Oct 29, 2022

IC-CFS holds Serangkai: Ekspresi Hubungan Insan dan Alam event/ exhibition at Central Market Kuala Lumpur

So IC-CFS had their Serangkai: Ekspresi Hubungan Insan dan Alam event/ exhibition at Central Market Kuala Lumpur (Pasar Seni) which went on for 4 days….

IC-CFS - Serangkai: Ekspresi Hubungan Insan dan Alam is an exhibition themed event which targets bringing people and the environment together through interactive, entertaining and educational booths….

The event highlights the interconnectedness and connectedness between Humans and Nature through the sharing of physical, audio and visual information by the IC-CFS project spearheaded by Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia (JPSM) with the support of other collaborative partners: PERHILITAN and FRIM.

The event which was held at Central Market Kuala Lumpur from 27th to 30th October from 10am to 6pm definitely drew many interest….

Serangkai means "the same  or even one of a series" and such is the relationship between Man and Nature - though events and appearance can differ, we are somehow still closely related and connected….

Serangkai: Ekspresi Hubungan Insan dan Alam’s key partners in this event are :-

The Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia
- The IC-CFS Project is spearheaded by the Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia (FDPM) with the assistance from the State Forestry Departments of Johor, Pahang and Perak.
- The exhibition highlights the ongoing initiatives including: -
❖ Ecotourism Projects
❖ Community Based Organisation Activities
❖ Mitigation of Human-Elephant Conflict
❖ Rehabilitation Projects
- Through a public discussion and presentation, FDPM will be having a sharing session with the spokesperson of each agencies to introduce more on the key role of each state in supporting IC-CFS Project

- PERHILITAN is one of the key partners in the IC-CFS Project
- IC-CFS has adopted few working plans from PERHILITAN such as the Local Community Rangers that has been absorbed to the Veteran Army and Orang Asli (VETOA) Programme under Perhilitan, Training of SMART Tools, and
involved in the Sustainable Financing Sources for Conservation Projects
- During the event, FDPM is planning to highlight  wildlife conservation together with PERHILITAN with the showcasing of taxidermied wildlife and other critical information of Harimau Malaya

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)
- The Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) has been supporting IC-CFS in the development of Capacity Building Programs; Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Carbon Stock
- FRIM has published the 'Biodiversity Assessment and Monitoring Protocol in the Central Forest Spine Landscape' which incorporates eight functional groups; large mammals, small mammals, herpetofauna, dung beetles, ants, butterflies, herbaceous plants and trees found in the IC-CFS areas

Some of the notable attractions we came across or you can look forward to would be 

The tree exhibition

You can also learn the proper way to grow a tree at ‘Tree Planting Demonstration’

Panel discussion & sharing sessions with IC-CFS project team

Ekha Langkawi - A booth that promotes further exploration of upcycling through arts and craft.

Kids corner with 150 pcs of jigsaw puzzle

Colouring competition for both adults and children with cash prizes to be won

Screening of short films : Lak Wak Tu Neng & Backyard Rainforest
 A wildlife themed 12ft x 8ft live painting session by local graffiti artist Newba….

Local handmade clothing such as quilts

Traditional and preloved attires for sale, part of the effort to upcycle old outfits

Accessories such as sunglasses, earrings and necklaces

So head over to Central Market Kuala Lumour before 30th October 2022 and check it out if you are still able to….


Malaysia’s premium tea beverage brand, CHAGEE launched its new concept store - CHAGEE Express at The Sphere, Bangsar South. 

The introduction of CHAGEE Express establishes a modernized tea-drinking experience for customers in fast-paced environment which is in line with their tagline, “Premium Tea On The Go''.

To introduce a new level of convenience and efficiency to meet customers’ needs, the all-new concept store offers its’ signature tea drinks to customers who are constantly on the go whether it's due to their busy work schedules or hectic lifestyles. 

Thus, the CHAGEE Express concept store is designed to serve customers at a significantly shorter waiting time.

Customers at CHAGEE Express are able to purchase and receive their favorite drinks much quicker without any compromise to quality and standards. This is made possible through tremendous research and development (R&D) efforts in technology including modern machinery and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

One of the latest technologies acquired by CHAGEE Express is the Semi-Automated Production Machine which assists workers to accelerate the typical drink-making process.

