Jun 30, 2015

Kelloggs Cornflakes Creations - Honey Cornflakes Crunch..

Hello dearest friends, readers etc.... As promised I am back again with my second  recipe using Kelloggs Cornflakes... I was put up to this challenge by Kelloggs Cornflakes... and well... it is simple and I like simple recipes as anyone can make it, not just me, even my daughters enjoy making it...... Let me share with you my daughter's Suria's Honey Cornflakes Crunch .... she loves making it as well as eating it.....

Ingredients: -
4 cups of Kelloggs Cornflakes
1/4 cup of Butter
1/4 cup of Honey

Kelloggs Cornflakes Creations - Cornflakes (Raisin) Cookies....

Hi again.... following up on my third recipe as I have to get it all up by today... I think... so it is a bit of a rush rush thingie...

However because of the rush rush, I forgot one main ingredients... the raisins... sob, sob...

But even without the raisins, the recipes still works and I love it........Kelloggs Cornflakes makes the cookies simply crunchy and delectable.....

So... check it out... my Cornflakes Raisin Cookies... if you are making this, do not forget the raisins..

200gm butter
130gm castor sugar
2 egg yolks
230gm self raising flour
2 tbs full cream milk
160gm Kelloggs Cornflakes , crushed
100gm raisins (I forgot my raisins, so my cookies lacked this...)

Jun 29, 2015

How to "sahur" the correct way for lasting energy the whole day....

Most Malaysians grow up with Horlicks® , 'The Growth Nourisher’, yours truly included... Horlicks isa nutritional drink made from wheat, milk and malted barley and which contains essential vitamins and minerals for wholesome nourishment of the entire family. 

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd (GSK), recently announced the launch of the Horlicks Ramadan Campaign, #SahurDenganHorlicks, to try to educate both parents and their kids on the importance of practicing a healthy fasting ritual and starting their day with a nutritious Sahur. This campaign is also a part of the ongoing efforts by Horlicks to raise awareness on a healthy and nutritious breakfast which is the most important meal of a day.

Jun 28, 2015

The smartphone which is "touched by beauty" makes its debut....

I am sure you have heard of vivo smart phones... They are really something else and comes with an affordable price tag. I, myself have been very fascinated with vivo smartphones because of the design, looks as well as functions.... but this new vivo X5Pro really blew my mind...

Yours truly was one of those who got to witness the launch of the new vivo X5Pro which has also be touted as "Touched  by Beauty", and what a grand launch it was...Graced by more then 1500 people, including celebrities such as Amber Chia, Adam Carruthers and numerous other celebrities including Fuying and Sam as well as the gorgeous Soo Wincci....at KL Convention Centre.

A few innovative ways to cook with IDEAL Full Cream Evaporated Milk

MasterChef Dato’ Fazley Yaakob showed fans and friends how to create a few innovative culinary delicacies using IDEAL® Full Cream Evaporated Milk  in a pleasant afternoon of tastes, sights and sounds at TESCO Extra Mutiara Damansara recently.
Famed for being the Celebrity MasterChef Malaysia Season 1, Singer, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Father of 3, Chef Dato’ Fazley  confesses that he picked up cooking from two special ladies in his life – which are both his grandmother and mother. They have always inspired him in many ways and one of them is their ability to create recipes with lots of love. 

Celebrity-turned-MasterChef Dato’ Fazley preparing Puteri Mandi co-created with IDEAL® Full Cream Evaporated Milk at the recent IDEAL® Cooking Demo with Chef Dato’ Fazley

Jun 26, 2015

Looking for a Shower Cream with Natural Antibacterials and Refreshingly Fruity Scents?

Love fruity scented shower creams or shower gels? You will be delighted to know that Fruitale FairWhite UV, introduced its Ultimate Protection Shower Cream range that is naturally antibacterial, killing 99.9% of germs, and enhanced with refreshingly fruity scents to appeal to the growing market of green-conscious consumers who desire natural and traditional remedies without the fuss of home preparation.

There will be three variants namely Clinicare, Freshcare and Vitacare that have a rich and luxurious formulation that lathers well and rinses off easily without any heavy residue. 

'Kasi Sengaaat' your Hari Raya this year with "Gangsterock"!!!

This coming Hari Raya, fans of local musical comedies should not miss the chance to watch the movie "Gangsterock".

