Apr 25, 2012

The story soooo far... the glamorous imperial concubine

At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 42 .. LAST EPISODE!

When Duyun went back to Northern Han to asked for help and troops, he manage to poison Lian Xi who did not trust Duyun at all. The Empress Dowager had tried asking him to take over the crown but he refused. The palace officials had also been pestering both the Empress Dowager and Lian Xi. Lian Xi lay dying and the Empress Dowager dismissed everyone, and saved him by sucking the poison out herself. Empress Dowager might have did it for her own selfish reason. But I believe she accepted Lian Xi as Lian Cheng was always looking out for him, and she remembered Lian Cheng's words of letting bygones be bygones. And also that Northern Han needed a new emperor and only Lian Xi was qualified as he was the last of the Emperor's bloodlines, other then Lian Si of course.

Lian Si came in search of Qiyou but met Duyun who was happy enough to tell her how he killed Qiyou. He then subdued her with some acupuncture points and she became paralysed. He then told her how he had always wanted her but how she refused him and then made her his concubine but promised to make her his empress when he took Chu's throne.

With Han and Shu's help, Ma Fuya and her brother reclaimed Chu and killed their uncle. However when Duyun was ready to be crowned, Fuya had a strange visitor from Han, one of the lady in waitings who came in a disguise. Fuya asked her why she was in disguise when it was safe for her to return as Fuya was once again the Princess there and that was when the stories came out, of how the lay in waiting feared Duyun and all Duyun did, including wanting to murder Qiyou and also how he killed Lian Cheng.
Fuya then realized the truth . On her brother's coronation day, she sent all the officials away and took it on herself to crown him herself. Duyun asked her where all the officials were but she just told him she wanted to crown him. He knelt before her and she crowned him as she took one of the sharp headpieces from the crown and stabbed him to death. Dying, he still tried to crawl up the steps to the throne.

After killing her brother, Fuya left the palace and Chu and went to the river/countryside where Qiyou died to join him. I think she may have commited suicide there, met Qiyou's spirit and then their spirits live happily there together or.... somehow Qiyou did not die and he waited there for Fuya and they met there and spent the rest of their lives together living a simple life away from the palace life... Hmmmmmmmm  (this story is from my own point of view...unlike the others here, which was taken from point2 e ok..)
At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 41

Even Concubine Han died, she was dying anyway from Fuya's poison and before she did she did the decent thing by angering Han Ming to force him to see the real her, that vindictive spiteful her so that he will leave and he said he will wait for her at their village but she would never be there; she acknowledges her own sin in all she has done and then killed herself. I mean why not just tell Han Ming "Dude, I am dying"? Maybe because she knows he will follow her in death. He will know anyway later on since Shu palace has to give her a royal funeral.

Fuya's mom died, and thanks to Nu arguing with Qiyou who pushed away Fuya's mom who fell after being pushed some more by Concubine Han. Nu of course told Fuya Qiyou did it. Yunzhu thought she did it because she couldn't hold on to that foolish old woman. My question is since Concubine Han knows she is dying WHY does she feel the need to push an innocent person to her death? Fuya in her heart knows Qiyou didn't do it. But she told Qiyou she had to leave him, too many people died because of her but mom died because of Qiyou. Sorry Fuya, she died because of you because Han wanted you to leave and I don't know why she pushed your mom frankly. By that time it doesn't serve any purpose. She left for Zhou . Qiyou in turn gave his kingdom to Qiyun and rushed to find her. They reunited, and that was where he died trying to save her from being ambushed by Chu's army since they were passing through.

I mean Qiyou didn't die also because he never got the chance to deliver a monologue that hopefully ends with YOUR BROTHER IS EVIL! So no, he is NOT dead. But I do believe he will be dead later. Fate is cruel to Qiyou. What a poor guy.

Northern Han is faced with succession dilemma, Lian Xi does not want to be Emperor. Empress Dowager asked Nu, now back in Han for his opinion. What more can he say? LET ME BE EMPEROR?

And why would Nu aka Duyun force his sister away from Shu? What good does it serve him? Nothing because this Duyun is a destroyer and a devious coward like that can never govern a country. Fuya is blind to his faults. If he only dies, everyone will be at peace.

