Oct 2, 2014

Celebrating the funky colours of ICE-WATCH at HIP!

The ICE-WATCH craze is spreading worldwide, with the funky Belgian timepiece loved by regular folks, celebrities and personalities alike. It's also colourfully ticking its way into the hearts of Malaysians.

The ICE - Pantone 

To celebrate the first ICE-WATCH exhibition by the HABIB Group at the Curve, the brand's founder Jean-Pierre Lutgen came to town to officially launch the brand in a funky style befitting the "ice-y" persona of the timepiece.

The event's highlight was an actual "ice-breaking" involving a large block of ice within which an ICE-WATCH timepiece was encased. Joined by local celebrities, HABIB's Dato' Meer Habib and Lutgen broke the ice to reveal the watch, which was then followed by flashmob  show entertaining the guests and featuring the season's latest timepieces. The beautiful and attractive time pieces could also be seen on models and celebrities gracing the event.

Jean-Pierre Lutgen breaking his side of the ice sculpture

Dato' Meer Habib breaking his side of the ice sculpture

The "watch" is  revealed!!!

Photo opp with celebrities

ICE-WATCH joins Habib Jewels and PANDORA at the Group's exhibition at the Curve Centre Court aptly called "HIP", which is a combination of the first letter of each brand (Habib Jewels, ICE-WATCH and PANDORA). The "HIP" exhibition continues till October 6 and offers great designs at value prices from all three brands.

The ICE-WATCH Flash Mob
 Check out some very short Instagram video clips I managed to get....

With eight stand-alone ICE-WATCH boutiques set up in the country this year, the affordable luxury brand, which is hailed among the top names in fashion watches around the globe, is fast becoming a common sight on the wrists of both the young and the young at heart  from all walks of life. 

The trendy, "too cool for school" styles and vivid colours of ICE-WATCH make it the perfect easy-to-wear accessory, whether as casual wear, for work or an evening out with friends. With a price that also makes it easy on the wallet, many opt to have a collection of these fun timepieces.

Dato' Meer said, " The ICE-WATCH is phenomenal because  it is a unique blend of innovation, creativity , affordability and simplicity. It cut across age, style and background and as a result, it's easy to love an ICE-WATCH, plus one can wear it with almost everything. We see big things ahead for this must-have watch and wholeheartedly welcome it into HABIB's house of brands."

Lutgen, who is also CEO of ICE-WATCH, added," With its accessible price, multiple colours and design combinations, our highly versatile brand allows you to switch watches based on your outfit or mood. You can't just have one ICE-WATCH as it beckons to be part of a collection of ICE-WATCH timepieces that defines your choices in life."

Jean-Pierre Lutgen and Dato' Meer Habib in a press conference

"We are also most excited about the collaboration between ICE-WATCH and HABIB. Both companies are helmed by entrepreneurs with a passion for people and for bringing happiness into life. With such tremendous support from the HABIB Group as our distributor, there is much potential to tap and we look forward to seeing ICE-WATCH bringing even more colour into the lives of Malaysians."

Dato' Meer Habib, Jean-Pierre Lutgen and HE the ambassador Daniel Dargent of Belgium

According to Lutgen, the brand name ICE  represents the values associated with the word "ice"- transparency and purity, while the watches come in a packaging that mirrors a money box that is equally as desirable.

Fans and fashionistas in Malaysia can look forward to a frequent stream of new designs in new materials that are bound to keep this brand firmly on the top of every wish list.

Yours truly with the beautiful Elfira Loy

Yours truly with the very  lovely Miss Malaysia World 2009 Thanuja Ananthan

As the latest addition to the HABIB Group, ICE-WATCH joins the Group's jewel in the crown, Habib Jewels, and the charming PANDORA from Denmark. Withing  Habib Jewels, the Group also retails niche designer brand of diamonds, Hearts On Fire. Both PANDORA and Hearts On Fire are distributed exclusively by HABIB in the country.

ICE-WATCH boutiques in the Klang Valley can be found at Ampang Point, the Curve, Nu Sentral and Alamanda shopping malls. In other part of the country, one can find boutiques in Gurney Paragon in Penang, Palm Mall in Seremban, JBCC Komtar in Johor Bahru and East Coast Mall in Pahang.

Visit the  "HIP" Exhibition at the Curve Centre Court daily from 10am - 10pm. Customers can also go to http://www.facebook.com/ice.watch for the full ICE-WATCH experience

Last but not least.... my very own ICE-WATCH... Thanks so very much to HABIB Group and ICE-WATCH


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