Jun 15, 2010

Anne and her chicken pox

2nd day
My daughter Anne and I went to KLCC last Saturday for me to meet up with some school friends whom I had not seen in quite a while. We had a good time and Anne had some fun with Aunty Cheryl and Aunty Jane who doted on her.

Later, we dropped by the Prince Court medical centre to see a baby. It was only later that evening when we got home when she pulled my hand and showed me a little 'blister' on her abdomen area, to my horror.

Jun 5, 2010

My baby's down with chicken pox

The very first blister....

It started at dinner.. my MIL went to Pasir Penambang to get some fresh seafood right off the fishing boats at wholesale prices and was preparing some steamed snapper, curried prawns and fried vegetables when Anne came up to me and showed me a blister.

It was like any other blister, but only it was on her abdomen.