 The RM 1.5 million musical comedy, which began filming last year on 11th January 2014, will be making its big screen debut on 17th July 2015, has been conceptualized, written, directed and scripted by experienced actor Soffi Jikan. It stars Soffi himself in the lead role , alongside well-known actors Khir Rahman, Izara Aishah, Saiful Apek and Sharifah Amani. 

Loving the SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

Have you ever got into the situation when you are so excited about taking some photos at an event or at an interesting venue just to find that your smartphone memory is full? That can be a very frustrating right? I know, because it had happened to me myself several times, as I myself am an avid photographer and love taking pictures all the time....And we miss out the chance because some moments are just that fleeting and happen just at that exact moment...

It is said that nowadays mobile users are taking more photos and videos on their phones than ever before – making them a primary means of capturing memorable moments in their daily lives. According to IDC, about 71% of all images today are captured on mobile devices. and this becomes troublesome as well when  it comes to trying to transfer content between devices for safe storage or to free up space on their phones for more photos, videos, and other files.  

*pulling at hair* (from all these frustrating scenarios)

Jun 25, 2015

Cleaner and healthier scalp with LA BIOSTHETIQUE

Recently, yours truly was at the ANDY HO HAUTE COIFFURE to review and check out the LA BIOSTHETIQUE scalp treatment being offered there. The salon was beautifully classy but  very welcoming. Just as I step into the salon, I was ushered to my seat and had two overseas fashion magazine placed in front of me. 

Jun 24, 2015

Kellogg's Cornflakes - Anne's Crunchmores recipe

Kellogg’s® Corn Flakes® cereal is the Original & Best® cereal. Every bite of these crispy, golden flakes is just as delicious as the first. You’ll be on your way to a great day when you pour a bowl of Kellogg’s® Corn Flakes® cereal into your breakfast bowl.It is made with no artificial flavouring or colouring and best of all, fat free and each serving contains less than a teaspoon of sugar.  

*the above statement is taken from www.kelloggs.com*

Picture taken from www.kelloggs.com.au

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes® is the most well known cornflakes brand in the world for more then a hundred years now. It is the most ideal breakfast meal and when it comes to festive seasons, lots of people love to incorporate it into their cooking or baking.

Jun 23, 2015

Fun, laughter and lessons learnt at the Blogging 101 workshop

Over the last weekend, yours truly attended the Blogging 101 workshop organised and held by the Butterfly Project Malaysia founder, Tammy Lim. Tammy, being Tammy not only organised a marvelous workshop full of information for us bloggers but also manage to spoil us with little treats such a free ride to and from the workshop at the Canvas in Damansara Perdana...

IftarAngkawasan -an "out of the world" evening for the kids of Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih

Yours truly was blessed to be one of the few in attendance for an "out of the world" evening with our national astronaut,  Dato' Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor . In the spirit of Ramadan, Angkasawan Communication along with Capri by Fraser Kuala Lumpur as well as a few other sponsors gave 40 orphans from the Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih in Puchong an evening they would not forget.

Enjoy this Japanese favorite now at Iketeru

Iketeru, is a very reputable Japanese restaurant at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur. Currently, Iketeru is offering delicious Unagi, a Japanese summertime favourite. This Unagi promotion ongoing now till  the 31st July 2015.

This stamina-boosting treat is served from sea to plate at Iketeru as it is delivered twice weekly from the Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu Island, Japan, renowned for their premium Unagi.

Where can you find the most yummy mango drink?!

A slice of sweet Pakistani mango gave Bryan Loo, CEO of Loob Holding Sdn Bhd the idea of coming up with Chatime's King of Mango Shake. 

Pakistani mango has always been reputed to be the best unrivaled mango in terms of quality, sweetness, rich taste, distinct flavor, naturally woven fibers, being aromatic and succulent. These qualities are all due to the fine mix of unique soil and season combined with the impact of flowing rivers through the world's largest canal irrigation system, the lifeblood of Pakistan's agriculture.

Jun 22, 2015

Chicken so delicious and spicy it brings tears to the eyes........

My younger daughter and I broke our fast with a few other bloggers at the Pelicana Premium Chicken outlet at eCurve Damansara on Saturday. 

