Apr 21, 2012

the story so far.... the Glamorous Imperial Concubine

At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 34

Lian Cheng dies. He thinks he has such a wretched life. Ridden with guilt over what he did, for whatever reason. Forums said in the book he did it because he wanted Fuya to have nowhere to go to but him. Now that is stupid. I like this series' no reason being a reason better. Fuya overheard his conversation with Lian Xi and she knew that weirdo is his brother. She knew he had something to do with the poisons. She was already weak as she fainted earlier and she was pregnant. Lian Cheng was overcome with grief to know that the woman he loves is carrying another man's child and he laughed and yet cried as he said "I am going to be a father..." and Lian Xi looked at him and knew something was not right and he knew as he said "Why do you insist on loving a woman who is carrying another man's child? Her heart is not with you brother! WAKE UP!" but he knew Lian Cheng was beyond help and he said "I am very disappointed in you brother.. you have neglected your kingdom all for a woman who doesn't even love you..why are you so foolish?! I don't care about you any more!" and he walked away. You know, I do like Lian Xi now. At least his head is clear. Lian Cheng rushed to the small space where he was trying to make the plum blossom bloom when he heard someone walking at him and he knew it was Fuya as Fuya pointed a sword at him, crying and asked "You knew those poisons? You poisoned by father, destroyed my country? Why did you do that and yet be so nice to me? WHY?!" and Lian Cheng said without looking back as he put more coal into the heater thing as he said "Wait a while, just a while" and she actually waited!! Cool! And then he looked at her and he said "Yes, I killed your father" and Fuya was so angry she cried "Why? WHY?!" and she lunged at him and he avoided her and then grabbed her from behind as she cried hysterically "Why? WHY?! You promised me, if I hate you, I can kill you, why did you avoid my sword!! Why? Why my country? Why me? WHY?!?!" as she slapped him repeatedly and screamed "WHY? TELL ME WHY?! TELL ME!! WHY WON'T YOU SPEAK? WHY?! EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN TO ME!!!" but he didn't move, he let her slap him and then he said "I was wrong! I did you wrong!" and he grabbed her hand, gave her his amulet and urgently said "Take this and leave Northern Han. Without this, you can't leave" and he took the tip of the sword, placed it near his heart and said "Now, I can die in peace. Kill me. Avenge your father's death. Do it!" as he stood there, spread his arms out and closed his eyes and Fuya cried hard and then she actually wanted to stab him but her 2 maids rushed in and stopped her and then she fainted or something.

From thereon Fuya planned only for Qiyou to escape. Lian Cheng left the palace, went to the river and as he ate the persimmon dessert tears fell from his eyes as he thought "You're a liar Ma Fuya. You said if I am sad eating persimmon dessert will make me happy. You are a liar!" and he still ate, cried silently with Lian Xi standing there, looking at his brother, at lost on what he should do.

Meanwhile remember from last episode Fuya helped tricked Qiyou into sleeping with Lian Si? They did, and in the morning he said to her he will never love her and stupid woman said the same thing Xiangyun probably could never say to Lian Cheng; "It's ok. I don't mind" but she does and the difference between Lian Cheng and Qiyou is Qiyou is a responsible man to the woman he had done wrong so he will be responsible although at that moment he was so angry he told her to get lost.

Xiangyun knew Fuya is pregnant, right after Lian Cheng and Fuya confrontation, he was walking out, stoned and she saw him and stopped him and gladly said "I heard Imperial Concubine Di is pregnant. Congratulations your majesty!" but he ignored her, not a slap, not a push, and he just walked past her as if she never exist and she was stunned. I mean being slapped is better than being totally ignored, at least to her anyway.

