Apr 27, 2024


In conjunction with Mother's and Father's Day, Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (SHARP), a pioneer in technological innovation and electronic solutions, announced the launch of 'SHARP Travel with Parents' series in collaboration with Astro. 

This series was planned for cherishing precious interactions between parents and their children via travel, emphasising the importance of family warmth and intimate interactions, and creating priceless memories.

The first season launched in 2023, 'SHARP Travel with Mommy', gained high viewership ratings, and won the 'Best Lifestyle Programme' for Malaysia region at the Asian Academy Creatives Awards. 

The upcoming season, premiering on 12 May 2024, at 9:30 pm on Astro AEC, Astro GO, On Demand, and sook, broadens its scope to include the entire family while creating beautiful memories together. 

The programme will be introducing audiences to both international destinations such as Australia, Macau, Taiwan, and local Malaysian spots such as Sitiawan and Pangkor Island, to find the perfect destination for family trips.

Gracing the event were local TV personality and SHARP's Parents' Day campaign ambassador, Jason Yeoh, alongside his mother, Madam Lim Oh Choo. 

They shared heartwarming stories of their travels facilitated by SHARP's innovative products, highlighting the profound impact of these journeys on their family life.

Mr Ting Yang Chung, Managing Director of SHARP Malaysia expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: "The theme of travelling with parents has resonated strongly with our audience, and following the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our first season with Astro, we were eager to launch the second season. 

This new season honours all parents by expanding the program to include the entire family. Our aim for the 'Travel with Parents' series is to create special moments that every family member can treasure."

This year's 'SHARP Travels with Parents' delves deeper into the essence of family travel, not only guiding viewers through scenic destinations that are suitable for elderly parents, but also encouraging audiences to fulfil their parents' dreams while they can.

In celebration of Parents' Day, SHARP conducted a street interview and gathered insights from 50 Malaysian participants. Many expressed a desire to travel with their parents but found planning the trip challenging due to a lack of information. 

Additionally, over 80% of respondents planned to buy home appliances as gifts during Parents' Day, with televisions and refrigerators being the popular choices.

To meet this demand, SHARP launched a special Parents' Day promotion, helping Malaysian families upgrade their home appliances to show appreciation to their loved ones. The promotion offers discounts of up to 40% as well as gifts with purchase, covering more than 70 products such as televisions, washing machines, and air conditioners. 

Additionally, SHARP is set to launch a travel content series on Facebook and Xiao Hong Shu, providing valuable information and travel hacks for upcoming family trips.

"We are committed to enhancing the consumer experience here in Malaysia through our innovative products. This Parents' Day, we also hope to encourage Malaysians to bring their families outdoors and experience the beauty of nature. Our enduring partnership with Astro and the invaluable support from Jason Yeoh and his mother help us bring these enriching narratives to our consumer consciousness. We are eager to continue this journey and celebrate more milestones in future collaborations," Mr Ting concluded.

For more information about SHARP's Parents' Day Campaign and the 'Travel with Parents' series, please visit its official website at (https://my.sharp/), and follow its social media:
Facebook (@SharpMsia)
Instagram (@sharp.malaysia)
TikTok (@sharpmalaysia)

Apr 25, 2024

Masverse Unveils Groundbreaking Blockchain Platform

Masverse Sdn. Bhd., a pioneering blockchain specialist company, launched MasChain, a transformative platform designed to revolutionise the digital ecosystem for government, enterprises, and industries by enhancing the security and trustworthiness of transactions via Proof of Authority (PoA).

 Leveraging the first PoA chain, MasChain will be set to democratise blockchain technology by providing revolutionary token digitalisation solutions across government and industry, unlocking the full potential of blockchain applications to practitioners and users for the protection of assets on the chain. Through the Substrate core framework and pallets smart contracts as modular components, MasChain can provide flexibility and stability. Network scalability is achieved via the PoA consensus mechanism, which greatly simplifies the entire process and unlocks the possibility of future blockchain applications.

 The launch was witnessed by Mr. Danesh Jothiprahasam, Head of Domestic Digital Investment of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Mr. Chew Kian Kok, Chief Executive Officer of Masverse.