There are quite a number of fried chicken franchises from Korea that have since reached our Malaysian shores. You can find plain “original recipe” chicken, a chicken doused with various seasonings (savoury, sweet, spicy), drumsticks only, wings and drummettes only, a combination of both, and so on...

Jun 21, 2015

Best Iftar Buffet in Kota Bharu....

Time flies and without us realizing it, Ramadan is  already here once again, a time for Muslims all over to fast during the day.  So to all my Muslim readers, Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa

Though it is of importance to practice moderation in everything, especially eating this month, sometimes it is important to indulge yourselves upon the breaking of fast in the evening ,  and if you are in Kelantan with your other half,  friends or your  beloved family members, and looking for the best Iftar Buffet there in Kota Bharu, be sure to check out what Cerana Coffee House at the Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu has in store for you….

Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu is serving up yummy traditional kampung flavors this Ramadan with ‘Santapan Ibunda Perdana’ at Cerana Coffee House.

The amazing team of chefs led by Executive Sous Chef  Ibrahim Abu Lasi will be tempting your palate with over 160 tempting dishes comprising of a combination of well loved local dishes from all over Malaysia. 

The menu will be changed daily, from now right up to the end of Ramadan.

AirAsia Free Seats!

AirAsia Free Seats are back!!! And for any one who loves to travel, this news is going to make them just so happy. I know I am so excited and am busy scouring the site http://airasia.com/ now for my free seats.... 

Where do you want to go? The world is so vast and there are just so many wondrous places to go, so much to see and do and explore and so little time or is it money.... but that is why AirAsia makes travel possible for us.... hehehe...  Thanks a million AirAsia!!!!

Jun 20, 2015

My 5 day Itinerary in Beijing

There are some of my friends who have been asking me about my Itinerary as well as the run down of cost... I will try my best to jot it down here the best I can....

I flew Malaysian Airlines MH360 which I got a good deal at during the last Matta Fair for about RM1100 per person return. However the flight was at 6.30pm and we arrived in Beijing past midnight at about almost 1.30pm . After clearing Immigration and retrieving our checked in luggages , it was almost 2.15pm. Since we were travelling on our own, and on a backpacker budget/ shoe string budget, and there were no more train services to the city, we decided to rough it up and nap at the airport. 

Keeping in touch via social network while in China

If you are a social media addict and worried about not being able to get connected overseas, fret no more, you can now rent mobile pocket wifi to use.

Many of my friends were surprised when they saw me continuously posting from my Instagram and Facebook while in China, and none more then myself as well...because well, practically a lot of people know how Mainland China blocks Facebook, Instagrams and a few other sites , and even when there is free WiFi around you can never access these sites....

Jun 19, 2015


Excessive sebum and monster pores are the biggest deterrents in getting a perfect, flawless makeup finish. Dry skin, ageing, sagging skin and also oily skin causes our pores to enlarge.

Apart from causing pores to grow bigger, oily skin with overactive oil glands can cause blockage in pores which will then result in inflammation within the pores. Inflamed pores with sebum build-up constantly stretches the wall of the pore canal which will eventually lead to loss of elasticity around the pore area. Without any proper care, these pores can enlarge to become monster pores. Bear in mind that enlarged pores cannot shrink naturally, but can get larger over time.

Looking for a Career? Check out YOURNEXTSTEP.com.my

Brandt International Sdn Bhd, a leader in customer experience and business process management has very recently launched their new career site, YOURNEXTSTEP.COM.MY , with the target of attracting top talents and employers in the region. The announcement was made during the MoU  Signing Ceremony with Cazar as well as the official launch of the YourNextStep.com.my portal where yours truly was proud to have witnessed in Kuala Lumpur...

Brandt International has partnered with Cazar , a leading employer branding and recruitment technology firm to create the website as well as redesign the candidate employment journey.


Malaysia’s leading retail brand, Watsons recently held its annual Health, Wellness and Beauty (HWB) Awards at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur in a lavish gala dinner inspired from the glorious Roman Empire – Conquering the World.

Attended by over 500 Watsons’ suppliers in the country, the HWB Award 2015 gala dinner is a highly anticipated annual event which celebrates the close and successful collaboration throughout the year between Watsons and its esteemed suppliers.

Jun 18, 2015

Resipi Ramadan untuk sebulan.... (dapat dari WhatsApp so sekadar nak berkongsi...)