Poor Qiyou. Father never loved him, Concubine Mei never treated him like her own, his mom treated him like shit all his life only because she loved him but died before he can feel any love from her, his brother Qixing betrayed him, Fuya abandoned him, even his own life left him, so to speak. Sigh.... Qiyun will probably fare better as emperor since he is the only man abstaining from any matters of the heart in this series.

At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 40

I really don't feel the urge to write for this series anymore because it is going towards insanity, literally and figuratively. It should have ended when Du Fei Hong died because that to me was when the series last achieved some sanity. After that everything else is like defaming both Qiyou and Fuya. Why? Qiyou is a levelheaded reasonable gallant responsible man but episodes 39 and 40 made him into none other than his own father, the way he treats Lian Si and her child (like how his own mother and himself was treated as opposed to Concubine Mei and Qiyun), the way he handles the problems points to a clueless incompetent husband and Emperor, and my impression is his father was better as he was more devious. Qiyou is not devious so everything he die was simply foolish or selfish or just plain dumb. I can't believe this is my Qiyou! NO WAY!!! And Fuya. Oh dear.. Fuya.. someone who is so forgiving and noble, I simply refused she actually attempted to kill Lian Si's baby. I thought "Nahhh... just an act to draw out the real culprit that is her own brother Nu who in her hearts she knows is a bastard" but then it turns out she was suffering from depression or whatever and she actually wanted to kill Lian Si's baby!!

And poor Qiyou though. Imagine deaths of BOTH sons in one episode after the other, both thanks to Nu. I never quite understand why Nu killed Fuya's baby. She was in a cart or whatever on her way to see Northern Han's empress dowager to stop her from fighting in a senseless war (where the cart's wheel was loosened by the driver on the instigation of who else but Lian Si) when the cart overturned, she didn't die, baby ok, went into labour, Yunzhu ran to get water (like where got water in the middle of a very dry looking hill road?) and Nu pressed on her tummy and in the end killed his own nephew. You may wonder why he did that? Well Qiyou did say he will help Fuya to restore Chu BUT Nu will never be emperor as his heart is black and cruel. Whatever the book may say, I believe in this series, Nu did what he did out of pure vindictiveness. He sees the baby as Qiyou's child whom he hates, but not as Fuya's child, whom he supposedly loves. At this point my favourite character is Lian Xi for his unwavering loyalty to his own brother and even if he hates his brother's mother, he never attempted to kill her. Now look at this evil Nu... what a piece of garbage eh? Anyway so baby dies. Lian Si gives birth, but Qiyou refused to name her empress or the child crown prince.

Lian Si's baby dies mysteriously. Fuya wanted to poison the baby by putting something on the cheek or whereever and release the bees which will sting and kill. She couldn't release the bees, she shouldn't do it, threw away the bees container. Let's just guess who released it in the end. Fuya knows it is her brother because she showed him how it is to be done. Now why would Nu kill Lian Si's baby? Simple; he hates Qiyou and he wants Lian Si and Lian Si told him to get lost and he said to himself "I shall have you, even if I have to carry your dead body back to Chu with me". Lian Si was mad with grief and said Fuya did it, Qiyou said he will investigate and Fuya admitted she did what she did and cried to be executed. Qiyou believes Fuya is incapable of anything evil.

And at the beginning Nu tried to accuse Qiyou of killing Fuya's baby!! Why? Because Qiyou wanted to keep his throne and make his ministers happy and he doubted the DNA of the baby. BUT if Qiyou had wanted to do that, he might as well do a huge show of executing Fuya then, why go one big round to that? Fuya didn't believe, or she did, at this point I really didn't care. How could Fuya believe that nonsense? In the end we find out she doesn't believe.

At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 38

This is terrible! TERRIBLE! Where is DNA testing when you need it? Not for another few hundred years!