Masverse signed two Memorandums of Agreement with GamBit Group Sdn. Bhd. for enhanced custodian wallet services and TCF ecosystem and Intelligence Traceability Sdn. Bhd. for halal compliance and recycling product traceability services. Masverse also signed five Memorandums of Understanding with Vero AI Sdn. Bhd. 

To establish E-Halal Hub Ecosystem within ASEAN countries, Jabo Plantation Sdn. Bhd. for smart farming, traceability and tokenisation of the Jaboticaba Plantation, JomStay Digital Technology Sdn. Bhd. to enhance tourism, Accelerator Resources Sdn. Bhd. for a membership programme, and Asia Digital Bank Ltd in Web3 development across financial solutions across ASEAN and Islamic Union countries.

Founded in Malaysia, Masverse is at the forefront of digital innovation, creating a Layer 1 blockchain infrastructure and a Web3 ecosystem that promises to bridge the gap between current technologies and a future where digital advancements are universally beneficial. 

MasChain is designed to cater to various needs and applications, from financial technology (fintech), halal traceability, education, retail and supply chain management to digital identity and beyond, and for authorities and businesses to benefit from a blockchain solution. Their certification platforms and Islamic Financial Solutions also aim to empower individuals and businesses to thrive in the digital era by fostering blockchain use to be approachable and useful for everyone nationwide.
In an effort to facilitate blockchain adoption in the country, MasChain offers meaningful integration and onboarding based on the client's use case, powered by an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible chain with a versatile service layer application programming interface (API). 

This approach enables a wide range of services, from token management services to non-fungible token (NFT) and audit trail services, encapsulated within a secure, Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) framework. MasChain gives governments and businesses seamless integration while strengthening network security and reducing complex technological transformation. Key Islamic compliance is achieved with halal traceability and supply chain solutions, ensuring transparency in the transaction lineage.

Lee Jie, the Tech Lead of Masverse said, "Today, we stand on the brink of a new era, one where the innovative use of public permissioned blockchain technology is set to redefine the operational frameworks of enterprises and governments alike. MasChain redefines the approach to identity verification, transaction security, and information storage, tailored to meet client-specific needs, thereby digitally transforming Malaysia's cyber landscape."

Jothiprahasam of MDEC said, "The inception of MasChain is a testament to the innovative spirit that thrives within our nation and the broader digital ecosystem. At MDEC, we are deeply committed to nurturing and propelling Malaysia's digital economy, emphasising inclusivity, sustainability, and growth. MasChain aligns perfectly with our mission, embodying the potential of technology to create not just economic value but societal progress as well."

"MasChain's approach, a public permissioned blockchain specifically tailored for enterprises and governments, marks a significant leap forward in how we envision the role of digital technologies in governance, commerce, and societal wellbeing."

Apr 24, 2024

GSK Advocates Importance of Adult Immunisation amongst Malaysians

As we Malaysians slowly but surely shift towards the ageing demographic, the importance of adult immunisation becomes increasingly apparent. 

By ensuring that we receive the necessary vaccinations, we can then remain active, be healthy participants of society and the economy – prolonging productivity, maintaining contributions to local economies, and reducing healthcare costs, even as we enter our golden years.

The World Immunisation Week [24 April – 30 April] is a time to raise awareness of the health and socioeconomic impact of vaccination globally and to elevate the policy changes needed to create healthier, more resilient communities, especially in Malaysia.

According to the latest data from the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), the number of individuals aged 65 years and above is on the rise with approximately 2.5 million people falling into this category. DOSM also projects that Malaysia will have a nearly equal share of the young (18.6%) and older population (14.5%) in 2040. This means that in less than 2 decades, the old age group will surpass 6.0 million, transitioning Malaysia into an aged society.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) organised this timely discourse, bringing together local and global experts to share their perspectives on the changing vaccine landscape, the benefits of vaccines in older adults, and the socio-economic value of adult immunisation.

The event was further supplemented by a local panel discussion which featured insightful discussions, lively debates and generous knowledge-sharing about unlocking the power of prevention of vaccine preventable diseases (VPD) amongst Malaysian adults, key challenges faced by the healthcare industry, and opportunities to develop practical and impactful solutions in transitioning towards a healthier ageing society in the country.

