Apr 26, 2012

My mother and her accident

This morning I got an sms from my mom. It read:"Good morning! Mommy had a bad motor accident confined 2 bed wiv broken ankle n foot, knee swollen . D other motor frm d opp road bang me head on. He is unconscious n quite bad"
My husband quickly insisted we make the trip to see her in her close friend's home. So we packed up and made the trip.
She then told us she got rammed head on by a young man who was probably high on drugs. And her ankle was fractured.
Anyway it wasn't so bad, syukur alhamdullilah and thank God. Only her leg was really hurt. The rest of her was fine except for bruising around some other areas.
Anyway, to all facebook friends who had share their thoughts and prayers, thank you. Tomorrow, we will be accompanying her to the hospital to see if she needs the plaster cast.


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