually the worst". Fuya of course disbelieve him. She is beginning to be as irritating as the monk in JTTW 2011. But Concubine Han hates Empress Du and when she saw Fuya she had asthma attack. She said Fuya looked like a good friend of hers. Yeah right. Good friend indeed! She planned to present Fuya to the emperor who is now a sad recluse. Plan is to disrupt Empress Du's plan. These 2 women live to antagonise one another. And one night Fuya accidentally stumbled into the Chengqing palace, interpreted some words on paper and gave the answer for some poetic riddle and out came Prince no. 2, Qi Yun. Here my sis said the word Yun sounds like a word used to describe death. Well, she knows Chinese. Anyway I don't know who was more surprised; Qiyun seeing his "dead mom" or me knowing there's another son! Yeap! Empress gave birth to Qiyou and Qixing, for some reason she hates Qiyou. I think deep down she knows Qiyou was in love with his own stepmom, or maybe she doesn't. She resents he loved that woman more. That woman which she calls the Slut called Mei. Mei Ying is her name I think. Qixing she naturally love. Suddenly out came Qiyun.

Here Concubine Han has a plan; she wants to stop Fuya from marrying Qixing and instead marry her off to the emperor's most favourite son. Twice she mentioned that, TWICE she stopped short of saying that favourite son's name. She said it isn't Qixing. The end. So who? Qiyun? Can't be poor Qiyou, the one son who is unloved by parents? Because at least Qixing got mom, Qiyun got dad! I am anxious to know. Of course it is Qiyun. But so funny, Empress Du never seemed to mention the existence of Qiyun or even question Qiyun's influence, etc. Qiyun looks like a well learned gentlemanly guy. He can't marry Fuya since Fuya looks like mom and that is wrong since first he saw her he said MOM! MOM! MOM! Weird! And he is eager to present her to his father.

And here comes Qiyou knowing about this and as Fuya was on her way to meet the recluse Emperor, Qiyou's eunuch ran to her and said Granpa Hua is dying. So meeting called off. He wasn't dying. Rather funny scene. So she wondered why Qiyou would wanna do that? She rushed to him and he just said he wanted to antagonise her. She said maybe he is afraid his dad will like her to help her. He looked at her and said "The man you were supposed to meet is not the emperor, he is the King of Hell" and Fuya was like "Why ya talk about ya dad like that?!" and Qiyou said "If you want Grandpa Hua, your maid, your friends to die, go and meet him!". Scary. So Qiyou fears the most is his father, the recluse.

I tell you; if I thought Northern Han has issues, Shu Kingdom is worse. Son hates mom, son in love with step mom, wife fights wife, father a recluse, then mom is terrible, another step mom is worse and father is King of Hell. Wow! So.. really that bad? Suddenly I miss the happy trusting environment of Northern Han.

But makes for great entertainment. Love the scene between Empress Du and Concubine Han, both women hated each other, both probably help get rid of Fuya lookalike. Fantastic performances by both veterans, expression wise. A very thick powder on face. I am also beginning to really pity Qiyou for the unloved son and Yan Kuan for the clear glue line on his face. Ruby is... Ruby. And am still waiting for the nosy maid to DIE!

Oh forgot to mention one HUGE plot hole. Fuya was angry why everyone seems spooked to see her; Empress Du hated her, Concubine Han had an asthma attack, Qiyun ran after her calling MOM MOM MOM. So Grandpa Hua said there is only one person to ask, someone he trusts as well and he said "Eldest Prince". Subtitle wrote "Qixing"!!!! WRONG! Interesting how Grandpa Hua likes Qiyou now. So she said ok and she went through the bed trap door to find Qiyou and ask the question I suppose. And next scene... nothing. Did not show her encounter with Qiyou at all. Suddenly that scene just went missing. What a huge boo-boo in terms of continuity and plot. And also disappointing. Would love to see Qiyou's face when she asks him "Why? Why spooked by my looks? Who do I look like?". Qiyou apparently still offers incense to Fuya lookalike. Ahhh true love! Real Fuya of course is in love with Qiyou even if she doesn't admit it. Qiyou is attracted to her, and as pointed out by his mistress. That's why don't play puppets if you are gonna fall for your puppets.

