May 17, 2012

Mystery in the palace. . . Continuation of the story. . .

Han Xiang and her friend/room mate was ordered thrown into prison reluctantly by the crown prince. His aide then gave him the idea of how he could possibly use the situation to get Han Xiang. During the trial in front of both the Empress Dowager, the Emperor, and Crown Princess, Han Xiang tried to free Chun Zu ( her friend/room mate) and take the blame on herself. Both the Empress Dowager and the Emperor were very reluctant to have to execute Han Xiang as they liked her a lot.
The Crown Princess demanded justice for her "lost child" , and the Crown Prince Yinreng then declared that since Han Xiang caused him to lose his child, she should bear him a child in replacement and that he wanted her as wife/concubine.
The Dowager Empress thought it a good idea but of course, the jealous Crown Princess vehemently disagreed and demanded death for Han Xiang (after all she plotted this out, didn't she).
Annoyed at being unable to reach an agreement, the Emperor ordered the prisoners back to the prison.
Beile (Prince) Ge Tai heard about it and begged an audience with the Empress Dowager and told her that he had evidence and could clear Han Xiang of charges since the Crown Princess earlier said Han Xiang was guilty because of a slipper thrown at her which Han Xiang admitted was hers to save her friends and colleagues from more trouble.
The Empress Dowager then called for yet another trial and Chun Zu admitted the slipper was hers after Beile Ge Tai made Han Xiang wear the slipper which was not her size.
Meanwhile reports reached the Storage of Clothing and the embroiders heard what happened. Mu Er, broke a cup in her guilt inciting suspicion. Xue Yan made excuses for her quickly and dragged Mu Er back to their room and told her to keep calm and be silent and allow Han Xiang to just take the blame. Ms Tong and two other girls who had followed them heard that conversation and immediately broke into the room to seize Mu Er and take her to the Emperor.
Mu Er then admitted throwing the shoe but towards Han Xiang, not the Crown Princess, and begged for mercy.
Han Xiang was then aquitted from the trial and both Mu Er and Chun Zu were sentenced to be imprisoned for the rest of their lives.
Han Xiang was sad over the incident.
King Lie, Beile Ge Tai's father got mysteriously ill. None of the palace doctors could understand what happened to him. Finally, Han Xiang visited him and quickly deduced that King Lie must have taken some poisonous black mushroom from her hometown. Both the doctors who could not make out the illness and Beile Ge Tai's brothers were sceptical and threaten to kill both Beile Ge Tai and Han Xiang if anything went wrong.
Han Xiang asked for some thorny bamboo shoots boiled into a medicinal soup and fed King Lie that. He threw up black blood shortly and Beile Ge Tai's brother demanded the palace guards to take both their younger brother and that lowly embroider to prison. However, a weak plea came from King Lie and the doctor at hand checked his pulse and found him getting better.
The Emperor was gleeful when he heard about it and asked Han Xiang what she wanted for a reward. Han Xiang asked for yet another trial for Chun Zu and Mu Er. Both she and Beile Ge Tai went to get evidence to clear the girls. They found it in the pharmacy /doctor's logwhere Doctor Cao had logged in actual date for the Crown Princess miscarriage.
Faced with the truth, the evidence and the promise of a.lighter sentence if he told the truth, Doctor Cao then confessed to everything and told the Emperor and Empress Dowager how he was forced to do it by the Crown Princess.
The Crown Princess was called for and reprimanded by both the Emperor and the Empress Dowager. She begged for mercy and said it was because her husband kept on chasing after Han Xiang, and it was why she wanted to do away with the girl. The Emperor then asked the Crown Prince to slap his wife several times. And as for Doctor Cao, he was stripped of his titles and force to be an ordinary citizen.
Chun Zu, Mu Er and everyone is happy and praises both Han Xiang and Beile Ge Tai, except for Xue Yan who screams, rage and plot on how to bring Han Xiang down.
Ms Tong then notices Beile Ge Tai's similar jade butterfly when he accidently dropped it. She went pale and the next day she went in search of Han Xiang's adoptive parents and told them the problem. They then agreed to tell Han Xiang the truth. Next day Ms Tong took Han Xiang out to the village in pretext of buying something. Sensing something, Xue Yan followed.under Crown Princess's permission.
Ms Tong and Han Xiang's adoptive parents then brought out the jade seal and told Han Xiang the truth. Ms Tong also explained her suspicion of Beile Ge Tai's relationship to Han Xiang and told Han Xiang she should keep him at arm's length as he could very well be her twin brother.
Han Xiang started avoiding Beile Ge Tai and cries with disappointment while Beile Ge Tai is also confused and hurt by her change of reaction and coldness. He tries to get to the bottom of it. . . 
Finally Ms Tong told Beile Ge Tai that Han Xiang had some identity dispute and was in danger. She also needed time alone to processed what she had learn. Beile Ge Tai agreed and left .
Han Xiang was voted by the Storage of Clothing to design and make a wedding dress for one of the princesses. She was accompanied by Chun Zu and Mu Er who since her release has been Han Xiang's good friend.
Bitter, Xue Yan, plotted and planned. And when Han Xiang returned to her room, she went to Han Xiang's room in the pretext of repenting her animosity of Han Xiang and wanting to be Han Xiang's friend. She half forced Han Xiang into imbibing a lot of wine. Han Xiang fell into a stupored sleep and Xue Yan searched Han Xiang's room for the jade seal. She found it and stole it.
When Han Xiang could not wake up the next day, she pretended that she was sorry for what she had done and offered her own services to attend to the Dowager Empress. Ms  Tong, faced with not knowing what to do, allowed Xue Yan that task. Xue Yan then entered the Ningshou Palace and presented the designs, got the princess's measurements and when dismissed, she oh so 'accidently' dropped the jade seal where she knew the Dowager Empress would see, and pretended that it had been her birthright all this while.
Without much doubt, the Dowager Empress then accepted Xue Yan into their fold and elevated her to the rank Princess .
The Crown Princess was the only one with some doubts but when she pretended to offer 'Princess' Xue Yan some gifts to see her privately, Xue Yan turned the tables with some threats and took off with all of the Crown Princess jewellery. She also went on the tyraniccal spree and slapped servants and ex co workers who did not acknowledge her as 'Princess'. She then went to the Storage of Clothing and snubbed Han Xiang and stepped on Han Xiang's hands hard  after ordering  Han Xiang to make her some dresses in 10 days or be punished. (grrr... really feel like slapping her!!!!!!)


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