Apr 5, 2012


I finally got my Japanese Visa, so officially , my trip is on. I have always been interested in visiting Japan and when I heard that Japan was one of our achievable incentive trips, I worked for it and achieved it!!! However, I was kinda nervous about it as the income figures/ saving figures required to apply for the visa was quite high. And since our trip was the last to get the room listing and passports back, it was even more nerve wrecking. Yeah, the other two trips to Guangzhou, China and Los Angeles , USA came out with room listing long before ours.
Hopefully, now, the weather and mother nature will cooperate and make our trip a successful , memorable and enjoyable one. . .
Naturally, there will be lots of photos to share. . . Stay tuned. .


  1. semua geng phuket pegi tokyo. i ngan nazrien jer pegi guangzhou.. jgn lupa belikan souvenir utk saya ya...

  2. Insyaallah... minta souvenir Guangzhou gak.... heheheh

  3. Just fix you day on which you wish to enter inside Vietnam with a valid visa and apply there on "greenvisa" visa assistance home Have a nice trip there.


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