Cut the long story short. Xiangyun knew Fuya will go see Qiyou, so she asked Empress Dowager to see Qiyou when the Empress Dowager after receiving 10 trunks of gold and jewelry from Empress Dowager Du decided to let Qiyou go. So she went and saw Fuya and Qiyou embracing one another. And so she ordered for their deaths; Qiyou to be poisoned in prison, Fuya to be burnt alive, because they were insulting the harem for doing what they did. Lian Si naturally begged her mom, saying she was pregnant with Qiyou's child (a bit too soon so I suppose it is a lie) whilst Fuya the empress dowager was reluctant to kill because she did save her life. So in the end Fuya begged Xiangyun the minister to help Qiyou to escape because his daughter, Suyao whom he finally knows died with the wish of Qiyou back in Shu and regretted having written the letter about Fuya still alive which started the war. Xiangyun agrees. And here hate Fuya. She never told the poor man about his daughter and now she is using Suyao's sincerity to her to save Qiyou, How despicable!!

Qiyou drank the poison when he heard Fuya was burnt to death. He didn't die. Lian Si escaped with him and he woke up thinking Fuya has died and Lian Si said "There is still meeeeeeeeeeeeee". Yeah right. Fuya was on her way to be executed when Xiangyun as in Ma Xiangyun stopped her and said "Since we were little, I always lost to you even when I am not weaker than you in anyway. Finally, I am winning today!" but Fuya walked past her, stopped and said "But you can never have what I already have..." and Xiangyun knew as Fuya smiled satisfyingly.

Fuya didn't die (like duh!) because her maid (who escaped with Nu a long time ago and now Lian Si's maid) volunteered to take her place. But of course she couldn't stop her since she was knocked out. Empress Dowager agreed to this arrangement since she does like Fuya. And so the poor maid was burning and Lian Cheng heard what happened, rushed in, stopped by guards but pushed forward and tried to save Fuya but knew he was too late and in grief, fainted. Xiangyun saw everytime and smiled but bitterly because she knew Fuya was right. That was a very sad scene actually. Poor man. He woke up, and in sadness he asked quietly to his mother "Where is she buried?" and apparently she was given a grand funeral. That scene of the burnt body toppling over was kinda gory.
Anyway he went there, cried as he said "I am the devil! I am the evil one! I deserve to die! Not you. It should have been me! I killed your father, destroyed your country, I even came between you and Meng Qiyou! I deserve death!" and he cried Fuya Fuya and "I should be in hell with you!" when suddenly Fuya appears at the back and said "No you shouldn't" and he saw her, shocked and then crawled to her (literally crawled!!!) and said "Fuya, have you come to avenge your father's death? Good. Take me with you!" and Fuya said "No I will not" and he said bitterly "I see... I suppose I am not even fit to be dragged to hell with you.." as Fuya said "I am not dead" and Lian Cheng finally touched her from leg to hands and he said "How..." and she explained and he said "Another life to be added to my guilt" as Fuya said "Lian Cheng, I do not wish to live in regrets and hatred. Let all the hatred stop here today" and Lian Cheng said "How can I ever atone for my sins after everything..." and Fuya said "Lian Cheng, you can promise me to be a good emperor to your kingdom then, that way you can atone for your sins" and Lian Cheng looked at her and hugged her deeply as she said "Let me go Lian Cheng, please.." and she didn't say it like angrily but rather like it is time for him to let him go in his heart and let bygones be bygones and he reluctantly did and she left and as she walked away he asked "Fuya, tell me the truth, have you ever loved me?" and Fuya just looked at him, and continued to walk away.