But first, Fuya knows her mom can't wait anymore, and so she lovingly caresses Qiyou's handsome sleeping face and thought to herself "Qiyou, I am sorry" and to her baby she says "Mommy will have to take you along to the afterworld"

I mean even my sis was shouting "Let the mom die! For god's sake, she is OLD". Fuya is crazy. So she thinks use her life to save mom, but after giving birth to child. Now she wants to kill herself and the child for mom. Insane! But Grandpa Hua knows what is happening, drugged Fuya and in the morning Fuya rushes to her mom and her mom is all ok and she finds out Grandpa Hua came the night before. She and Qiyou rushes out and shouted "Grandpa Hua, Grandpa Hua"  Grandpa Hua was running away, vomiting blood as he thought "Ya Ya, Grandpa Hua wants nothing more than to take care of your child, see him grow up but Grandpa Hua can't do it. I can't let you die, you have always been my favourite, everyone always say I doted on you too much, but I never felt it was ever enough. I wanted to take care of you forever, but since now I can't, and you have Qiyou to take care of you, I am not worried. I can go, in peace..." and then he fell and they saw him and they rushed to him and a whole lot of talking, but surprisingly Fuya doesn't cry like there's no tomorrow. She was to me way too calm when her "father" is dying. And Grandpa Hua died. Fuya being a heavily pregnant woman should have been very emotional, she wasn't, Qiyou who has been with Grandpa Hua for so many years was also way too calm.
Meanwhile Lian Si was so happy she would be giving birth in a month when she stumbled upon Yun Zhu. Yun Zhu cried "What I said is true!! Concubine Ya will be giving birth in a few days!!!" and Lian Si knew she would lose since everyone confirms Fuya's baby will be a son and Qiyou happily decreed that son will be crown prince and Fuya empress a few days later. Lian Si was very upset and then came "He he he he he" which is Concubine Han with her incessant laughing and she said "Why are you so upset? If the baby was conceived in Northern Han then perhaps the father is your brother" and Lian Si said "No, we all know..." and Han says "Yes we all know, but the Shu ministers don't know, more importantly Northern Han does not know.. who is to know who is the father..." and Lian Si took the cue and wrote a letter to her mom.

In Northern Han, Empress Dowager received the letter and was overjoyed to know Fuya is pregnant and the child is Lian Cheng's. She cried "Northern Han has a successor!". Interestingly she didn't look distraught at Lian Cheng's death. She looks too immaculate. She orders for war to get back the child soon to be born. Minister argues how they can be sure the child is Lian Cheng's and everyone pretty much asked the same question until the attending physician's notebook was referred to (the same physician Lian Cheng killed when he told Lian Cheng Fuya was pregnant and Lian Cheng knew the child wasn't his and so he killed the doctor to save Fuya's reputation) and it wrote clearly it was conceived during her time in Northern Han and so everyone was convinced. By the way Empress Dowager herself will lead the army!

Meanwhile Fuya's brother, that dog Nu tried to instigate another minister to overthrow the empress dowager which he flatly refused and Nu poisoned him. When that minister or general did not show up, Nu himself volunteered to go to war and get back the child

Nu himself alone and gloated how this was his opportunity when Lian Xi grabbed his neck and basically kicked him until Nu revealed what was the meeting about and Lian Xi thought "Brother... has a son?". It is more like a statement than a question. But I think in his heart he should know Lian Cheng never slept with Fuya but then at that time only Qiyou, Fuya and Lian Cheng know for sure what was going on. So to Lian Xi this was like taking back what was his brother's. I am touched by Lian Xi's love and loyalty for Lian Cheng and I hope he doesn't die in the process. I want him to live. Somehow I really like Lian Xi. It is Nu I am finding myself hating, apart from "He he he he he" Han.

Shu finds out about Northern Han's impending attack and the Shu army refuses to fight a war for a bastard child that wasn't Qiyou's. Qiyou was so angry he had the minister who dared speak about the gossip arrested. But Fuya knew there must be some mistake and so she proposed to go see Empress Dowager, to speak to her, because she knows the empress dowager is not an unreasonable person. Qiyou flatly refused but will send an envoy. Meanwhile Han Ming is the appointed general.