Dr. Thanabalan Fonseka, Vaccines Medical Director of GSK Malaysia and Brunei said: “Childhood immunisation initiatives in schools and within communities are well-established with high coverage rates. Contrary to this, the primary challenge surrounding adult vaccination lies in the prevailing lack of awareness on VPD and their preventative options. Consequently, many adults remain unaware of the critical importance of maintaining up-to-date vaccinations or may inadvertently overlook recommendations for booster shots or newly available vaccines later in life.”

Moreover, logistical hurdles, such as limited access to healthcare services and financial constraints, further impede adult vaccination rates. Thus, there is an urgent need to elevate awareness, enhance accessibility, and underscore the significance of prioritising adult vaccinations to ensure comprehensive protection against preventable diseases throughout adulthood. 

We must move from “sick care” to true preventative healthcare to make adult immunisation the standard of care by building belief in the value of adult vaccinations amongst Malaysians,” added Fonseka.

So what is Adult Immunisation?
Adult vaccinations are vaccines specifically recommended for individuals in adulthood to protect oneself against various vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs). Most common adult vaccinations include COVID-19, influenza, pneumococcal disease, herpes zoster, and respiratory syncytial virus amongst others.

Who is at Risk?
The age group at risk for various illnesses targeted by adult vaccinations varies depending on the disease. However, generally, adults over the age of 50 are at increased risk for certain infectious diseases due to factors such as declining immune systems due to ageing, underlying health conditions, and decreased vaccine immunity over time. It's important to note that while older adults are often at higher risk, certain diseases can affect adults of all ages. Additionally, individuals with weakened immune systems due to conditions such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, or immunosuppressive medications may be more vulnerable to infectious diseases regardless of age.

During World Immunisation Week, GSK is uniting globally to emphasise the importance of adult immunisation. Their goal is to raise awareness about the wide-ranging health, structural, and socioeconomic advantages that come with widespread adoption of adult vaccines for every individual worldwide. In partnership with cross-industry stakeholders, GSK aim to support 50 years of the World Health Organisation’s Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) to do what is humanly possible – saving lives through immunisation.

GSK continues to emphasise the importance of prevention as the cornerstone of healthcare. With one of the most extensive vaccine portfolios globally, GSK is dedicated to protecting individuals of all ages, including older adults and reshape policy around adult immunisation to stay ahead of the curve and continue its momentum to play a part in the betterment of public health in Malaysia.

Apr 21, 2024

Cetaphil® Strengthens Ties with the Malaysian Community through Collaborative Partnership with Mira Filzah as the New Face of the Brand in 2024

Cetaphil®, the No.1 dermatological skincare brand in Malaysia, announced the newest face of Cetaphil® for 2024, the versatile Malaysian actress and entrepreneur, Mira Filzah, appointed as the esteemed Brand Ambassador.

More than just a renowned actress, Mira Filzah personifies the spirit of a modern working urban mom, representing the diverse and dynamic women of today. Her role as a multi-talented professional and dedicated mother embodies the essence of contemporary women who, despite their busy lifestyles, prioritises skin health. 

Cetaphil® proudly acknowledges Mira as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing how one can balance a demanding schedule while still embracing the importance of skin health. Her representation of Cetaphil’s brand essence reflects an approachable, down-to-earth demeanor and sensible approach to skincare. Mira’s alignment with the brands’ ethos of “We Do Skin, You Do You” accentuates the very nature that defines Cetaphil®.

Mira’s alignment with Cetaphil® goes beyond the surface, resonating with the brand’s mission of promoting holistic skincare as an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. As the Brand Ambassador, she will not only represent the brand but also serve as an inspirational figure, encouraging women of all ages to embrace a skincare routine that reflects Cetaphil’s commitment to addressing skin concerns and achieving healthy skin.

Mira Filzah, Brand Ambassador of Cetaphil Malaysia expresses her excitement, stating, “Joining forces with Cetaphil® is more than just a partnership – it’s a celebration of self-love. As a working mom, I understand the juggle, but skincare is an essential daily ritual to maintain skin health. I’m honored to be part of Cetaphil®, inspiring others to do the same.”