Lian Cheng went back to the cold palace and his brother was there when he saw the plum flower twig thing actually bloomed and he was so happy that he rushed out before his brother can stop him. How he knew where she went?! Anyway Lian Si and Fuya and Qiyou were reunited the night before, much to Lian Si's shock and in the morning they were in a cart or whatever when Xiangyun (MA) was there with Nu to kill Qiyou when she wanted to kill Fuya and arrowed the cart and then they rushed out, knowing they were ambushed when Xiangyun saw Lian Cheng riding a horse holding that vase with the plum flower and happily cried "Fuya, wait up! I have something for you!" when another arrow nearly hit Fuya and Lian Cheng rushed foward when Xiangyun aimed another one which Nu pushed away and it was in Fuya's direction when Lian Cheng ran in front and he was hit on his back (it was also poison arrowhead) and Fuya shocked cried and held Lian Cheng as he fell and she tearfully said "Why? WHY ARE YOU SO FOOLISH?!?!" and he said his final words as she held him and he let her see the plum flower "I want to show you there can be true love in Northern Han, there can be spring in Northern Han" and Fuya cried "No.. No... Lian Cheng... " as he breathed his final breath as he handed her the vase and said "There can be spring... in Northern Han" and he closed his eyes and DIED!!!!!!!! Fuya cried very hard, Lian Si in shock ran to his body and shook Lian Cheng as she cried "Brother.. what is this?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!" when Xiangyun rushed down and cried "NO! NO!" and Lian Si ran to her and pushed her as she said "YOU! YOU KILLED BROTHER!!" and Xiang Yun pushed her away and screamed "MA FUYA!! I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!" but Qiyou pushed her away and she fell down as she cried "Do you know how many years it took me to be his wife? How long I had to wait to gain his love and you, you MA FUYA just waltzed in and took his heart away!" and Fuya cried "I never intended to do that" and she retorted "And yet you did, without any effort and now me... I am left with nothing! You have destroyed all my chances, you have destroyed my everything!!" and Fuya angrily cried "Even without me, Lian Cheng will never love you! Because you were never sincere in everything you do! You could never have gained his trust because of your personality. You destroyed your own chances, not me! You do not know how to love! How can you expect Lian Cheng to ever love you when all you ever did was lie, trick, deceive him?!" which is true. Queen of Retorts!! Xiangyun in her heart knew Fuya was right. Lian Cheng never trusted her because from day 1 she was lying manipulative bitch. She rushed to Fuya, pushed her away and grabbed Lian Cheng and tenderly touched his face as she cried "No, it's not true. I know how to love and I love you, I have always loved you. Finally..." as she held him close to her; "I could embrace you when I never could.. I will not let you be alone .. I will accompany you...Lian Cheng..." and she pushed the arrow into herself and as she embraced him she died in his arms and Fuya by this time was probably too stunned to react hysterically. Fuya was beside herself in grief as she picked up the plum flower and Qiyou said "We must leave" when she begged "Let me bury them" as Nu said "The people who will bury them is coming soon. Go, go now if not there's no chance!" and Qiyou had to drag her away as Lian Si followed and Nu and Xiangyun's maid ran away and Lian Xi arrived with the ministers all in shock and cried "YOUR MAJESTY!!! YOUR MAJESTY!!!" and Lian Xi looked at his brother's lifeless body and I suppose he shall want revenge. I will too.