May I say again I really like the idea of Lian Xi. He reminds me of Qiyun, except more useful than Qiyun. And the difference between Shu and Northern Han cannot be more obvious than that of the soldiers' reaction. When Lian Cheng wanted to attack Shu for Fuya (to be fair not many knew the real reason), no one doubted Lian Cheng. Now when Qiyou wants to defend Shu for Fuya, everyone doubts him. Why be an emperor when nothing ever works out for you? And Lian Si is such a problematic woman, but Fuya should have just visited her and have a heart to heart talk with her. Don't forget, Lian Si blamed Fuya for Lian Cheng's death and now of course because Qiyou so obviously favours Fuya. Fuya should have been even more generous because I don't think Qiyou ever sleep with Lian Si after they returned, he must have been with Fuya every single day.

At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 37

 The Dus die in this episode. Empress Dowager Du dies. But before she does, Qiyou forgives her as he says "Mother, you win! You win!" as Du says "No! I lost and I am happy to lose to you!" and he then begs her to live, to live for him so that he can hold her hands and be a son to her but Du says "You brother is waiting for me. I will go and take care of him as I have for the past 21 years (I think she said that), I have to go..." and dies as Qiyou cried "Mother, mother.. please don't leave me!!".
Doesn't anyone ever learn that by backstabbing Fuya, you're frontstabbing yourself? You know what I mean? Same methods used by that stupid Xiangyun now used by Lian Si. You see, Qiyou wants Fuya as Empress. But Concubine Han disagrees. Why? Because she says "We can't let Fuya control the royal harem. She will be a liability, she will do anything for Qiyou and she will be an obstacle for us". SAY WHAT?! How stupid is that reasoning? No. 1; Fuya has no power. No. 2: Fuya has no backing. No. 3; Fuya has no country. No. 4; Fuya doesn't even have a status. And she is worried that Fuya being so damn loyal will do like what? Jump to her death? Jump in front of Qiyou? She should make Fuya the Empress because innately Fuya is incapable of doing evil. She herself said that episodes ago. Instead she wants Lian Si and guess what? No. 1; Lian Si is the princess of a stronger country, Northern Han. No. 2; Lian Si's mom will protect her. No. 3: Lian Si is devoted to Qiyou. No. 4; Lian Si has a stronger backing. Lian Si will ber her undoing, not Fuya!! She got a taste of her own medicine when later she met with Lian Si and Lian Si bluntly said "Why are you interfering in the royal matters? You're the retired concubine now. Shouldn't you retire to your palace and do something retired concubines do? Don't meddle in this; you won't be able to handle it". Stupid woman. Lian Si is more difficult to control.
And Lian Si is another idiot. She wanted to frame Fuya for poisoning her, and all. Guess what? Qiyou doesn't even believe her. When Lian Si asked Qiyou why she is not the empress? Well no one is. Lian Si is asking why she is same rank as Fuya and Qiyou said "You're very fortunate you're even same rank with Fuya" and when Lian Si said "You want a woman who was conferred a title by your father, and then married my brother and was his favourite concubine to be empress? She is not qualified. She is immoral, dirty!!" which is the same view of the ministers who objected (at the instigation of Concubine Han), and Qiyou was so angry he raised his arm and about to slap her and stopped him and Lian Si shocked said "You want to slap me? Go on! GO ON! Don't forget, I am carrying your child! You want to hurt your child?!" but Qiyou warned her not to do or say anything stupid about Fuya or else...
Funny though. At this very scene, I imagined Lian Cheng, and he would not have any hesitation to slap Lian Si if he was Qiyou, he would in fact fly kick her. I know that is violent behaviour but I do feel Lian Cheng would not have hesitated.
Anyway Fuya doesn't even want to be empress. She wants to save her mom by using her own life in exchange for her mom's, whatever that means. That was why she was experimenting on drugs that can abort a child, something Lian Si used to frame Fuya. Qiyou knows why Fuya did what she did. In Fuya's mind, she wants to give birth and then use her life to save her mom's. She told no one. Qiyun meanwhile agreed with ministers to appoint a crown prince and Qiyou said whoever gives birth to a son first, the child is crown prince and she will be empress. Lian Si is very happy since she thinks she is the first pregnant one but she doesn't know, Fuya got pregnant first since they consummated the relationship in Northern Han and not in Shu or on the way to Shu. Everyone was happy for Fuya thinking she will be empress soon but to Fuya she thinks "I can save mom soon...". She saw Lian Si who just looked away.
Anyway mom knows Nu is her son and he is alive and well. Not much to say there.
Lian Cheng's mom is ruling Nothern Han now and ministers beg her to appoint a new emperor and since Lian Cheng has no sons, it means it will be Lian Xi which she opposes. Lian Xi coolly walks in and says "Even if you want me to be emperor, I have no interest in being one. I am waiting for you to die you evil woman!" and he walks away. Later she walks into I believe Lian Cheng's study room and saw Lian Xi sitting down on the floor by the corner and he was teary eyed and deep in thoughts. What was he thinking? "Brother, how you could be so heartless to die and leave me alone with your empire and that evil old woman? How could you?" and Empress Dowager looks at him and her face softens.

