May 12, 2012

Mystery in the Palace (the story sooo far.... and some pictures.....)

So Han Xiang enters the palace as an embroider under the care of supervisor Ms Tong. She however gets an enemy rival in Xue Yan who was both bitter because she lost to Han Xiang and also because she was interested in Beile Ge Tai but the Beile Ge Tai was more interested and protective over Han Xiang.
Xue Yan and her partner/ room mate would create all kind of problems (like throwing a shoe at the Crown Princess, changing the design of a peony to a peonia, which happened to be a taboo for the empress dowager) for Han Xiang and her partner/room mate but fortunately she would triumph over them with the help of Ms Tong, Beile Ge Tai and the Crown Prince.
The Crown Prince was determine to get Han Xiang as his concubine or 2nd wife but was fouled by Ms Tong and Beile Ge Tai's quick actions, something the pregnant Crown Princess was really angry about and she blamed Han Xiang for it and so up to date, there are 4 main characters going after Han Xiang (poor girl and she does not know it) - the Emperor's concubine who took advantage of the situation between the Emperor and Princess Yi Dan and  got her mother killed, the mysterious masked man who is still after Han Xiang, the Crown Princess and Xue Yan.
Years ago, Ms Tong was a personal servant to Princess Yi Dan before Ying Er, the personal servant/lady in waiting who had lived long enough to hand Han Xiang to the peasant couple to raise. She was very good at embroidery and so Princess Yi Dan had recommended her to be an embroiderer and Ying Er had replaced her then as the personal servant or lady in waiting. When she was promoted, Ms Tong had given the Princess Yi Dan two jade butterflies, one blue and one pink. These butterflies were then given to each of the twin she gave birth before the Princess Yi Dan got killed at the monastery. One of these butterflies was given to Han Xiang , and Ms Tong noted the resemblance and the butterfly and tried to get to the bottom of it, and she found out the truth that Han Xiang was adopted by the peasant couple. She then urged Han Xiang to hide the jade butterfly.
However , we see that Beile Ge Tai has a similar jade butterfly in blue. (Oh dear.....can he be Han Xiang's missing twin? If not, how did he get the jade butterfly? If yes, who took him to the palace and raise him? arrgghhhhh.......)
The Crown Princess in her blind jealousy got Xue Yan in as her co plotter and in her evil plotting, tripped and fell, miscarriaging her baby. She was in tears and threatened the doctor who told her that her fetus could not be saved and then Xue Yan came out with the idea and they tried to frame Han Xiang for the deed/cause. 

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