Jan 29, 2015

Scott's launch Nationwide Search for Most "Momazing" Moments of all Time

-Scott's from GSK celebrates Mothers and their special moments through new "Momazing" campaign-

I am a mother of three children, and two step kids. Being a mom can be quite hard but it can be pretty rewarding, and some say the best job on the planet. You do not get a day off and it can be pretty challenging from time to time especially when the right choices are not always available or clear.
Then there are those simply astounding and surprisingly heart warming moments when your offspring does something small but pretty amazing to you. That is what is known as a 'Momazing' moment.

Momazing is that mix of pride, accomplishment, joy, relief, and the confidence and reassurance of getting it right . Every mother gets to feel that every once in a while.

Scott's is one of the top selling products from GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd (GSK CH). Scott's is going to begin its search beginning from February, to find the most 'Momazing' moments through the launch of the 'Momazing' campaign which recognises and celebrates mothers and the special moments all mothers experience as moms.

The #Momazing Media Launch was held at the Theatre of Kidzania Kuala Lumpur, and yours truly was there to check it out and witness the launch.

The search calls upon all mothers to share their Momazing experiences  to create a unique picture of great parenting moments in Malaysia

I have grown up on Scott's Emulsion, and I am sure many of you have in some ways or other taken Scott's Emulsion before in your growing up years and if you have kids, chances are you are also giving them Malaysia household favourite, Scott's Emulsion.

GSK CH's Marketing Director, Katharine Chen said that mothers played pivotal roles in their children's lives, especially in their health and development .  Scott's has been a faithful partner for mothers for over 85 years in Malaysia, leveraging on the power of science to help boost children's growth, development and immunity. It is a brand trusted by generations of mothers to nurture their children's growth

With this campaign, Scott's intend to recognise the important role mother play in their children's lives.

Momazing refers to the feeling of knowing that everything that mothers do is just right. For example, watching your child write their names for the first time, master riding a bicycle or taking part in a school play or concert. These simple moments may just mark a child's milestone, but to dedicated mothers, it is an intensely overwhelmingly proud moment. Momazing moments such as these always stands out as extraordinary and while they do not happen every day, they actually make each day count.

GSK CH's Global Expert Marketing Manager for Nutrition, Gay Li Tan said that Scott's Emulsion is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid DHA, one of the major building blocks of the brain. In developing children, higher levels of DHA are critical for growth of neuronal cells. A daily intake of Scott's  Emulsion helps support brain development and overall growth, especially in developing children, giving them the right dosage of required DHA and Vitamin A and D.

A panel of experts will be evaluating the entries in the search for the "Top 10 Most Momazing Moments". The experts, who through their daily experience of working with moms and being moms themselves, will help explain why the shortlisted moments are so "Momazing" and share their tips on how moms can continue to help their children develop.

TO be apart of this unique picture of motherhood and for a chance to win exciting prizes, moms are invited to share their most 'Momazing' moment , voa photo or video through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #Momazing and #ScottsMY, along with a short description to describe their Momazing moment.

Guests and members of the media present at the launch got to enjoy a touching scene of a mom and her ballerina daughter as well as a beautiful ballet show.

Scott's helps to ensure that children have the possible foundations to grow up healthy and strong. Scott's Emulsion contains Vitamin A to support a healthy immune function, Vitamin D to support bone growth and Omega-3 with DHA supporting brain development. A spoonful of Scott's Emulsion everyday helps boost children's growth, development and immunity, creating the perfect springboard for amazing development milestones and allowing moms to experience more Momazing moments!!

Pictures... pictures... pictures......Don't these little ballerinas look so adorable... they are so promising and cute...

For more information on #Momazing, check out : http://www.facebook.com/scottsmalaysia


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