Aug 17, 2012

Eid Fitri and family...

I always tend to have mix feelings when it comes to Eid Fitri. Many people look forward to it... but not me.. This year was not much different. And then it occurred to me why it was this way... I had to sacrifice my time with my eldest girl. Since she is staying with me, she can't wait to go back to Penang to spend this momentous time with her father and grandmother there... and she barely spare me a thought . 
It is times like this I feel morose. I feel abandoned and my own children do not even spare me a thought. At least my two older ones, not that I blame them. 
Then I think again and it is then I take the time to truly appreciate my husband and my precious youngest daughter's presence in my life . 
My youngest girl, Anne  who is just 8 is truly heaven sent and my treasure. She fills the gap in my life and continuously surprises me and is a great joy and comfort. 
She has dried my eyes when I cried, hugged and kissed me when I was sad, asked me if I was ok when she hears me cry out and she has tucked me to sleep at times when I was so knackered out and exhausted. Things I never get to experience with my older children who seem more self absorbed and just look to us when it is for their basic needs and for monetary needs....
It is then I realise how wonderful God is and what a wonderful gift he has given me. I don't know how little Anne will be like another 10 years from now.. but for now.. Let me enjoy her tender administration, love and caring and let me dote on her too.....

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