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa.... Saya terima resepi ini melalui WhatsApp Dan sahaja ingin berkongsi dengan sesiapa yang berminat...
Resipi ini bukan kepunyaan ataupun ciptaan saya...

Ayam Panggang Bermadu

Image result for ayam panggang bermadu

1kg kepak ayam 
1 senduk besar minyak bijan 
2 senduk besar madu (kalau u suka manis, tambahkan lagi ) 
sedikit serbuk lada sulah (sesuka hati, siapa yang suka pedas, tambahlah lagi) 
sedikit garam secukup rasa

Cara memasak:
Gaulkan ayam bersama madu, minyak bijan, serbuk lada sulah & garam hingga rata. Perapkan semalaman atau lebih dan selepas tu, boleh lah dipanggang ayam tu.....


Whenever Ramadan comes around, it signifies the time to reflect, unite and cherish quality time with our families. With this in mind, Asia’s no. 1 health and beauty retailer Watsons Malaysia joined forces with GSK and Hospis Malaysia to feature Quality Ramadan as part of its CSR campaign.

In addition, Watsons has collaborated with Media Prima, TV3 on their crowd-pleasing Raya Ni Dah Kahwin drama series for the second time. Watsons Raya campaign does not end here as customers are encouraged to join in the campaigns while enjoy exciting range of products featured at the Watsons Raya Mega sale this year.

Malaysia’s The Paranormal Zone takes on South East Asia

Season three to feature some of the most haunted locations in
Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

Premiering Monday, 15 June 10.50PM, first and exclusive on Syfy HD (HyppTV Channel 611 and the HyppTV Everywhere mobile app)

For fans of the supernatural and the unexplainable, here is some good news.... Daredevil and dynamic host Li Kim is back with more thrilling investigations of the paranormal world. The highly anticipated Season Three (3) of The Paranormal Zone will see Li Kim venture into Malaysia and South East Asia, bringing audiences extraordinary experiences from investigating the ancient art of mysticism in Indonesia and venturing into the enigmatic culture and beliefs of the modern Singapore.

Art Attack ; How to make a Zig Zag Cat Photoframe...

Catch the new host of Disney’s Art Attack, Marco M. Borromeo on Disney Channel (Astro Ch 615) every Saturday and Sunday at 12noon!

Marco is the brand new host of Disney’s Art Attack! Hailing from Cebu City, the Philippines, 32-year-old Marco is a familiar face who models and hosts various programmes and events in his home country besides dabbling in acting as well, including The Boston Kitchen (Kitchen Musical) and MNL in 2014.
So, join Marco and unleash your inner Picasso with everyone’s favourite art show! Now in its fourth season, Disney’s Art Attack is the award-winning program that has introduced millions of children to the joy of art. Fret not if you can’t paint within the lines and don’t worry if your dog clay model looks like a mouse – Marco will show you that all you need is lots of creative ideas and loads of enthusiasm. So what are you waiting for? Tune in and be ready to get Art Attacked!

Jun 17, 2015

My Beijing Trip ... Day 5

In just a blink of the eye it was already the last day of our Beijing trip. Somehow the booking of the flights were a little messed up because of midnight flights and I only had 5 days there instead of the 6 I envisioned....


Laneige Malaysia and the Malaysian Environmental NGOs (MENGO)  successfully raised close to RM35,000 as of May 31st ever since the launch of the Waterful Sharing Campaign on May 1st.

Installation works of the rainwater harvesting system for the first three homes namely Rainbow Home, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Ehsan Ash-Shakur (PEKEAS) and Rumah Kebajikan Anbu Illam will commence in mid-June and are expected to complete by the end of June.


Talk about constipation and laxatives and many people will shy away from it. I remember asking a fellow blogger friend if she was going to check out this event and she said it did not suit her blog... (no offense meant, ok...) 

Yeah, I guess like who might want to talk about feeling constipated or so on. I know... But seriously I would say, that everyone in one point of their life or various points in their lives have probably suffered from constipation.... I know I have... it happens when you are too stressed or when travelling or so on....Some medication or pregnancy can also cause constipation...


“Love is not only something you feel, it is something you do – David Wilkerson”

Yours truly was at the Maison Francaise in Jalan Kia Peng a couple of days ago to check out the unveiling of Enchanteur Love new enhanced EDTs and also the unveiling of the new ambassador couple...