Anyway Fuya buried the plum flower and Lian Si cried "Brother, your death was meaningless!! You didn't have to die! I can't even bury you! I can only pay respect to you here!" and she pushed Fuya away and she asked some very valid questions; "Why did you treat my brother that way? You have a good man who was crazy about you but you denied him your heart! You could have made him very happy if you just accepted your destiny but now look what you have caused!! How can you do that to my brother?!" and Qiyou couldn't say anything, Fuya was crying because she knew Lian Si was sorta right except Lian Si didn't know the thing about what happened in Chu, but even without that, Fuya never loved Lian Cheng.

At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 32

We are told Lian Cheng actually conspired with Fuya's uncle (he suggested the idea in fact) to drug the father and usurp the throne! Even Xiangyun knows since her father told her. Never knew they had such good relationship. So Xiangyun has leverage against Lian Cheng, threatening him and all. And Lian Cheng feels guilty and all. But before that Xiangyun stupidly orders Nu to poison Qiyou, to drive a wedge between then. Plot failed as poor soldier ate the buns first and died laughing. Fuya refused to believe it was Lian Cheng even when Lian Si who blamed Lian Cheng confronted Liang Cheng and he was upset when he told his sister "Am I that despicable in your eyes?" but Lian Si begged "Brother, let him go. As long as he is here, Concubine Di's heart will never turn to you and his heart will never forget her, neither of us will ever have a chance" and Lian Cheng said "Sister, you will never be happy even if you marry Meng Qiyou" and Lian Si said "But you insisted on Concubine Di too..." and she huffily left as she warned him not to poison Qiyou anymore. Here my sister said a great joke; People keep poisoning other people, Fuya keeps treating them. And I said well, more people poisoning and only one Fuya to treat them. I thought that was very funny, Anyway Fuya walked to Lian Cheng and said "I believe you" and Lian Cheng said to Fuya "How come you're so convinced it wasn't me?" and Fuya said "Because you treat me the best in this world, you will never do anything to hurt me" and Lian Cheng was very upset and sorta first time raised his voice as he said "Don't be fooled by how well I treat you. I may be the one who will hurt you the most!" and he walked away and Fuya looked... no surprise or anything. She looked stoned. Anyway with her maids, I do think she believes it wasn't Lian Cheng because he is not that sort to use such despicable means (she really thinks very highly of him) "but he can't protect Qiyou anymore..." and they had to rescue Qiyou and maid suggested "Empress Dowager? After all you saved her life".

Recap on that. I thought the empress dowager died but she just fainted when Fuya calmly walked in and the other Xiangyun ordered her to be arrested and executed much to the joy of the evil Xiangyun when Fuya calmly said "If you want her to die then kill me" and she said she can cure the empress dowager but requires 7 days and 7 nights where she can't sleep and Fuya volunteered and in the end even the empress dowager began to waver in her resolve to hate Fuya. Fuya wanted to take her gloves on and empress dowager forbade her but she had to to do something, removed the gloves and to her shock she said "How come your hands is covered with scars?" and we found out when Lian Cheng was little with his epileptic attacks, he would bite on her hands until they bled and she let him so that he won't bit his tongue. Fuya said "Does he know?" and she said "I don't want him to feel sad..." and Fuya promptly told Lian Cheng who basically said "She would have used that as an excuse to control me and yet she didn't...how come I don't remember?" and Fuya said "Because you were too young, moreover you misunderstood my meaning. She didn't tell you because she doesn't want you to worry. Lian Cheng, your mother loves you very much" and Lian Cheng said "Impossible. You don't know my mother. She controls my life, she doesn't love me..." but in his heart he knows the truth. Here reminds me the conversation Fuya had with Qiyou I believe an episode ago when she gave him the fur coat made by his mom and these 2 guys' reaction is the same towards their mother. Qiyou and Lian Cheng are actually very much alike, they would have been very best friends if not for Fuya. Lian Cheng walked to his mom, as she slept he removed her gloves and saw her scars as she silently cried. I can't remember what they said to one another but this is sort of like reconciliation. Later Fuya bumped into Lian Xi!! They recognised each other and he said "So you're the imperial concubine Di?" and questioned her on how she got the antidote for Qiyou's poison and she angrily said "Find out yourself!!" when Lian Cheng came and fought Lian Xi off. Do remember she doesn't know Lian Cheng knows Lian Xi. Fuya was worried for Lian Cheng, thinking did Lian Xi poisoned him, etc. I think it was genuine concern. Later that night Lian Xi I think asked Lian Cheng why didn't he just kill off Qiyou or something like that. Lian Cheng said "I believe you could have killed my mother many times if you wanted to, but you didn't. Why? Same reason why I can't kill Meng Qiyou. Because you didn't want me to feel sad, the same way I didn't want Fuya to feel sad"

Poor Lian Cheng.

Anyway back to rescue plan, empress dowager is not an option because in the end she would be loyal to her son, empress is out of the question and so that leaves Lian Si. Lian Si agrees on one condition; she wants Qiyou to feel bound to her for the rest of his life. Which means SEX. I tell you, a prisoner has more SEX than poor Lian Cheng. So Fuya promises to give her that. And I was shouting "LIAN SI!! DON'T BELIEVE FUYA!!" Why? Because Fuya makes promises but she never keeps her promise. Look at minister Xiangyun, still didn't know his daughter is dead, she promised to marry Lian Cheng and yet went to sleep with another man and now she promises Lian Si. I hope she keeps her promise. I sorta like Lian Si. She is forthright even if she is annoying. But Fuya is downright evil I tell you. Why? She is now making decisions for Qiyou!! Did she consult Qiyou? NOPE! So poor Qiyou, again will be duped when Fuya walked in one night in red and said "You promised me a wedding" and Qiyou agreed and we will have to watch on to know what did she do next. Probably drug him. Fuya, the most evil person in this series!!

