Aug 10, 2014

Panasonic Bread Making Workshop

My little girl and I joined the Panasonic Bread Making workshop at the Cooking House . She was excited about it as she loved trying her hands out on cooking and baking.

All ready to start

The Cooking House senior chef consultant Collin Edward Lim led us through a fun-filled bread-making session where we learned how to make bread the easy way with the awesome Panasonic Bread Maker SD-P104 

ThSimple and Easy 5-step Operations :-

1. Take out the bread pan and set the kneading blade.

2. Add high-gluten flour and other ingredients except dry 

yeast in the bread pan.

3. Put instant dry yeast, dried fruits & nuts in the dispensers.

4. Select menu and press start

5. After beep sound, take out the bread

this is the bread maker-(photo from google/

Chef Collin showing us how to knead a dough
The bread maker :-

  • Automatically mixes, kneads, rises and bakes bread with a press of button
  • Yeast dispenser automatically adds in the dry yeast at a proper time
  • Raisin & nut dispenser drops dried fruit, nuts and seeds automatically
  • 13 menus, including
  • 8 bread cycles: bread, rapid mode, soft bread, French, whole wheat, pineapple bread, rice bread & rice flour bread
  • 3 dough cycles: bread dough, pizza dough & dumpling skin
  • 2 snack cycles: chocolate & cake
  • 2-level crust color control: light/ standard
  • Timer function

Other features:-
    Temperature Sensor
    Panasonic's bread baking programs adjust each process according to the ambient temperature. Total baking time of each program stays the same regardless of the temperature conditions.

    Automatic Ingredients Dispenser
    Yeast Dispenser drops the yeast automatically in optimum timing, just like a skilled baker. Raisin Nut Dispenser dispenses chopped dried fruits, raisins, nuts and cereals etc. It ensures even distribution of added ingredients through the loaf.

    13-hour Digital Timer
    It features a preset digital timer, which can be set up to automatically turn on the machine up to 13 hours, so you can enjoy freshly baked, fluffy bread every morning.

    Crust Control
    The crust pad lets you select the crust colour light and medium.

    10-minute Power Interruption Protection
    If there is a power failure during your bread making, the machine will retain its memory for up to 10 minutes and continue when the power supply returns.

    13 Menus
    8 bread cycles - bread, rapid, soft french, whole wheat, pineapple bread, rice bread, rice flour bread
    3 dough cycles - bread dough, pizza dough and dumpling skin
    2 snack cycle - chocolate and cake

Ok, back to our experience, Chef Collin showed us how to make two different dough, one the healthy whole meal one and the other a normal dough and then set us on our challenge for the day. To  design and make our bread from the dough given and also create some bread designing art on two -three slices of white bread. We were all quite excited by the prospect  especially when told that there were 5 of those awesome Panasonic Bread Makers to be won.

We went on to the next kitchen where we were given a bit of bread dough and could get our selection of garnishing from the main table top. There were just so many things to choose from from walnuts, hazel nuts, almonds, chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, bananas, dates, jam, nutella, honey, etc...etc..etc...

We were given only 75 minutes plus baking time to do those two tasks.. Horrors.. We started rushing to create our designs the best we can. My little princess helped rolled the dough and applied sunflower seeds on my 'cat' , supposing to be the fur. However once baked, some parts did not quite turn out as we hoped. The raisins collar on my cat fell off, the legs were more stubbier then I hoped for and even the chocolate chip nose fell out.

Fortunately we were allowed to touch up on our designs. 

My finished product....
my bunny rabbit eating..
My little cat playing around..

My bread art which consists of two cats and decorations....

this one was made by Eunice who was right in front of me, truly beautiful right? She won a breadmaker for this

Elephants by Nannie

Hello Kitty theme

a pretty house with lots of shrubs

this was pretty cute and in 3 D.. a bunny playing the piano

Taaa daaa... some of the winning entries that won a bread maker each.. and yes, I am one of them... Thank You soooooo much to Panasonic and the Cooking House.. The rest of the participants did not leave empty handed either as everyone got a pair of aprons and also a lovely hard cover decadent desserts recipe book..., some fun time and great new experiences..


  1. wow. congrats on winning, all looks pretty and yummy.

  2. thank you Sherry... appreciate it.. it was harder then it looked.. hehehe...

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