The new technology at CHAGEE Express will aid in minimizing human error and maximizing efficiency during the preparation process which shortens the duration to prepare a drink. 

Further adding to its commitment to ensuring a speedy service, CHAGEE Express stores will only be offering three of its main drink categories - fresh milk tea, premium pure tea and cold brew series. Other series of drinks that require more preparation time are excluded at CHAGEE Express stores….

The concept store will focus on operating in bustling locations with high foot traffic such as business parks, public transportation transits, and even certain shopping centers, which will benefit the diligent customers in those areas. CHAGEE Express’ main objective is to conveniently bring these busy people closer to their favorite tea drink at any time of the day.

Mr. Jack Chong, Chief Executive Officer of CHAGEE Malaysia, said “We consistently carry out R&D initiatives to adopt new technology into our current processes to enhance our latest innovations such as this CHAGEE Express store. 

We put additional concentration on the fundamentals of the drink-making procedure - from the preparation, to tea brewing, and other important steps to ensure that we are able to match the quickened service with high-quality drinks. At CHAGEE, we thrive to maintain the overall tea-drinking experience that our customers love, and I look forward to employing more innovative initiatives in the near future to further escalate our products and services for our beloved fans.”

Fans of CHAGEE can expect more CHAGEE Express outlet locations this year such as at the following:
● Intermark Mall, Kuala Lumpur
● The Curve, Petaling Jaya
● Main Place Mall, Subang Jaya
● MyTOWN, Kuala Lumpur
● Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya
● JB City Square, Johor Bahru

Oct 28, 2022

Meta Launches #JomJagaPrivasi Privacy Education Campaign to Empower Malaysians to Take Control of Privacy Experience

Meta launched it’s #JomJagaPrivasi campaign as part of its ongoing efforts to educate and encourage Malaysians to learn about privacy tools and resources on its platforms, this empowering the public to take necessary steps to protect their privacy and secure their online accounts. This hybrid online and offline campaign will be happening for two weeks….

Meanwhile, for three days between Friday, 28 October until Sunday, 30 October, (so guys, to those of you around KL) Meta is inviting the general public to visit its first ever physical pop-up Privacy Cafe at The Farm Craft, Bangsar South to learn about how they can manage their privacy settings through engaging and immersive activities in person and getting tips from key opinion leaders (KOLs).

At the Privacy Cafe, everyone can take a privacy quiz to gauge their knowledge on privacy controls and settings across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. 

You can also participate in a lineup of interactive and immersive activities that encourages us to learn through play and gain knowledge on how to take control of our online presence through in-person education on privacy controls and resources. 

Once you have completed the activities, you can enjoy cute complimentary desserts and beverages….

“Protecting people’s privacy is the right thing to do for our community and our business. Everyday, people rely on our platform to connect with each other on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, so it is important for people to understand what they share online. Which is why we are excited to launch the #JomJagaPrivasi campaign which will provide relatable and easy to understand ways for Malaysians to learn how to take control over their privacy settings,” said Nicole Tan, Country Director, Meta in Malaysia.

To make learning more interesting and engaging, people can play with an interactive digital experience, ‘Your Home’, that uses creative home design to help users demystify online privacy and create a Facebook experience that they’re comfortable with. People can also learn more about the privacy preference and controls on Instagram through an immersive Instagram AR Filter in collaboration with Florian Sabatier, an augmented reality (AR) creator who ventured into the extended reality (XR) space over 5 years ago and is now leading Holowisp, an agency focusing on AR marketing solutions.

At the launch, Noudhy Valdryno, Head of Public Policy, Malaysia at Meta also debunk common misconceptions around online privacy on Meta technologies and Meta’s commitment and ongoing investments in developing new ways to honor people’s privacy by providing greater transparency and controls.

“Earlier this year, we updated our Privacy Policy and also our Privacy Center to make it easier to understand and for people to know how to shape their experience with our products. We are committed to Meta’s vision for a privacy-focused platform, and this is why we continue to build tools to give people more transparency over how their data is used and we design every product and feature with privacy in mind,” said Noudhy.

