May 24, 2012

Mystery in the palace. . . Story continuation. . . . .

Xue Yan in her glory as the fake princess, continued to be a tyrant but acted sweetly in front of the empress dowager and emperor. The masked man starts following her.
The empress dowager then urge Xue Yan to get married. After coyly pretending she did not want to get married, she told the Empress Dowager she wanted Beile Ge Tai. The Empress Dowager agreed and told the Emperor who made the edict. Beile Ge Tai was horrified and begged his father to try to get him out of marrying Xue Yan.
Meanwhile his brothers get irritated and think they should be the one marrying Xue Yan and goes to try to flatter her. King Lie tried to excuse his son from the marriage citing misfortune in his past relationship with the Princess Yi Dan, but the emperor waved it off and said he would formally adopt Xue Yan so she will be an imperial princess and Beike Ge Tai and King Lie will be directly related to the emperor.
One night before the adoption ceremony, Xue Yan had her bath. She made Han Xiang deliver her garments and wait outside the bathroom for 2 hours on her knees.
After the two hours, Han Xiang cried that she could not bear it any longer. The ladies in waiting then agreed to try to check with Xue Yan but only to find her dead.
The court doctor pronounced the death as accidental drowing which Han Xiang did not agree. She decided to do a little investigation of her own. The crown prince learns of it and decided to join her in the hope of getting closer to her, getting official permission from his father, the Emperor. With the crown prince by her side, Han Xiang starts her investigation with her most likely suspect, concubine Xuan and the two servants she loan Xue Yan. Concubine Xuan who has a lot of secrets if her own gets worried and seeks mr An's advice and then she went to the crown princess who was jealous of and had a grudge on Han Xiang and tokd her that the crown Prince was very close to Han Xiang and hinted that he might take her as his concubine.
The Crown Princess was upset and angry, but concubine Xuan stopped her from attacking the crown prince and instead try to set a trap for Han Xiang. She brought her dress and a thousand pearls to the Clothing storage and ordered Han Xiang to prepare her dress embroidered and inlayed with the pearls in just a day and that Han Xiang be held accountable for any mistakes.
Han Xiang worked the whole night through with the help of 4 other girls and Beile Ge Tai who brought her some cakes.
During the next day, at the worshipping ceremony when all the royals attended, the crown princess wore the dress with the pearls and with a smile, purposely tore the thread holding the pearls so the the pearls fell and scattered causing servants bearing gifts and items for worship to fall and chaos to everyone's shock.
The Emperor was duly notified and he sentenced poor Han Xiang to 100 strokes of the rotan and to stripped of her job and be exiled 200 miles away from the palace. Beile Ge Tai went to plead with the Empress Dowager who tried to reason with the Emperor, but the Emperor said it was out of his hand, and he couldn't do anything about it or risk looking like an idiot in front of his subjects. The Empress Dowager then accused her son of killing Han Xiang and he was stunned, saying he did not sentence her to die. She then told him a frail girl like Han Xiang could not stand being beaten up 100 times.  He then gave the order then it should be separated into 20 strokes of beating for 5 days.
Han Xiang gets beaten 20 strokes and faints. Beile Ge Tai and the Empress Dowager's servant tended to her with medicine and pain killers.
The Empress Dowager then sent Beile Ge Tai on the mission to retrieve her family amnesty tablet so she could use it to save Han Xiang. However the Crown Prince hears about it and goes after it , too, in the hope of being Han Xiang's hero. Concubine Xuan hears about it and consults Mr An who then send a group of thugs to capture/kill Beile Ge Tai and take the amnesty tablet away. Beile Ge Tai got the amnesty tablet and the Crown Prince demands that he hands it over, but Beile Ge Tai apologized and tried to escape saying it was under the  Empress Dowager's orders he was taking it. When the crown prince and his aide (still can't remember his name) chased Beile Ge Tai, the three of them got attacked by Mr An's thugs . In the fray, Beile Ge Tai manage to run away and the head thug ran after him.
Beile Ge Tai saw a woodcutter in the forest and quickly begged the man to send it to the palace and ran away again. He was then shortly caught by the thugs and locked up.
Meanwhile, Han Xiang gets beaten bloody for the second time and the doctor the Empress Dowager sends said that she could die if beaten again.
The Crown prince rescues Beile Ge Tai and Beile Ge Tai thanked him. He demanded the amnesty tablet in return but Beile Ge Tai regretfully told him that he had sent it along. The Crown Prince got into a huff and said he won't have rescued Beile Ge Tai had he knew that.
The woodcutter was stopped and denied entry at the palace. Fortunately Ms Tong was passing by and saw him and heard his message and quickly took the amnesty tablet to the punishment room where Han Xiang was being beaten again and stopped the punishment.
The Emperor was furious and would have had Ms Tong punished as well but the Empress Dowager stopped him and said she was the one who sent for it. The Emperor then acquiesed but said that Han Xiang should be thrown 200 miles away from the palace. The Empress Dowager stopped him again demanding Han Xiang as her companion and servant.. The Emperor then agreed with his mother and ordered Han Xiang away to Ning Shou palace (the Empress  Dowager's palace) where the Empress Dowager then had her doctor and maids treat Han Xiang. Then they started querying about Beile Ge Tai's disappearance......


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