Mar 11, 2015

Changing Ouch! to #TiadaNgilu with Sensodyne

·         GSK launches Sensodyne ‘Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria’ Chill Festival to encourage Malaysians to take control of tooth sensitivity
·         Chill Festival aims to reach out to 1 million Malaysians 

Everyone knows that Sensodyne offers a range of oral care products for sensitive teeth. The range includes toothpastes and toothbrushes.

With more than 55 years of committed research on relieving dentine hypersensitivity, Sensodyne is a recognised expert in the industry of desensitising toothpaste. Brushing twice daily with Sensodyne provides protection from sensitive teeth and maintains dental hygiene. Sensodyne takes care of oral needs with a wide range of oral care products, including toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouth rinse for dentine hypersensitivity patients. 

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd (“GSK”), a science-led global healthcare company, today launched the Sensodyne ‘Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria’ Chill Festival, an expansion of the ‘Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria’ campaign which was held last year. The campaign will run for the entire month March 2015.

Yours truly was among the invited to check it out...

Tooth sensitivity a common problem among Malaysians

The awareness level on the condition of tooth sensitivity is considerably high in Malaysia. The Oral Care Usage and Attitude study by Ipsos reveals that 87% of Malaysians are aware of the conditions of sensitive teeth. One out of three consumers also have claimed they have sensitive teeth, making tooth sensitivity the No.1 oral health issue in Malaysia, yet only one third of sufferers use toothpaste for sensitive teeth to relieve their condition.

Your's truly here is definitely one of them and I must say Sensodyne truly helped me soooooo very much with all that.

Hinders enjoyment of food, restrict lifestyle choices

It is timely that GSK is launching the Sensodyne ‘Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria’ Chill Festival to address the alarming issue of tooth sensitivity and encourage consumers to take control of their condition  as it not only hinders them from the enjoyment of food but can also be detrimental to their  lifestyles.

Wallace Granja, Oral Health Marketing Manager for GSK Consumer Healthcare Malaysia, said “Malaysians loves food. In Malaysia, food and social gatherings go together as naturally as cincau and ais kacang. Consumers should not sacrifice this enjoyment due to tooth sensitivity. The Sensodyne ‘Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria’ Chill Festival is a great platform to provide a 360 degree consumer experience by interacting with consumers through on-ground, in store and digital activations. With Sensodyne, consumers can enjoy their favourite food and drinks and be the life of the party again. We want to change ‘Ouch!’ to ‘Tiada Ngilu’ for the 50% of Malaysians who now avoid cold and sweet food and drinks.”

Changing ‘Ouch!’ to ‘Tiada Ngilu’

According to the Ipsos Brand Health Tracker, the study revealed that the ‘Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria’ campaign reminded them of things that they cared about which include spending time with family and friends and enjoying food and drinks without tooth sensitivity.

The study also revealed that:
·         50% of sensitivity sufferers purchased a sensitive toothpaste after being exposed to the campaign
·         50% of Malaysians declared that the top trigger of tooth sensitivity include cold and sweet food or drinks

A new way to engage with Malaysians

This year, the Sensodyne ‘Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria’ Chill Festival takes the Malaysian passion for chilled refreshments as the direct path to reach out to consumers and encourage them to relieve their condition. Sensodyne will bring cheer by visiting 53 outlets all over Malaysia to help more Malaysians with tooth sensitivity enjoy food and social occasions.

Sensodyne is collaborating with Chatime Malaysia, Teochew Chendul and The Potong to visit selected retail outlets all over Malaysia to conduct product sampling, on-ground activities and encourage consumers to participate in tooth sensitivity checks. Sensodyne is also working with Chatime Malaysia, one of the leading beverage companies in the country to introduce the ‘Unfreeze Coolest Chatime Drink’ where consumers get to vote for their preferred beverage. Participants are entitled to Chatime vouchers which enable them to enjoy quality beverages at any time and any place. 

Malaysians can take control of their condition

Chef Andri Hadi, who was present at the launch event, provided education on the triggers of tooth sensitivity through a desserts preparation session. Finally, Sensodyne unveiled the Sensodyne Tooth Sensitivity Check tool which can be accessed through It helps consumers to find out if they have sensitive teeth, in just moments.

We got to try out Chef Andri Hadi's delicious dessert concoctions  and they were just sinfully yummy... and surprisingly easy to make!!

Dr Nurul Huda Hassan, Dental Surgeon said “Sensitive teeth is not only unpleasant, but it can also interfere with your daily life. Enduring the discomfort or avoiding your favourite foods that are cold, sweet, hot and sour does not help you to break free from the zingy sensation in your teeth. It is the regular daily use of toothpaste for sensitive teeth that maintains the sensitivity protection and lets you enjoy social celebrations with family and friends”.

Tooth sensitivity is a common dental problem many people experience. With the increasing incidents of sensitive teeth sufferers in Malaysia, we see the importance of expanding our ‘Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria’ campaign. We want to actively engage with more consumers to change their perception of sacrificing the enjoyment of food due to the conditions of tooth sensitivity

Sensodyne, the dentist recommended toothpaste for tooth sensitivity has a range of products which provides different solutions for consumers. 

The Sensodyne Base range which includes Fresh Mint, Gentle Whitening and Gum Care toothpastes are specially formulated to help protect against sensitivity. Sensodyne Repair and Protect with Novamin helps repair sensitive teeth. 

Meanwhile, those who want instant relief from tooth sensitivity may use Sensodyne Rapid Relief that works in 60 seconds and which is formulated to create a physical seal against sensitivity triggers when used as directed. Using the right toothpaste for sensitive teeth can help consumers enjoy relief from tooth sensitivity, allowing them to continue to indulge in the foods and beverages that they enjoy most. Amazingly simple right? And soooo life saving!!

·         Campaign runs the entire month of March 2015
·         Sensodyne partners are Chatime Malaysia, Teo Chew Chendul and The Potong
·         New online tool to check tooth sensitivity where you can participate at
·         First time in the Chill Festival – Sensodyne Food map to keep tabs of the #TiadaNgilu team
·         Sensodyne roving team visits 53 outlets all over Malaysia
·         What to look forward to at the outlets: Tooth sensitivity checks, samples and interactive games!
·         ‘Unfreeze Coolest Chatime Drink’ – be a part of it at: (voting starts from 15 March 2015)

Sensodyne’s public information campaign is supported by the Sensodyne website at


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