Apr 1, 2012

The Glamorous Imperial Concubine up to episode 10 (the story so far)

I did not quite get to see the whole series, so did my research and here are some of the story for fans like myself......

No sign of Lian Cheng except a mention by Qiyou whose assistant went to Nothern Han to look for Fuya's brother and he mentioned Lian Cheng never gave up looking for Fuya for past 3 years and so he was a fool crown prince. Qiyou said wisely, "Do not take Liu Lian Cheng too lightly. He may be a fool in love, but he is still a threat. He is much more than we give him credit for..". Wise words, wise words.

Anyway an explosive episode. Empress gets a bit of redemption from the viewers. She hated Fuya because Fuya resembled her husband's most favourite concubine at one time, where Qiyou was just a baby and the emperor just took him away and gave it to Fuya lookalike to raise. She pined for Qiyou, cried, begged but to no avail. So she loves Qiyou. The rule is she can't raise the crown prince. I suppose she could raise her second son by herself. Anyway Qiyou was drawing Fuya but the truth is he was drawing the woman who raised him. He remembered her, in his memories I would say rather fondly. Empress went looking for him to explain why bring in Fuya when she saw the painting and she went berserk. She hit Qiyou repeatedly and harshly, something Fuya saw as she hid in the corner, also intent on asking Qiyou why draw her. She beat and beat and she screamed "Why won't you beg me for forgiveness? WHY? That woman has been dead for years and yet you pine for her! In your heart she is your mother isn't she?!" and he answered quietly "You're my mother!" and she screamed "NO! You see her as your mother! You don't see me as one! Why? Why won't you beg me for forgiveness?! WHY?!" and Qiyou angrily said "Because you're not my mother. I will beg you, you have stopped being my mother 20 years ago when you gave me away!" and shocked she looked at him and cried "You think that was what I wanted to do? How little you know!!" and she got tired of beating him and grabbed the painting and shredded it to pieces and left. In the rain she moaned "Where is my son Qiyou? Where is my beloved son Qiyou? Qiyou, I miss you so much. Do you know I miss you so much!!". In the room Fuya ran to Qiyou, now very weak from the major beating and she asked "Why didn't you beg her for forgiveness to stop the beating?" and he said "Because I will never beg her" and she asked "Has she always hit you this way?" and he looked blank and said "No, until today, she has never touched me. When I was little, I hope to have her hug me, for a praise, a smile, for her to be my mother, she has never been one. I even hoped for a little beating, a slap, just so to feel her touch. No, I will never beg her". And she asked "Why she hates me so? Who was it you were talking about?" and he said something like "Someone who fed me to the wolves, someone I do not care to mention anymore" and he fainted.

This scene made this episode fantastic. First of, Kara Hui was superbly exquisite in this scene in her anguish. Now I know why she would accept Fuya than let her second son go away, because she already lost one son. Her pain and anguish and her loss when Fuya lookalike said "He is now my son, he isn't yours anymore" was so evident in her face.Fantastic performance. Yan Kuan was..rather good too. The anguish, the pain. I seriously believe that his Qiyou believes his mom abandoned him. I am however confused about his feelings for Fuya lookalike. He inadvertently drew Fuya in her style, she remembered her fondly as she took care of him very gently and yet in the last sentence he implied she did something that turned his heart to stone. So I suppose.. he was in love with his stepmom perhaps? And he hates him mom for some reason that made him hate her. And his mom did all the things to make him suffer because innately she is very very jealous that that woman who got her husband in the end got the son whose love she pines for but never got. She sees him and she sees in him that Fuya lookalike, and the more she felt that resentment, the more she took it out on Qiyou. Which was why as he grew up, she grew colder and distanced herself, which made Qiyou thought she hated him. But in her heart, she pined for him but I suppose in 20 years there was too many hurt between them for either to forgive the other. Almost word for word the relationship between 4th prince and Concubine De in BBJX except the latter was worse; Concubine De very clearly favoured 14th prince, and left 4th prince in the cold and in his own way he wanted her approval which he never got. Contrast this to Lian Cheng and his mommy issue, I feel Qiyou has a bigger problem because he probably has 1 mommy issue, 1 daddy issue and also my speculation, oedipus complex. The Meng family is almost Greek in proportion when it comes to tragedy. I really really pity the Empress and in a way Qiyou. And Fuya, naive, innocent, dumb in the middle. And what she did next was so utterly stupid.

Of course the empress wanted to poison her, didn't succeed. She strutted right up to Empress and accused the Empress of wanting to poison her, said she is an evil woman, that she will get her just rewards from the heavens for her cruelty to her own son and her subordinates. Frankly, as the empress I too would have ordered her to be beaten to death, which was what she did, but Qiyou arrived, slapped her for insulting his mom and as his mom said "Prove your loyalty to me by beating her" which he did to major effect and in the end Empress stopped when younger son ran in and scolded his mom. She is now losing her 2nd son. Fuya almost died, but she survived. Qiyou was so feeling guilty for not protecting her and instead beaten her to half death that he did a 4th prince. He stood in the rain whole night. What is it with prince and standing in the rain the whole night when their beloved is being punished or dying? Is it THAT romantic? Yeah it is, there I answered it.
(taken from point2entertainment)


  1. where can we see the series on the internet do you have a link please? i don't know where to find it, i can only find the trailer...

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