Jun 3, 2012

Tokyo Dome Hotel

Located at the very center of Tokyo's commuter rail JR Yamanote Line, the Tokyo Dome Hotel is an ideal base for business, leisure and sightseeing.

Close to some of Tokyo's most historic neighborhoods, the Hotel is also ten minutes away by car or subway from the business and financial districts of Marunouchi and Otemachi.
The Tokyo Dome Hotel towers at a height of 155 meters above the city, which includes 1,006 guest rooms, 9 restaurants & lounges, 18 small to large banquet rooms, two distinctive chapels and other wedding facilities, a business center, a child care room, and an outdoor pool (summer time only).

The magnificent, unobstructed view from the guest rooms encompasses the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Bay and towering Mt. Fuji to the south. The northern view gazes over a panorama of the Kanto plains including Tokyo Dome City below

During my trip to Tokyo, we had the wonderful opportunity to  stay at the beautiful Tokyo Dome hotel. I really loved the room, the toilet... (I can't get enough of the seat warmer, bidet and all) and the magnificent view....!!!

Do take a look at my pictures here...

My room was a deluxe room and we had two double beds there the package on top of the beds is courtesy from Public Mutual who brought us there, not from the hotel, in case you are wondering...

 The bathroom which comes with a tub is a little smaller then the ones in Malaysia but well, there is ample opportunity to have a good soak in the tub....

The toiletries are from Somo from London....

 A peek inside the mini bar.... btw, mineral water is NOT COMPLIMENTARY!!! Only thing complimentary in the room is the tea... 

The view of the majestic Tokyo Dome from my room...too bad the Dome is closed.. if it was an open air stadium it would have been awesome.. LOL

 This is the view from my room in the evening!!!

 the brochure of the hotel and my key card....

 the beautiful night view from my room.....

 the marvelous view from my room at about 4 am....They don't call it the land of the rising sun for nothing!!! LOL

 The hotel lobby is very spacious, and pretty...It is also pretty brightly litted up......

View from outside the hotel (back entrance -from La Qua and Tokyo Dome)

 My dear Japanese friend Misae came all the way to visit me and I sacrificed my trip to Shinjuku to meet up with her... we had a chat in the lobby....

The view from the glass hotel lift is just as amazing...

Hotel buffet breakfast salad bar....Japanese people eat healthy as you can tell from the buffet spread...there are not too many rich or oily food on the menu unlike Malaysian hotels buffet spread...

There are generous food platters served here....You can find bananas, grapefruits and kiwi......

My breakfast at the coffee house. There is a huge spread there but this round, I just went for  some Udon soup with fruits, orange juice, pocari sweat drink, yogurt with mixed fruit and honey.... =P

And there you have it, a little bit about the Tokyo Dome Hotel.... 


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