Jan 29, 2015

Chu Lip Carnival

It was stepping into another world, when I pushed open the doors to the pretty contemporary and swanky The Oakroom at Nexus @ Bangsar South.  The executive club had turned into a colourful, exciting and fun filled Chu Lip carnival.

It was definitely an unforgettable few hours for members of the media, celebrities and other guests as we saw promoter girls in colourful cosplay/ Harajuku styled costumes  as well as a ring master in dazzling red and gold sequins and game attendants in extremely colourful suits.

Just upon arrival and registration, we were given a Chu Lip lipbalm of our choice and then ushered in. There was a WOW photo booth for all the vain, narcissistic people like well, myself as well... to take our selfies on and get it sent on to our facebooks and emails as well as have it printed out, along with a lot of fun props.

Here is the display for the Chu Lips lipbalm that comes in four attractive colours namely pink, red, purple and green. 

Besides getting the press release, we also got a Chu Lip lip balm of our choice and a game card that we were suppose to play the games available at the booths which had been set up and get a stamp on. There were 5 stamps to collect as you can see....


Here is the gorgeous Anuja Ananthan....

The lady whose team organized this amazing event, Angela. 

There were tables and bar stools set up with colourful lollipops and cupcakes on them and a sample Chu Lip for guests to try.

A carnival is not complete without some carnival snacks, and here are some strawberry flavoured cotton candy, freshly made in front of your eyes...

Being a sweet tooth freak, how can I resist....and look, there's even pop corn !!!

As I was saying, fun and excitement was the agenda for the day from the moment the guests stepped into the Mentholatum Chu Lip Carnival. There was various colourful array of activities at 5 different game booths set up around the normally staid "The Oakroom" and all the guests had to play all the games before they can complete the stamps in the card to get their goodie bag.

The variety of games included the Ping Pong Ball Toss, Ring Toss, Bushel Basket Toss, Can Knockdown and the Penny Pitch. Whenever someone won a prize, the game attendant would ring an ice cream bell and the winner would get a Chu Lip lipbalm. 

Best of all, there was no limit to play and everyone was trying hard again and again in the hope of adding to their Chu Lip collection.

The activities challenged the skills of the participants and were truly exciting in the carnival-like atmosphere.

In the midst of playing, sometimes, the mime / clown/ balloon sculptor would come over and mimic us making us lose our concentration.

A picture with blogger pals Sherry and Elana

My drink.... I suspect it's a combo of Ribena and soda water... for the non Muslims, red and white wine were available...

The lovely Elana posing at the photo area

Anuja posing at the photo area

Each and every activity booth featured the Mentholatum's Chu Lip and its design elements, which added to the fun and funky design of the gaming booths. The pretty colours all around including those of the game booth attendants, promoter girls, candies, cupcakes and cotton candy made the atmosphere most joyful and delightful.

Guests were also asked to guess the number of Chu Lips in the container. And my blogger friend Sherry guessed the exact number and won RM200!!!

As the afternoon went on and the sun began it descent down, the evening continued with live cabaret performances...

.... and illusions of magic performed by a magician....

And the mime / clown/ balloon sculptors went around sculpting balloons for guests.

... taa daaa.... I got a bunny rabbit.... isn't he cute...

And then naturally the photo area was seldom free with lots of pretty women and ladies lining up for single photos or group photos...

The local Astro celebrities....

The  pretty lady bloggers....

For your info, the Chu Lip lipbalm has been launched and is retailing at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets at RM25.90 each. It comes in a fun and stylish dome shape with an easy glide-on formula.

The Cgu Lip lipbalms are formulated with a delicious blend of recipes as well as enhanced with moisturizing ingredients of Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Rose Hip Oil for happy and healhy lips.

Collect them all and mix and match the various colours to care for your lips as well as to decorate your desk or makeup table...

Here is yours truly being narcissistic again... oh gosh...

There was also a pretty sexy can can dance with the female dancers flashing their pink sequined boy pants..... hahahah

The fun never ended while at the Chu Lip carnival... there was three different lucky draws with Instax cameras and hampers up for grabs.

As well as the announcement of the lucky winner..... for the count the Chu Lip contest

Photo opportunity..... and oh, the hors d'oeuvres served was simply delish!!!!

Lookie.... Yours truly was one of the lucky winners for one of the lucky draw prizes... Thanks to Mentholatum Chu Lip.... This is definitely an event that will be remembered for a long time to come!!!



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