As for Concubine Han who killed Duwan and Du Ruhai, and Qiyou could do nothing about it as she says she did it to secure his future and to prevent that bastard child from coming back and fighting for the throne, and Han Ming was disgusted but did nothing. She is crazy.

At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 36

Qiyou thanks to Han Ming and former Chu general captured Shu city and Qiyou forced Qixing to drink poisoned wine, like Qixing forced him and he said "This time let's see if there's anyone willing to drink this for you" and no one did. Duwan who is due to give birth to a son refused to drink and they ended up blaming one another, and Qiyou sniggered "Shouldn't husbands and wives be more united than this?" and he forced Qixing to drink who kept saying "I will give you back your throne! I will go away! Please let me live!!" but Qiyou refused to listen and then Empress Dowager rushed in and grabbed Qiyou, crying very very hard "He is your brother! How can you kill your brother?! He is your brother!!!!" and Qiyou stared at her who was crying hard and he himself teary eyed said "Mother, I am your son too. Where were you when I was forced to take the poisoned wine? Where were you when I was a prisoner of war? Am I not your son too?" and all she could do was cry.  Anyway she cried, very hard, silent but crying and Qiyou said bitterly "If you won't let him drink this, then... then I shall drink on his behalf" and he drank the wine and Empress Dowager was shocked as she cried "You er, You er, You er" and HE DIDN'T DIE! He cried as he said "Mother, I am not as heartless as you think I am to kill my own brother!" and he ordered Qixing to be demoted to commoner and kicked out of the palace. But what about Duwan eh? Anyway he was leaving when Qixing angrily said "Go to hell you bastard!!!" and picked up a sword and rushed towards Qiyou who was walking away with his back facing Qixing and Qiyou didn't move, just held his sword backwards and Qixing himself ran towards the sword and basically stabbed himself to death. Qiyou was shocked as Qixing fell to the ground, mother rushed to hold him as he vomited blood and said "Mother, I... I shouldn't have been emperor?" and yes it was a question and then he died. Qiyou was crying, so was mother and frankly, didn't pity Qixing. He shouldn't have been a man because he showed none of the courage nor loyalty of one, more so an emperor.

Qiyou went to release Fuya and hugged her, only having eyes for her as Lian Si stood there filled with jealousy. He became emperor. He have Du Ruhai arrested and dragged away as he begged "Spare your nephew! Spare your nephew!!". Fuya is expected to become empress. Han Ming got promoted into some big time general and Concubine Han thinks she can use Lian Si to shake Fuya who then can shake Qiyou.

Qiyou went to see Qiyun and Qiyun said "I buried Qixing at the top of the hill where he used to love playing and running around at..." and Qiyou asked sincerely "Do you hate me for forbidding Qixing to be interred into the Meng Imperial Mausoleum?" and Qiyun said "You're bound by rules, and the advice of your ministers even if you're the emperor. Moreover he never liked the rules and ettiquettes of the royal palace, so I do think he would be better off buried away from the Mausoleum. Finally he can have some peace" and Qiyou looked at Qiyun and said quite sincerely "I killed him..." and Qiyun said "Brother, you didn't. He killed himself, he dug his own grave, it was not your fault" which is true. Anyway Qiyun begged to be given an imperial post because "The court is still dominated by the Dus and Concubine Han" and Qiyou said "So you wish to assist me...Alright, granted". Funny in the end it is the half brother who shows more loyalty than full brother, much like Northern Han.

