Apr 14, 2012

Marvel’s The Avengers

Ok... I am suppose to elaborate in the most creative and original way what superhero would I be if I could create a new member for The Avenger’s team and how would I save the world.

Hmm, this ain't easy but can I be the Nature Girl..  My costume will be pretty easy.. something like this picture but with green leaves and vines (perhaps a bit like Poison Ivy) . I would do my best to save the world by using my superpowers which would be the ability to communicate with wild animals, heal the earth, make rubbish or debris and all disappear, grow new plants with a touch of my powers. The animals will be my friends and allies. They will help me heal the earth and protect me from the bad people just as I would protect them.
What I can do with the Avengers is to help heal the earth and clean up after them... heheh....

Ok... what do you think and what would YOU be or do???? Please feel free to share...


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