There is a great question.... Now, if love is the greatest refreshment in life, what and how then should everlasting love be?  Falling in love, can be very easy and spontaneous, but staying in an everlasting love relationship is a conscious lifetime commitment and devotion from both parties.

Jun 16, 2015

My Beijing Trip....Day 4

Day 4 began with a nice sunny and warm morning. I was relieved it was sunny considering the previous day was pretty dampening and my daughter and I got caught in the heavy rain while walking along the Italian Style Street in Tianjin. My shoes had been soaked then and the bottom half of my jeans. Fortunately I had a spare pair of shoes so I wore those for today...

We headed out from our hotel and to the Begongmen subway (line 4) where the Summer Palace is just a short walk away... The ticket to the Summer Palace costed RMB60 per person and we paid it....

Jun 15, 2015

My Beijing Trip ... Day 3

Day 3 in Beijing began with moving hotels.. we checked out from the Red Lantern Hostel and headed to our second hotel the Beijing Zaoyuanju Hutong Hotel near the Guoloudajie area . We checked in, relieved to find a more cleaner and prettier hutong then the old one and the hotel was more comfy as well. We got this room via Expedia.com.my for about RM125 per night...

My Beijing Trip....Day 2

My daughter and I woke up early and got ready. Today was the day we planned to "climb" the Great Wall of China.... and we chose the Great Wall at Mutianyu. Then we headed out to the Subway station to head Dongzhimen where the bus station was. We manage to find the bus station which was very near to the subway exit.

Jun 14, 2015

My Beijing trip.... Day 1

The day finally came when my eldest daughter and I finally boarded our plane , MH 360 to Beijing. The flight was to be 6 hours long . We travelled to the KL International Airport on the ERL, a little expensive, at RM35 one way, but time saving and fast... It is actually my favorite way to get to the airports. ERL serves both the KLIA1 and KLIA2.

While at the airport, we took the time to do some window shopping while killing time. There are a lot of shops to browse in at KLIA, in case you do not know...

Look Perfectly Put Together This Hari Raya with Timeless Luxury Accessories From Reebonz

Those of us celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri, would have picked out the fabric and colors for the day’s ensemble, some bought off-the-rack, others of us are still searching...

The most beautiful outfit may seem unfinished if not paired with the perfect accessories such as handbags, shoes, wallets or jewellery.

Jun 11, 2015

The Langkawi Bird Paradise and Wildlife Park

When I told the kids that we would be making a stop at the Langkawi Bird Paradise and Wildlife Park during our stay there in Langkawi, I was met with disbelief and groans. They were all young adults, other then my youngest 'tween' and to them this was probably boring and even asking how long are we going to be there for...

When my family and I arrive there at the park, I wasn't sure of what to expect myself. But I can safely say now that I finished touring the park, it was definitely far more then I expected.

Jun 8, 2015


Yours truly was fortunate to be one of the participants in a splashing escapade recently at Sunway Lagoon along with other members of the media and bloggers . We were give the unique opportunity of escaping the everyday-life while experiencing some of Nikon’s latest products hands-on.

It was definitely a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the office for some, and the retreat provided members of the media, comprising journalists, photographers as well as bloggers like yours truly here, the opportunity to experience the brand’s newest offerings of 2015 - specifically Nikon’s D5500, Nikon 1 J5, Coolpix P900, and Coolpix S33.

Jun 7, 2015

Island Hopping in Langkawi

We woke up early , had our breakfast and headed to the Kuah jetty, located quite close to the yacht club there where we waited patiently as the boatman filled the petrol and do his preparations before our little trip.

Zespri Sweet Start with a SunGold Kiwi

Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit is one of New Zealand’s national treasure. It is luscious and have a tropical-sweet flavor makes it the perfect refreshment especially in our humid Malaysian weather. Just cut a SunGold kiwifruit in half and use a spoon to scoop out its mellow yellow flesh. 
When yours truly was selected for the Wake Up with a Kiwi project, I was delighted... and how not to be when clearly the kiwifruit is one of my most favourite fruits in the world... And this time, it was the lovely Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit.....
How do you recognize theZespri SunGold Kiwifruit? Just look for the kiwifruit with smooth, bronze skin.  It is ready to eat, so you can immediately bite into it and enjoy its sunny yellow sweetness.