(up to episode 12)

Anyway Fuya didn't die. Like that was the greatest suspense? Qiyou wants her to leave the palace, she refuses, they argued, she refuses, he threatens. In the end he sent 3 men to escort her out but she found out and confronted poor Qiyou, now so sick he was vomiting blood. Why so sick you ask? I mean he trashed Fuya and she didn't die and he got trashed by mom and he's gonna die?


He used probably 50% energy when trashing Fuya. His mom used 200% and 20 plus years of deep suppressed resentment to beat the crap out of him. That itself should kill him. Then he exerted energy when beating Fuya. Then he stood in the rain whole night. AND he refused medical attention fearing the imperial doctors will poison him on the order of his mother. So basically he has fever, cold, pneumonia and probably infected wound and not to mention, a very very heavy unloved heart. So he's dying. Fuya saved him. That's it. But younger bro saw how Fuya tenderly took care of him and he cried, out of jealousy but he can't hate his big brother since big brother had a shitty life. Meanwhile Empress Du let's young son marry Fuya but only if she passes some imperial concubine test that is poetry whatever. And here EVERYONE still thinks Fuya is some lowly magistrate's daughter when she has such high skills in medicine, surely they must now suspect her background? No? How naive! Anyway mommy allows son to be with Fuya but Qiyou worries Fuya will be killed. He loves her you see, Fuya also suspects so I think since she is particularly upset when he told her to get lost. Even if her motive is to avenge her parents' death and revive her Chu Kingdom, truth is WE ALL KNOW she is already in love... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Anyway young son allows Fuya to open a clinic to treat the servants and maids since they are not treated by the imperial doctors. She did it with great success and Empress Du realised she is a great pawn to use. So she has decided to let Fuya buys everyone's heart by being a doctor and all and Empress Du needs only buy Fuya's heart and so gains everyone's heart!

Meanwhile we finally see Concubine Han, and everyone looks rather pale and sickly in this palace. Concubine Han is also sick but doesn't know why because all the imperial doctors do not treat her professionally thanks to Empress Du. Which makes me think the imperial doctors are so free! First Qiyou doesn't want them to touch him. Concubine Han also. Servants, maids, etc. None. Very free job. Anyway Concubine Han wants Fuya to treat her. Commander Han, very handsome dude who looks so much like Kevin Cheng is Kevin Cheng was to be 20 years younger, more filled up and fairer with a tinge of facial hair. Anyway gorgeous Commander Han came to Fuya and asked Fuya to treat his sis. Fuya went and nosy maid said they should be very nice to Concubine Han. Compared to Empress Du, Han is very well liked, treats the servants very well and is overall rather popular. But Concubine Han hates Empress Du. She can't have children and I have a feeling Empress must have done something. She is very envious that her 2 sons are now by her side and she vows Empress shall have no sons by her side later on. Alas she doesn't know even if Empress has 2 sons, in the end she has neither! Empress herself envies Concubine Han. If these 2 women were not sharing husband, they would have been best mates. Anyway maid told Fuya better to be on the good side of Han, so that she can protect them from evil empress.

(Up to episode 11)

Acting wise, Ruby Lin shows some life in her cock eyed eyes. Or whatever you call that. Yan Kuan looks pale throughout but then he was supposed to be almost dying. You know I like Yan Kuan for a very simple reason; no no his acting is passable only. I like him because he looks tall, he looks filled, he looks like a man. Not some skinny dude. Not some skinny feminine dude. Favourite actor remains to be 9th prince. He is handsomer here than when he was much younger. Kara Hui continues to dominates. I tell you, switch off her screeching voice and suddenly you understand why 2010 was her year! Zheng Kai is handsome. Wang Lin is a very good actress, but again also looking pale because she is supposed to be sick so it's ok. I didn't catch the name of the younger son, issit Qixing? Anyway he is rather good as well, especially when he saw how well Fuya treated a very dying Qiyou and he cried and he cried because I believe he knew deep down Fuya likes Qiyou more. Anyway to clear things up, Fuya didn't die, Qiyou didn't die, no one died, YET.

Overall this series is getting more interesting. It is as if in Shu you find politicking and in Northern Han plenty of melancholic angst. Except in Shu more suffering women and men.


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