Fuya finally fetches her mom home but mom is dying from the poison. So.. Han never kept her promise to Fuya that is kill emperor, save your mom. Nobody keeps their words in this series!

Empress Dowager Du is very sick and so she is dying. She asked her faithful bodyguard, Mo Chou  to fetch her some boxes, one contains Qiyou's favourite toy and another the drawing she threw onto the floor when he was little. She cried saying "These are my treasures I protect with my life." but she was crying when Fuya came to visit and assured her Qiyou is coming soon to see her but she laid on her bed, saying "He refuses to see me, because he hates me.. he hates me..." and Fuya assured her he is coming but she said "I am not worried for him. He has you, Fuya and you will take good care of him...". Anyway alone, she is still crying as she said as she clutched the drawing tightly to her chest "With this in my hands, I can die in peace" when Qiyou walked in and commanded "You can't die!" and she looked at him and said "You er, my son, how handsome you look in your emperor's robes, how powerful, just as I always imagined how you will look" and Qiyou said bitterly "I thought you never wanted to see me in these...I am sorry to disappoint you mother" and Du said "You have never disappointed me. You have rose to the occasion just as I expected...but the seat of the throne is never easy, never easy. I hope you can understand my intentions now" as Qiyou said "Your intentions?!" as she said "Yes, I have carefully planned for you, to make sure you suffer, to learn the deceptions of the imperial court, to understand and to be ruthless even to your own family, to be hardened in your resolve. Your father never wanted you to become emperor. He made you a crown prince just so he can buy time and then give the throne to Concubine Mei's son. I saw that from the beginning. You were in danger..but I never expected to see brother killing brother in the end.. I never expected that..."

From what Du said, my take is she loved him the most. First she resented the fact Mei raised him and her own son loved Mei more. But she treated him coldly because she knows from a young age Qiyou is a capable boy and meant for greater things. She also knows her husband loves Qiyun more than Qiyou, has plans for Qiyun to be Emperor and is ruthless enough to get rid of Qiyou in favour of Qiyun. Qixing is different. He is young, no courage and won't be good for greater things so father will let him live. Qiyou however is too smart for his own good and his father will probably kill him. Which is why Du decided to make life so hard for Qiyou, make him so discouraged, opposed him in every way and making all obstacles so that she can kill that ambition of him to be emperor. Because she loved him the most, she wanted him to live and by living means living an ordinary life and that would be to take him out of the race to be emperor. Which is why she treated him so coldly. She wanted him to feel hopeless and therefore have no ambition.

Anyway she cried as she said she can be in peace since Fuya will take care of him and she can go in peace and Qiyou raised his voice as he said "You still love Qixing the most! Because you rather follow him to death than to fight for your live and stay with me!"

In his own way he may resent his mother but he has always yearned for her love and when he kinda realised what she did for him (which until now I still can't reconcile her behaviour although I kinda understand), he went to her, and cried "Mother, please don't leave me alone. Please don't leave me, fight to live! Mother!" and she cried "My dear son, You er, I can't fight my destiny. If it is meant to be, it is meant to be" but Qiyou refused to give up as he cried "Mother, please don't leave me!"

As for Du Ruhai, he got killed by Concubine Han who also refused to let Duwan give birth and so killed her as well. Du Ruhai to his credit cried before he died "The emperor would never be so heartless! It is you! You evil woman! You bitch!!!". Which is good since he knows Qiyou would never have ordered for him and Duwan to be killed. Duwan to her credit begged not for her own life but that of her unborn child. She died anyway.

At point of posting, am watching until ... EPISODE 35

The recap on Lian Cheng and Fuya and since they had so little scenes together, believe me when I said you would have seen those scenes a million of times since well, since all other recaps. Anyway interestingly Fuya after scolded by Lian Si said "He ruined my country, killed my father..." and Lian Si said "But he did all he could for you, he loved you, he died for you, you still hate him?". Well dying for her doesn't exonerate him from his sins but Fuya said "I neither loved him nor hated him..." which is a strange statement band then she said "Lian Cheng, at least you have your release. What about me?" which is true. 2 suffering souls, so alike, so apart. But her true feelings are revealed as she said "Lian Cheng, I hope in our next life we will not be born into royal families. And I hope we shall meet again..." which shocked Qiyou who looked at her wide eyed since I suppose he might be asking hey! what about our 10 lifetimes together huh? Yeap, Fuya basically said to Lian Cheng she doesn't hate him, but she doesn't love him but not because she can't but because of the circumstances rendering such love obsolete. So she wishes that in their next lifetime they be ordinary folks and she hopes to see him again and in that lies the promise of Fuya to Lian Cheng; I will love you if we meet again. So deep down she loves him.