Back to Lian Cheng and the bombshell. Nu used what he know to his advantage and went to Lian Cheng and revealed it was empress who ordered the poison and so Lian Cheng made him a general. What a dog that Nu is. Lian Cheng rushed to the empress, Xiangyun was busy being happy at the idea of Fuya hating Lian Cheng when Lian Cheng walked in, pushed the maid away and basically slapped her. He said "You think I wouldn't know it was you who ordered Meng Qiyou to be poisoned? You think you can succeed?" and she laughed as he strangled her "I know I am successful! Ma Fuya will hate you! But I also know your biggest secret, my father told me a few days ago how you helped him to poison Ma Fuya's father! What if she knows? Do you think she will ever stay happily with you, ever?" as she bitterly cried and laughed and Lian Cheng was strangling her even more when his eunuch said "Empress!!! Please understand his majesty! He doesn't have any relationship with Imperial Concubine Di!" and Lian Cheng shouted "SHUT UP!!" and he suddenly quite scarily touched Fuya's face rather gently and as he cried (tears were sliding down his cheek-I suppose tears of frustration that he can do nothing to Xiangyun, I mean she is still empress!) "You think you can threaten me? You think I am afraid of you? Fine. Tell her. I dare you..." and he left. Xiangyun cried as the maid said "Empress, your tactic is too dangerous. There wouldn't be any room left for reconciliation with what you said" and Xiangyun said "I am beyond caring any more. I am capable of more destruction. Didn't you hear what that eunuch said? They may be married but they're not in a relationship. Now I know what I must do now. I don't care anymore. I now just want one fact; if I can't have him, no one can"

Which is why I can never pity Xiangyun. She deserves all the slaps and kicks Lian Cheng dished out on her. And I feel she is such an ugly woman. And the actress was terrible and the dubbing was as ugly.

But now Lian Cheng. All these revelations, I know shocking eh? You know what is more shocking? Remember at the very start he has ZERO interest in the throne? So why was he so ambitious to

1. usurp Chu's power by helping the uncle to get the throne
2. got spies in Shu to usurp Shu

WHEN he doesn't even want to be Emperor of Northern Han? I read some translated articles about how screwed up Lian Cheng is, yes I know but it doesn't explain for someone so not interested in the throne to be so ambitious as to plan all these usurpation. So what if he is plainly ambitious and destroy for destroy sake? Ok I understand but he surely would have known killing Fuya's father won't help him to get Fuya since Fuya will be exiled princess and he surely can't marry an exiled princess? I don't get this part. I find it so silly, for such a bombshell to exist, mainly to give Fuya an excuse to hate Lian Cheng, for Lian Cheng to feel guilty enough to Fuya and for us viewers to hate Lian Cheng. Strangely, I don't hate Lian Cheng because I thought the bombshell was just sensational only. I don't hate Qiyou. It is everybody else I hate, right now Fuya because she makes decision affecting other people's life for the rest of their lives and she did it without regrets. And she just effectively put a wedge between Lian Cheng and Lian Si. Way to go Fuya!

Funny thing is, if she had married Lian Cheng and stayed, now she would have the empress dowager's respect and love since she saved her life and brought her son back to her! In Shu, the empress grudgingly respect her but still hate her in her own way. In Chu, if she got the empress dowager's trust, she is basically set for life, since Lian Cheng feels she can do no wrong. I do believe she would be more peaceful and happier in Chu, rather than be with an out of favour Shu prince, who even as emperor will have his hands tied thanks to his more powerful mother and other siblings.

(from point 2 entertainment....)


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