Sep 23, 2014

Fruitale Queen be Fabulous Prize Giving Ceremony

Yours truly were one of the privileged few selected to attend the Media Appreciation and crowing of the Fruitale Queen be Fabulous event at the Bijan Bar yesterday .

Parking was a bit of a hassle, but I manage to find a place to park the car. Having never been to the Bijn Bar before, I found the atmosphere lovely.

I signed in and found a place to sit in front near the backdrop to make it easier to take photos and see the going ons. 

While waiting for the event to start, I was invited to experience and enjoy a nice foot reflexology done by a couple of blind people, using the latest Fruitale Olive Oil. 

The event started and they introduced the 3rd prize winner for the Fruitale Queen be Fabulous. She was Ms Jaslina Ahmad who had won because of her many novels collection, build like a fort. Oh gosh , being an avid reader, I must say I am envious... she really has that many books!!!

Second prize winner was Ms Vasantha who won her prize because of her son's Ultraman collection. Seriously I have never seen a bigger Ultraman fan or collection... it's bigger then the one in Toys R Us too!!!

The First prize winner was Ms Narashatul Shima. With oh-my-goodness , her soooooooo huge collection of soft toys!!! I think she has enough soft toys to fill a whole room!!!! I am envious!!!

All of the winners won themselves Pandora bracelets each as well as a Fruitale hamper...

The above picture show the winners showing of their Pandora bracelets...Lucky for them.... Can I have one too? Wait a minute... I have my own... heheheh.... Anyway congratulations ladies, you certainly were fabulous with your fabulous collection!!! 

Thank you to Lam Soon for inviting yours truly here and for my lovely Fruitale goodies too...


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