The #JomJagaPrivasi campaign reaffirms Meta’s ongoing effort to enhance digital literacy and commitment to support local communities, while equipping them with resources and tools to control what they share, learn about availability of privacy tools and features, personalize what ads they see and keep their account secure on Meta platforms.

People can also expect to meet local KOLs like Ceddy Ang, Tan Yuki, Gajendrabalan Chandra, Adam Muzam, Ori Yuanwei, Amira Sachie and Jessica Chaw who will be making an appearance at the pop-up Privacy Cafe to share their personal experiences and debunking common myths around online privacy.

“We encourage people to visit the physical pop-up Privacy Cafe and to take part in both online and offline educational activities over the next two weeks of the campaign to learn how to take charge of their online privacy. We hope the campaign will also demystify common misunderstandings about online privacy, answer questions and help people know how they can be in control of their information online,” Nicole concluded.

Facebook Live sessions will be made available to help consumers understand and learn basics on online privacy. Do follow Meta Malaysia’s Facebook page to stay up to date on more tips and online educational activities...


Ramai orang memang teragak- agak bila disuruh melabur, kerana tidak ingin mengambil risiko….

I was also just like that until I sendiri terlibat dengan unit trust…. Dan of course, tidak boleh nafikan, memang risiko dalam setiap pelaburan dan banyak sangat perkara yang kita harus belajar untuk menguruskan kewangan dalam pelaburan kita sendiri….

Then the other day ada kawan saya yang ter cerita pasal seorang perintis perisian pelaburan kewangan yang bernama Simon Liau. Simon ini merupakan Pengasas dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif di dalam Finworld dan dia berjaya mengharumi nama Finworld itu sendiri dengan memenangi anugerah Golden Bull Award 2022.

Of course, dalam beberapa tahun dan bulan sebelum itu, Simon telah mengharungi banyak dugaan tetapi dengan berkat usahanya yang tidak mudah patah semangat, Simon pun berjaya menjadi seorang yang amat dikagumi sekarang….

Simon berkata bahawa mana -mana syarikat yang tidak dicabar, tidak boleh menjadi lebih besar. Memang benarkan?!!! Cuba imagine kalau kita tidak menerima cabaran, bagaimana boleh kita improvekan diri untuk menjadi lebih baik…. 
Anyway here are some background and info on Finworld Technology

FINWORLD TECHNOLOGY ialah sebuah syarikat yang memberi tumpuan kepada penyelesaian pelabur yang diperlukan.

Finworld Technology menghubungkan pelabur kepada rangkaian data dan maklumat yang terkini tentang pergerakan harga saham dan keputusan kewangan syarikat tersenarai.

Visi Finworld ini ialah untuk offer the best technology dan data terkini kepada pelabur.

Misi mereka adalah untuk menyampaikan data dan maklumat kewangan secara berkesan melalui teknologi inovatif terutama untuk pelabur dan professional pasaran saham.

Potential investors can get the full picture apabila melakukan analisis pelaburan dan juga meningkatkan prestasi pelaburan mereka.

Finworld Technology is the most powerful and flexible platform in Malaysia. It is the number 1 place for stock investors and professionals who needs financial data, and analytics to make smarter, faster, and more informed stock investment decisions. 

It is also for those who need to know what's happening now and what might happen next in the Financial World!!!

Finworld Technology endeavours to provide unique and unbiased financial advice that empowers their clients to make well informed financial planning decisions….

Managing Director Finworld iaitu Simon, menamatkan Sarjana dalam kejuruteraan Kewangan di UK, telah berazam untuk membawa dunia kewangan negara Barat pulang ke Malaysia. Ini adalah kerana di Malaysia tidak ada satu pun syarikat perisian dan saham tempatan yang membantu pelabur-pelabur di Malaysia terus berkembang.

Walaupun terdapat pelbagai cabaran yang dilalui oleh Simon,  Simon tetap berusaha kerana peluang ada dimana-mana dan kalau dia tahu kalau tidak bertindak segera, pasti akan merugikan.

Simon and team manage to digitalize risks and rewards…. 

Tanpa berhenti, tanpa berputus asa, akhirnya apa yang di kerjakan dan di visualised itu menjadi kenyataan  dan it beransur-ansur berkembang dengan mantap. Hasilnya pada tahun 2022 Simon and team berjaya memenangi GOLDEN BULL AWARD.