Jun 6, 2015


Since it was the school holidays and well, just before I head off for my holiday, I brought my youngest daughter to KidZania to have some fun as well as to join the inspiring Puan Fatimah Abu Bakar and her three 'students' from the Oh My English! show at KidZania Kuala Lumpur Theatre.

My daughter definitely had a fun time learning about how to act, make facial expressions, and using imagination to make believe some scenarios with the students from 4 Merah, Sekolah Ayer Dalam from the "Oh My English" series, Mazlee (Zhafir) , Anusha (Kaameshaa) and Zack (Juzzthin).

Jun 5, 2015

My Chef Seafood Restaurant, Kuah, Langkawi

I am posting a post on this restaurant because I found it noteworthy for my friends and readers to check out. The restaurant was just right next to the Bella Vista Resort and Apartments and we just walked to it.You can see it from the main road in Kuah as well...Chasing after my hungry family members who were walking briskly to the restaurant, I failed to get a good night shot of the restaurant, so here is just a blurry one. 

Dengue Does Not Discriminate....

Ask anyone staying in Klang Valley if they or any of their friends or family members have contracted dengue before, I would say that at least 95% or more of these people would say yes!! Yours truly here is one of those who suffered from dengue before along with my husband, step daughter, step son and eldest daughter (who had dengue the same time with me!!!)

Dengue has now became the fastest expanding mosquito borned infection on the planet, with at least 390 million people infected yearly, way surpassing malaria ...

Jun 4, 2015

Pamper Yourself with The Daily Luxury of The New Guardian Les Tentations Méditerranéennes Bath & Body Care Range

You can now choose to indulge in the proven beauty culture and practice of the Mediterranean with the new Les Tentations Méditerranéennes Bath & Body Care, a luxurious yet affordable pampering range from Guardian in your daily beauty regimen.

Mediterranean countries are most well known for the beauty of their people – clear skin, thick hair and a glow of good health that has been attributed to their strong beauty culture that harnesses the wealth of natural beauty secrets of botanicals available there.

Jun 3, 2015


Everyone knows our Malaysian tropical weather is hot and humid. This causes some skin discomfort especially when you sweat. This is one of the reason I hate wearing a regular greasy sunscreen which makes my skin feel even stickier.... However, with the new Skin Aqua Sarafit UV from Japan that is formulated using the Double Silky Powder Technology, applying sunscreen now just feels comfortable without the feeling of greasiness even after you sweat.

Sunplay’s Skin Aqua Sarafit UV offers the highest protection against UVA with its 4PA++++ to protect against UVA rays which is the main cause of premature aging. It is ultra-light with a silky smooth matte finish texture makes it convenient and comfortable to use regularly in our hot and humid  weather. And , it has a very nice floral scent, which I find simply refreshing and uplifting when applied to the skin.

Makeup fun with Golden Rose Cosmetics

Over the weekend, my little diva and I headed over to the newly (re)opened Sunway Putra Mall opposite the PWTC  to check out a new makeup brand in Malaysia -Golden Rose Cosmetics.

This brand is actually not so new... I have used this brand before when some stewardess friends who happen to start their own small business bringing back lovely items from overseas brought some back for sale...and I bought some...

Jun 1, 2015

Don't let your Nerves get the better of you....

Having healthy nerves is very important to be able to enjoy the freedom of mobility and being able to utilize all 5 of  your senses to the fullest, especially being able to see, smell, hear and touch... Though many people realize that a healthy lifestyle together with regular exercise and a balanced diet is important, there are also many others who are not aware that healthy nerves are very important for our well-being....

AirAsia Runway Ready for Young Designers

So yours truly was at the Cantaloupe at the Troika on Friday afternoon to attend the AirAsia Runway Ready event there. It proved to be a glamorous late afternoon event as notable people of the fashion industry including fashion designers including Jovian Mandagie and even Tinie , the well known Malaysian runway supermodel graced...

Hotel Perdana, a foodie's heaven....

 "There is no sincerer love than the love of food" - George Bernard Shaw 

I think most of us Malaysians are very fortunate as almost all of us in one way or another will
get the chance to enjoy a great variety of food in our lovely little country... Every different state in Malaysia have their own speciality and great selection of food, and some have amazing fusion of different food.... So when in Kelantan, we should try out Kelantan's specialities...