Empress Dowager Du looked sickly, missing Qiyou and she has lost her power, now her court is dominated by her niece and her brother. When Qiyou came home, he was placed under house arrest in a really horrible looking place and Lian Si of course wasn't pleased. And she is still wearing her fur coat. This is what I hate about this series; the inconsistencies. Surely now in Spring time Shu, that fur will be useless? Why is she still wearing it?! Anyway Du went to see her son when she found out what happened. Qixing still fears his mom but his wife, whose name escapes me right now doesn't. Her power no more and she laid in bed, coughing and grumbling as her trusted white haired bodyguard, Ma Chou said she will send for an imperial physician but Du coughed some more as she said bitterly "I am not sick. I am just pissed off. I spent my entire life fighting the royal harem, to fight my way to the top to control them, put my son on the throne so that we can be safe and in the end it would be my unfilial son betraying me! Of course my brother would help his own daughter instead of his sister but my son, my useless son..." and basically she is so angry she could have vomit blood.

Meanwhile poor Qiyou locked up but he has loyal followers such as the old minister whose name I forgot and he advised Qixing to let Qiyou go since imprisoning the Emperor Han Cheng is a sin! Against all confucian teaching and all that stuff but Qixing was so angry he ordered him to be executed and the minister so angry he said "YOU! YOU UNGRATEFUL IMBECILE!! WHY HAVE I TAUGHT SUCH A HEARTLESS IMBECILE? I...I..." and dramatically he ran to a nearby err bronze urn or whatever and hit his head and died. Qiyou was very upset. Then Qixing and wife came and ordered Qiyou to drink wine, threatening if he doesn't, Fuya will drink. You see, poisoned wine. Qiyou had no choice but his faithful servant Hiao Xin Gan then immediately said "Empress Dowager Du!!" and when everyone looked where he was pointing, he grabbed the wine, drank it and fell to his knees and said "I... I always wanted to try the royal wine.. thank you for the wine your majesty" and Qixing angrily said "You dog! You dare to drink! Well you can have your servants dying for you..." when wife said "We haven't toasted dear brother about his wedding with Pan Yu..." and so again he was forced to drink when Fuya pushed the wine cup away and said "You dare to ask us all to drink this wine? Do you not know who that is? Princess Lian Si, princess of Northern Han! If she dies, Northern Han will raise an army and march towards Shu. Is that what you want?" and Lian Si taking the cue said "Yes! My mother is the great Empress Dowager who will crush you all to death if she knows I am being bullied!!" and so Qixing being the coward that he is ordered Qiyou to be imprisoned in that dingy place, FOREVER!

 He laid dying in Qiyou's arms, which took quite a long time so the poison must be slow in effect. Anyway Qiyou cried as Xiao Xin Gan said "Don't be sad, I don't deserve your tears, I am only a lowly servant.." and Qiyou cried said "I never thought of you as a servant, you're my brother" and eunuch cried "Your brother? I am your brother? Then my life has not been wasted. Please listen... they will eventually kill all of you unless you become emperor. You.. must.. become.. emperor..." and he died. I tell you I damn well cried!! I mean the last sentence was so true. Fuya said "Qiyou, you must escape. Save yourself" and Qiyou said "No.." and Lian Si said "She is right. You must escape, you can do it. Then think of ways to come back and rescue us" but Qiyou said "No. I will stay. And I will take back what is rightfully mine!" and he said it with such determination you know he will kill Qixing for it!

