Dec 15, 2014

Klang Parade - Creating New Memories


Then and now pictures of Klang Parade (pictures via Google)

I am one of those who enjoy window shopping even when I am not really there to buy anything. It is somehow therapeutic in some ways especially when I am feeling weighed down by the daily stressors of life, work, family etc. Also not forgetting, the air conditioning inside the malls are very welcoming from our sweltering humidity. 

Klang Parade was one of the places I like to visit when I was in Klang visiting friends and relatives there. It underwent a massive makeover  and was refurbished since June 2013, introducing structural additions to the mall including two new brightly lit atriums drenched in natural sunlight during the day, new travelators and a sense of serenity

A product of very careful planning and design by the mall 's owners ARA Asset Management Limited, a new al fresco food and beverage area has been established in front of Klang Parade, replacing spaces previously used as a carpark ramp so if you are feeling hungry? Be sure to check out the promenade outside the mall and check out the amazing array of dining options available at your disposal. 
Being one of the largest malls in the area, Klang Parade definitely has gone the distance to guarantee a pleasant shopping experience for shoppers like me, paying attention to the assortment of international and regional brands open to the public.     
Yours truly was among the group of bloggers who were invited for a fun filled "Bloggers' Day Out" event. We gathered at the main stage area to register our attendance and was awed at the simple but lovely Christmas decorations with an Upin and Ipin theme as well as two Christmas trees covered in teddy bears.

 8tv’s  Showdown and Astro Battleground dance competition, Rejuvenate Dance Crew, surprised us and entertained us immensely with their breathtakingly energetic movements, just outside their soon to be opened dance studio, called the Peanut Butter Studio.


We were all quite mesmerized by their fluid movements and break dancing skills. So there you have it. Be sure to check out the studio, which will be scheduled to open soon in the new year, if you want to learn to dance like these amazing dudes.


Check out all the amazing dance moves!!


We were then ushered to the Firezone Family KTV  on the 5th floor.


There, most of us got to sing their hearts out at a variety of English, Malay and Chinese songs . There is surely a long list of songs to select from, including even Korean songs for the K Pop fans. 

We also got to tuck in on snacks served including french fries, pizza and nuggets.


For more info, check out their Facebook page HERE

Our next stop was at the Circus Circus amusement arcade / entertainment centre where we got to behave like kids and have a go with the assortment of arcade games and trying to catch a soft toy or grab some candy from the machine which was no easy feat. 


It was also a good stress reliever and a great arm exerciser, especially for me to start banging and hitting the critters and ghosts on various whack the mole type of games.

There are even tickets to collect and at the end of the games, you can count them at the counter to see what you have earned. Yours truly only earned a bottle of mineral water and a lollipop from all the fun I had... LOL

See the picture below for part of the prizes up for grabs depending on the amount of tickets you have collected!!!

After half exhausting our vocals at the Firezone Family KTV as well as our strength at the Circus Circus, we proceeded on  with the Amazing Mall Hunt where we were divided into three groups according with the colour ribbons we were given ...

I was with the purple ribbon group and we had to stop by the Spices of Penang restaurant here.

Here we got to refresh ourselves with a nice cooling glass of ice lemon tea as well as a tantalizing bowl of Ais Kacang , that was generously garnished with peanuts, cincau, cendol and atap chee as well as the red kidney beans and a scoop of ice cream on a lovely bed of shaven ice flavoured with brown syrup, red syrup and  evaporated milk

We were also delighted by a serving of Rojak Buah, which was heavenly to eat.

Mr Richard, the owner of the restaurant franchise here told us a little about the back ground of Spices of Penang, and how it started way back in 2008 in the foodcourt of Queensbay Mall , Penang, and how it has since then spread to Selangor and Ipoh, bringing the original taste of Penang to those who enjoy the famous Penang cuisine.

For more info on the Spices of Penang, check out their FACEBOOK 

Our next stop was at Red Modani where we were ushered in to this shoe shop with a wide variety of shoes for all ages , both men and women and for all occasions.

The shoes are pretty and quite reasonably priced , so if you are looking for a pair, be sure to visit them here and check out their amazing selection...


I so admired all these gorgeous heels.... huhuhu

We also got to stop by at Dees, a huge clothing store selling a wide selection of clothing for very affordable prices, so much so that two of my blogger friends who are very well versed with fashion and beauty were very astounded and surprised by the affordability.

The other bloggers had some fun as well trying out manicures and also blind folding themselves to conduct a food tasting at the Teppanyaki outlet while some others had the chance to try out the "Fruits Satay" at Fresh Fruits where the bloggers had the chance to create their own D.I.Y skewers.

After the hunt, everyone was treated to a sumptous dinner at the next Food Junction food court where we go to order whatever we wanted.

I opted for Japanese and had a lovely Salmon Teppanyaki bento which I enjoyed immensely with some Miso soup...


No, the pictures here are not of my food but of my blogger friend Marc. He ordered a bowl of Udon and also some Salmon Sashimi and I just could not resist taking the photos and sharing it here as well.

Once dinner was over, we gathered at the mall's main court area again where we saw Upin messing around at the promotion area and having fun with the kids.


We got to meet and greet them and take a few pictures individually and as a group with this two characters.



We had an amazing and definitely memorable time here at the Klang Parade . Thank you to Klang Parade for organizing this wonderful event and having me.

If you are around Shah Alam and Klang are, be sure to check out Klang Parade now. It is a pretty amazing place to visit after its very much improved refurbishment and definitely will continue to be an iconic landmark.


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