May 3, 2012

of local McDreamys and etc.....

I've been to Putrajaya hospital for quite a while now now but none of the doctors or nurses , although they were pretty supportive and outstanding in service were of much interest to me until now... hehehe... either my inner cougar instincts have been stoked or well, it is as it has always been, I'm an admirer for beauty and always on the look out for eye-candy... both male or female....
My mom got called back to see the orthopaedic specialists yesterday (Wednesday..) for a second opinion on her bone fracture, and I had to be with her at the consulting room, the x-ray room, ecg room, plaster /procedure room..... and I saw a few yummy looking doctors.... hehehe
One of them was one of my mom's consulting doctors and he was pretty good looking, a veritable McDreamy. McDreamy is movie star or at least TV star handsome... and he looks somewhat like one of our local actors... Erry Putra....
Hmmm...... then there was one of the specialist which was quite good looking too and had a great sense of humour, one that my mom and her friend liked a lot.. I think he would be one of her surgeons...
ok.... this blog is all about gushing nonsense.... that's all.. LOL

this is Erry Putra, our local Malaysian actor.. not the doctor I am talking about, though he does look somewhat like this.. LOL...

"I'm about to lose my mind
you've been gone for so long
I'm running out of time
I need a doctor
call me a doctor
I need a doctor, doctor
to bring me back to life"


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