The brand anticipates a series of engaging initiatives, exclusive events, social media campaigns, and promotions, all geared towards enhancing the skincare experience for Malaysians.

Ms Cindy Tiu, Country Manager of Galderma Malaysia shared, “We are delighted to welcome Mira Filzah to the Cetaphil® family as our Brand Ambassador for this year. With Cetaphil’s rich history rooted in dermatological expertise, we see Mira as an ideal embodiment of our brand’s purposes.”

Cetaphil’s “30 Hari Kulit Sihat Raya Berseri” campaign aims to reach out to as many Malaysians as possible to champion skin health throughout the 30-Day Raya period. Besides partnering with Mira Filzah, the campaign extends its reach from the digital sphere to on-ground activations, including a specially designed kombi van that will tour various locations.

The heart of the campaign lies in encouraging Malaysians to adopt a simple yet effective 3-step routine using its Cetaphil® CORE range – Cleanse with Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser or Cetaphil® Hydrating Foaming Cream Cleanser, Moisturise with Cetaphil® Moisturising Cream or Cetaphil® Moisturising Lotion, and Protect with Cetaphil® Sun SPF 50+ Light Gel. This skincare routine aims to empower individuals to achieve Raya-ready radiant skin, emphasizing the importance of consistent, yet simple skincare practices during the holy month.

Adding to the festive excitement, Cetaphil® unveils its nationwide Buy & Win campaign, offering shoppers the chance to win prizes worth up to RM48,000. Prizes include an IKEA makeover, a 2D1N staycation at the hotel of their choice, and petrol vouchers.  

Moreover, from 1 March – 30 April 2024, shoppers can stand a chance to win an exclusive Mira Filzah shawl when spending a minimum of RM100 on Cetaphil® Bright Healthy Radiance products in a single receipt.

For further details on 30 Hari Kulit Sihat Raya Berseri, please visit www.cetaphil.com.my 

Apr 19, 2024

Nestlé GOODNES tempting Malaysian's Tastebuds!!!!

More and more Malaysians today are discovering they have options when it comes to nourishing beverages that go beyond dairy. In a move to cater to evolving dietary preferences, Nestlé GOODNES is showing how its plant-protein beverages are hitting just the right spot with its delicious offerings.

Introduced recently by Nestlé Malaysia as part of its commitment to make more affordable plant-based food and beverages readily available to all Malaysians, the Halal-certified and vegan- friendly Nestlé GOODNES range ticks all the boxes for a delicious tasting plant-protein beverage.

Harnessing the health benefits of almonds and oats, the Nestlé GOODNES beverages are lactose free, making them ideal for the increasingly flexitarian diets of consumers.

Mr. Juan Aranols, Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, said, "Plant-protein based beverages are giving health-conscious consumers and those with dietary constraints a wonderful alternative to dairy milk, particularly when they are also appealing to the palate. We have been steadily expanding our offerings with the needs of Malaysians in mind, and with Nestlé GOODNES, people have more choices at their fingertips. What's more, proper nutrition is vital for all of us, and these plant protein-based beverages and food provides variety and balance in meals."

The range comes in two velvety smooth flavours - Dairy-Free Oat and Dairy-Free Almond & Oat, made in Malaysia with oats and almonds. At the heart of Nestlé GOODNES is its natural sweetness derived from hydrolysed oats, without any added sugars (sucrose). This unique formulation is packed with the wholesome goodness of micronutrients like calcium and vitamin D which aids in the development of strong bones, and vitamins B2 and B3, to help with energy release from the food we eat.

Versatile and modestly-priced, Nestlé GOODNES can be easily incorporated into our daily lives to meet different needs. One can enjoy its delicious taste on its own, added to hot or cold beverages and cereals, and even used in cooking and baking.

Nestlé's selection of Halal dairy-free offerings also include MILO Dairy-Free and NESCAFE Dairy-Free versions for those who enjoy the original beverages but prefer plant-protein based options.