Concubine Han was laughing happily as she said "Stupid boy. Doesn't he know his brother's temperament? If he let his brother alone, he would have happily lived peacefully right next to this stupid boy emperor but when pushed, Qiyou will fight back! Stupid boy!" and cue "HA HA HA HA". But Han Ming just looked at her like she's mad. And then a manly voice said "You know me so well Concubine Han!" and it was Qiyou who had escaped and he said "I came here to ask for your help" and she said "Why would you think I will help you? What do I have to gain from that?" and he  said "because you are greedy for power"

(taken from Point 2 Entertainment....)


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  4. Hi everyone,

    does anyone know who was truly the father of Fuya's baby? I'm not sure about this one... (I did skip some scenes so I might have missed something) but I'm confused b/c I don't think Fuya and 1st Prince (Qiyou) ever really discussed this... can someone tell me their best guess ?

    Thanks !

    1. I am pretty sure if I remember correctly it is Meng Qiyou's baby and Lian Cheng knows about it as well

  5. I hate how the drama started out so well play and all the story line was coming together, than, boom, everything got all dumb and the story line changes towards the middle to the end. Erg. Totally ruined the series for me.

  6. Dear Miera Nadhirah Tan, good greetings to you. I have been looking for a site like this where I can also write my ideas and specifically my feelings on the "The Glamorous Imperial Concubine". I am "Late or Newcomer" to Chinese Classical Dramas. I am based in Canada and of course, we are exposed to western movies and tv series shows. Two years ago, a good Chinese friend gifted us with a Chinese DVDs of songs and concerts. We cannot read or write Chinese, we can only look at the programs and deciphered the meaning of the story through their body movements but then this friend who is fluent in Mandarin interpreted to us all what is being said in the show. And so it started our love for the Chinese songs and its colorful, beautiful ancient costumes. We started buying some Chinese movies with English sub-titles. By then, my son who studied at the University of Ottawa discovered Ruby Lin in one show with English sub-titles and our hearts were captivated with Ruby's gentle beauty that we try to research on the Internet about her. Our research for Ruby leads to "The Glamorous Imperial Concubine" in a youtube; in a way that I discovered your site, too.
    I am very grateful to you, Miera; for having a luxury time to write in English about this series. You’re so generous with your time and you wrote so well. Please allow me to share also my feelings, too. Since "The Glamorous Imperial Concubine" is the very Chinese drama series which we have seen in its English sub-titles; I must say that we were completely enamored with this story. Although, such drama took place in an ancient period; the lessons from this show was so relevant to our modern times, too. "History repeats itself" always holds true. History is not something of past events to reckon with; oftentimes the same history repeats itself in different time, to different person and generation. This drama series contains all the elements of what is to be a Human Being. The struggles to love and be loved; the longings for attention from one's parents or siblings, the trust and the pains of betrayal, the sorrows and anguish for death of a loved ones and friends. It is also a story of greed, passion and lust, love for power and wealth, of murders and wars. Ancient and modern lives are always a period of struggles between good and evil. No one is exempted for this. I believe that this drama series is not only meant to entertain, but for us to understand what it is to be Human, of what is to be a person with heart, mind and a soul. I must salute to the author of this drama. Remember the last words of Lian Cheng to Ma Fu Ya: "there can be Spring in Northern Han" such words from a dying person magnified our belief of "Hope Springs Eternal". Of a human feeling that nothing is impossible if one perseveres amidst all difficulties.
    This drama series opened our eyes to the beauty of Asian Movies and TV Series; it is so emotional, so tragic, it gives you the feeling that you are one with the actors. I felt I am transported to that time of Chu, Shu and Han Kingdoms. Chinese classical dramas always touches our hearts, it touches the sensibilities of one's soul, of that emphatic feeling that you were there in their lives. I must share to you my admiration with Ruby Lin for producing and having this drama series. Although, it is only in October 2014 that we were able to see this series"; yet it gives us a very impressive outlook on Asian shows. Wallace Huo and Kevin Yuan were so good and so emotional in their acting and rest of the cast too. Now, we became an avid fans for these 3 celebrities. I hope that they will be given another chance to be together in one show.

    I still have to learn more on Chinese classic dramas. I am most thankful to you, dear Miera, for having this site, where we can express our feelings and ideas. I hope we can became friends, of sharing our love for classic dramas of China and other Asian countries. Thank you so much, we are most grateful and best regards from Canada . . .

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