Apr 19, 2012

Tokyo DisneySea

DisneySea is a Disney Park unique to the Tokyo Disney Resort. Having only opened in 2001, DisneySea is still less established and generally less crowded than its more famous and iconic neighbor, Disneyland. The park has the same price and hours as Disneyland, and the two parks are easily accessible to one another by way of the adorable mouse-themed monorail that makes a loop around the Disneyland Resort.
DisneySea is divided into seven distinctly themed lands. The theming in each is arguably the most beautiful and extravagant of any Disney park.

Mediterranean Harbor

After passing by a massive spinning globe, you enter into Mediterranean Harbor, a tiny Venice without any trash.

American Waterfront

The first part is a nostalgic look at 1930's New York, then head past the giant steamliner and over a bridge, and you'll find yourself in a New England fishing village.

In September, the American Waterfront will be home to DisneySea's newest major attraction, the Tower of Terror!

Mysterious Island

One of the most breathtaking and original lands at DisneySea, Mysterious Island takes you into the center of an active volcano, where you find yourself in the scientific yet magical world of Jules Verne.

Mysterious Island contains one of DisneySea's most popular attractions, Journey to the Center of the Earth, where you board a mine train for a strange and thrilling ride down to the Earth's core.

Mermaid Lagoon

This land is unique in the Disney park world for being entirely indoors. The outside is a swirling structure made up of millions of Disney-themed mosaic tiles. Inside is a brightly-colored under-the-sea themed world of children's rides and activities. The one attraction for adults as well is the not-to-be-missed artistic retelling of The Little Mermaid at the Mermaid Lagoon Theater.

Arabian Coast

Here, you've walked into Aladdin's world, a fanciful re-imagining of the Middle East. Street performers juggle and tumble along the streets, and the most popular attraction is, of course, a humorous, theatrical spin-off of Aladdin at the Magic Lamp Theater.

Port Discovery

Port Discovery's theme is a bit more vague than the other lands. Port Discovery places you in the not too distant future, when people can (sort of) control the weather, and everybody rides around in semi-futuristic water cars.

Lost River Delta

For a fan of Indiana Jones, this is the perfect setting to imagine that you have some serious treasure hunting to do. As if it were lifted right out of the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark, this land features "crumbling" jungle villages overlooked by an impressive Mayan temple. Inside that temple is the probably the most popular (and most exciting!) ride at DisneySea, Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull.

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