"With Nestlé GOODNES and our other plant-protein based beverages, Malaysians can get the best of both worlds sip by sip, as we help consumers make mindful decisions that reflect their lifestyles and environmental consciousness," added Mr Aranols.

For more information about Nestlé GOODNES, please visit https://www.dearnestle.com.my/brand-story/nestle-goodnes

Apr 14, 2024

Trying the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra....

Since I manage to break the backscreen of my iPhone 13 Pro, I was grateful for the chance to use the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for a couple of weeks.. while I got the other mobile device off to be repaired/ replaced….. this smart phone is definitely an impressive device to handle but with a Titanium frame, it doesn’t quite strain my hand especially since I use my phone for work a lot

I like that, the phone design is not slippery, and it does not leave too many fingerprints around like some of the glass phones…. 

The S-Pen, speaker grille, Type-C port and SIM tray are placed together at the bottom. The right side has power and volume keys. The weight distribution is pretty well balanced at the weight of 239 grams…

This screen of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra seems brighter than before and well, being a flagship phone, the performance of this phone is of course nothing short of impressive…. 

The Dynamic AMOLED panel produces vivid, accurate colours in both standard and Vivid modes. It also gets incredibly bright, hitting a peak of 2,600 nits in direct sunlig

It  makes it easy to view the screen even on a sunny day outdoors. And when you turn down the level of brightness, it maintains great colour and visibility so you can use it discreetly in very dim light.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with several innovative AI-powered features that aim to enhance the phone’s capabilities and user experience.  This includes Live Translation for real-time translation during calls, Interpreter mode for face-to-face text transcription between two languages, Circle to Search to easily initiate searches by circling objects, Chat Assist to refine the tone of written messages, Generative Edit to seamlessly remove objects from photos, and Note Assist to generate summaries and translations of notes and more. 

With this robust set of AI tools spanning across areas like visuals, language, communication and productivity, the S24 Ultra clearly establishes itself as one of the most advanced AI-driven smartphones yet.

I like that Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra phone switches easily between open programs, or even when I am scrolling web pages and my social media feeds, and that would be because sometimes I like to be playing my Monopoly Go or Pokemon Go to relieve stress while doing my blogging or photo editing etc

The Galaxy S24 series comes with One UI 6.1 based on Android 14 out of the box, promising seven years of software and OS support from Samsung

As a content creator, depending on my smartphone , I need a smartphone with a good camera… naturally, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra does not disappear and comes with a quad camera system, headlined by a high-resolution 200MP wide sensor for capturing intricate details and bright, vivid images. 

It includes a 12MP ultra-wide lens with a 120-degree field of view suited landscapes and buildings or design photography. 

The phone also comes with a 5x optical zoom telephoto camera with a 50MP sensor, replacing the S23 Ultra’s 10x periscope lens. This 5x telephoto range proves more versatile for everyday shooting scenarios. Rounding out the rear setup is a 10MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom.

When in use, the S24 Ultra seriously impresses me with its optical zoom capabilities up to 10x magnification, beyond which digital zoom leads to some pixellation. It’s low light photo capability is pretty impressive too as it can actually minimize noise in nightscapes and preserve highlights. 

I used it when I was with my dear friend Mary Jane at the Petroleum Club and manage to take some impressive photos

And I am pretty much excited by the Samsung S24 Ultra’s AI-enhanced editing such as object removal and background changes if need be….

For selfie fans, the Galaxy S24 Ultra sports the same 12MP selfie camera carried over from the S23 Ultra. It does captures good details and accurate skin tones in bright outdoor lighting. At night too, the camera shines as the selfies captured maintain the detailing and the crisp essence

And oh…my favorite part of the phone… this baby packs a 5,000mAh battery and the battery can get me through a full day of heavy use!!!!! But if you are a more conservative user, I am pretty sure the S24 Ultra can even last up to 1.5-2 days on a single charge….

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is pretty impressive and I love it and wish I can keep it… but well, I am not quite able to afford this yet but one more thing i have to say is that I am also happy  the phone doesn’t  heat up like the previous Galaxy models I owned before… thanks to a larger vapor chamber that Samsung has equipped internally… 

For those who want a smart looking working phone with amazing AI features and camera, should give this a shot…..