Jun 2, 2012

A trip to KidZania KL

Because of the recent trips everyone made, only little Anne was left in KL in her Godmother and sister's house. I had left for my Tokyo trip, my husband to Langkawi and my eldest daughter back to Penang... so to make it up to her, I decided to take her to KidZania. Afterall, I had promised her a trip there....  The fees are RM55 for child and RM35 for an accompanying adult... the kid will get additional 50 Kidzos (KidZania's money ) to be used...

ok, before I go any further.. What is KidZania? You ask....

Playing it Big

KidZania is safe and interactive education and entertainment indoor theme park that allows children to role-play adult activities in a replica city designed to simulate real-life and a functioning economy.

For children between the ages of 4 to 14, KidZania allows children to lead independent lives and get to understand the world of grown-ups better by being grown-ups themselves.

The City of Kids

Etymologically the name of KidZania was created using the word “Kid” an abbreviation of the word “kinder” which means children, “ania” a Latin suffix which means “land of” and “Z” in reference to the word “zany” which means “cool” – that is to say, “land of cool kids”.

Playing is a successful way to guarantee that children develop a positive attitude towards learning. Children will use that learning experience and apply it subsequently in their daily life.

The third KidZania state in South East Asia and the eleventh in the world, KidZania Kuala Lumpur – The City of Kids is an indoor theme park designed for the construction of new learning through role-play activities and the real-life application of the knowledge acquired in the classroom.

An Educational and Entertaining Environment

In KidZania Kuala Lumpur, there are no rides and no arcade games. Instead, children have a choice of over 90 professions in 59 different establishments – they can play as a surgeon, police officer, firefighter, fashion designer, journalist, pilot and much more. From the role-play, the child can gain experience and knowledge of the profession and at the same time, earn money in the form of KidZanian currency called kidZos, which can be saved into their bank account or spent at outlets within KidZania.

KidZania Kuala Lumpur offers a host of activities that will keep children not only entertained for hours, but will also make them more aware of the realities of the adult world.

This makes KidZania Kuala Lumpur a unique educational city which stimulates creative thinking and boosts self-esteem and self-confidence levels.

Experience & Learn

Aside from being a fun place, KidZania – The City of Kids is an indoor theme park designed for the construction of new learning through the activities as well as the reinforcement of the knowledge acquired in the classroom.

The playing activities reproduce adult life and therefore provide a vision of the ways in which children relate to the environment, as well as the knowledge and attitudes they learn from adults who surround them.

  • Improve command of English & Bahasa Melayu
    Through interaction, children will develop communication skills with different uses of the spoken and written language, where they will learn to clearly structure their ideas.

    In the NEWSPAPER EDITION or RADIO STATION, children will learn the structure and editing of texts, selection and organisation of the said elements and the use of vocabulary and grammar.

    The representation of literature through classical stories in the THEATRE and TV STUDIO will awaken children’s interest in reading, and will also allow the practice of strategies in the processing and use of its content.
  • Practice Mathematics
    KidZania, with its own monetary system, exposes the child to mathematics as soon as he arrives. At the BANK the child has to cash a cheque in order to receive kidZos and he will work with additions and subtractions upon earning or spending kidZos in the activities selected.

    Finally in the DEPARTMENT STORE and SUPERMARKET he will purchase items according to the amount earned.In other activities, such as the CULINARY SCHOOL, PAINTING SCHOOL or ARTS AND CRAFTS WORKSHOP children will use their knowledge of weights, measures, shapes and colours upon encountering situations simulating the “real” world where he will also have to calculate, measure and carry out displacements.
  • Enhance Civic Education
    Through role-playing, children will recognise and be familiar with the rights and duties an individual has as a citizen and human being. They will also learn the importance of mass media as resources to express and to make the citizens’ points of view known (RADIO STATION, TV STUDIO and NEWSPAPER EDITION).

    Children will realize the importance of jobs, positions and professions which integrate our society and the value of work as the motor of development. At the FIRE STATION and POLICE STATION children will learn the importance of organisation, collective work and contribution of all parties for the solution of problems.

So Anne gets her 'boarding pass, a wristband to check in and out every place she visits and also a cheque for 50 KidZos....

 Inside KidZania!!!

 The fountain of KidZania, a replica of the Fountain of Trevi... LOL?!!!

 Anne on her first job ... she originally wanted to be a reporter but the job entailed typing out a paragraph in 20 minutes, so since she was not quite able yet, she became a newspaper delivery person... and had to deliver newspapers to  various destination around KidZania...

 Anne's next job .... again, because she could not read fast to be a news reader and the older kids grabbed the opportunity first, she became a TV production crew member instead

 the job was quite cool... her supervisor patiently explained what needs to be done and all... and she enjoyed it!!

 Next job..... a dentist......

Look!!! I learned to earn my own money!!!!! I worked hard for it!!!


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