Jun 17, 2015


Talk about constipation and laxatives and many people will shy away from it. I remember asking a fellow blogger friend if she was going to check out this event and she said it did not suit her blog... (no offense meant, ok...) 

Yeah, I guess like who might want to talk about feeling constipated or so on. I know... But seriously I would say, that everyone in one point of their life or various points in their lives have probably suffered from constipation.... I know I have... it happens when you are too stressed or when travelling or so on....Some medication or pregnancy can also cause constipation...

Yours truly was at the Marmalade cafe at Bangsar Village 2 yesterday with a few other members of the media to check it out with celebrities, Jojo Struys, Yasmin Richardson Hani and fitness guru Kevin Zahri...it was an enlightening session and also funny considering how passionately Kevin Zahri was giving his take on constipation....

Anyway, here are the top 10 myths of laxatives (medication which are needed when one is suffering from constipation......and heaven knows it helps sooooo much...... hahaha - I know that personally as I have taken it before back a couple of years ago when I had a bad constipation after coming back from travelling....-you know.. all those dirty toilets and no bidets..etc... they do affect your bowel movements too!!!)

1.       “A diet lacking in fibre intake can cause constipation. Constipation can be treated by increasing dietary fibre content & dietary fibre supplements.”
Although a fibre-rich diet helps prevent constipation, increased fibre intake can worsen the situation for those with severe constipation.

2.       “Increasing fluid intake can alleviate constipation.”
There is no evidence to suggest increasing fluid intake alleviates constipation. Increasing fluid intake can only successfully treat constipation when there is evidence of severe dehydration.

3.       “A sedentary lifestyle contributes to constipation. Constipation can be treated by increasing physical activity.”
Bowel functions may correlate to some extent with physical activity particularly in elderly, but other causes such as diet, personality, cognitive function, medications maybe contributing. Hence, physical activity may help but probably as part of broad rehabilitation program containing many aspects of care. However for severely constipated young patients, interventions to increase physical activity probabbly may not improve their bowel function.

4.       “During lactation, women cannnot take laxatives.”
Laxatives like Dulcolax can be used during lactation as neither active or derivatives component are excreted into mother's milk.

5.       “Patients could become addicted to laxatives.”
There is no potential for addiction to laxatives although they may be misused by psychiatric patients.

6.       “Women get constipated before their period.”
Despite hormones playing only a small part in constipation, some women find their menstrual cycle affects how often they go to the toilet.

7.       “Laxatives can cause abdominal cramps.”
Well-known laxatives like Dulcolax has a unique comfort coating layer and will only work where it is needed. This reliable formula is so safe that even lactating mothers could use it.

8.       “Laxatives help with weight loss.”
Taking a laxative where there is no need for constipation relief will merely result in the loss of water, salts and nothing more.

9.       “Laxatives can lead to a recurrence of constipation.”
There is no evidence that constipation comes back as soon as you stop taking laxatives for constipation.

10.   “You have to be natural to be gentle.”
Dulcolax has a unique comfort coating, is gentle on the stomach and only works where it is needed.

And there you have it.... no need to be shy, everyone have to go poo everyday and it is not really a "Taboo" talking about it... so if you are suffering from constipation, do go ahead and get a strip or a box of Dulcolax to help relieve you... it is also very bad if you are not going to toilet on a regular basis... bad for your beauty as well as your health....

I swear, you really will feel so relieved after doing that.... huhuh.... Cheeriooooo, bye for now....

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