Simon bepegang kepada empat perkara iaitu
1. Semua keputusan diukur berdasarkan pertubuhan syarikat
2. Keupayaan untuk mengubah kos syarikat secara fleksibel dan penggunaannya.
3. Teruskan merealisasikan ruang pembangunan
4. Semua operasi harian perniagaan diautomasikan dan digitalkan

Looking towards the future, Simon berazam untuk membangunkan produk domestik yang boleh dibeli dan dibanggakan oleh rakyat Malaysia.

Pada pendapat Simon, apabila pasaran tidak boleh hidup tanpa produk beliau, that is the first small sign of success!!!! The next step  would be produk kita tidak boleh digantikan dengan produk lain.
So for those of you yang baru nak berjinak- jinak dalam pelaburan, harus dapatkan khidmat nasihat dalam pelaburan dan kewangan dari Finworld Technology Sdn Bhd….

Finworld sangat berbesar hati untuk melantik Dr. Ridzwan Bin Bakar menjadi penasihat korporat syarikat Finworld…

Dr. Ridzwan Bin Bakar ini bukan calang calang orangnya… beliau ialah seorang Akauntan profesional bertauliah (CPA CMA CA ACIS FCMA CIIF RFP Shariah) ….

Beliau pernah berkhidmat sebagai ketua Program Akauntan Awam Islam Bertauliah (CIPA CIMA Australia 2018-2021) dan adalah seorang Pemimpin Standard Perakaunan Islam Malaysia, 
seorang Ahli Lembaga Penasihat Pelan perakaunan (KPB) dan Wakaf…..

Dr. Ridzwan Bin Bakar juga merupakan Ahli kumpulan penasihat untuk kursus akademik Program Phi / DBA / MBA Graduate Business School UiTM, Ahli Program Pembangunan Kepimpinan (Pemeriksa bertauliah DDI International), Penyelidik kanan Institut Profesional Baitulmal, Pengasas Sekolah Berasrama Al-Quran Miftahulkhoir (MQBS) dan Jurucakap JAIS yang diberi kuasa (Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor)

Latar belakang perkhidmatan Dr. Ridzwan Bin Bakar bukan kurang impressive dengan beliau yang pernah berkhidmat sebagai pegawai kanan organisasi korporat (GLC) yang mempunyai hubungan dengan kerajaan, Timbalan CFO TMNet Sdn Bhd

Latar belakang Dr. Ridzwan Bin Bakar tidak kurang hebat kerana beliau :-

1. Pengamal kewangan dan Wakaf Islam (untuk pemberian dana)
2. Ahli Penasihat Bandar Wakaf Pintar Pahang
3. Pemimpin dasar awam Malaysia yang bertanggungjawab untuk insentif cukai Wakaf dan derma (Pejabat Perdana Menteri dan Kementerian Kewangan JAWHAR)
4. Dilantik sebagai Bendahari Kehormat dan Anggota Lembaga Majlis Tindakan Wakaf Antarabangsa (iWaqf)
5. Pengerusi Program Inovasi Wakaf
6. Ahli akademik Wakaf Antarabangsa, Bank of Jakarta
7. Pemimpin Syiling Wakaf BWi global
8. Dilantik sebagai pasukan tugas utama Surat Ikatan Amanah Wakaf Malaysia
9. Memimpin sejumlah pembiayaan sosial Islam, inisiatif Wakaf dan dasar awam di Malaysia dan luar negara
10. Ketua Penyelidikan Kewangan, Perakaunan dan Sains Sosial Islam (IFASS)
11. Dilantik sebagai Lembaga Pengarah Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah (MAIWP)
12. Pengarah dan Pemegang Amanah Pusat Wakaf
13. Jawatankuasa Pelaburan Yayasan Wakaf Malaysia (YWM)

Do use this promo code to entitle for your free 3 hours training

For more info on Finworld Technology check out…..
Alamat:No7-2 Jalan PJU5/6, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Telefon:+ 6010-5315491

Oct 27, 2022

Absolut Music Festival by ELFBAR dianjurkan PERCUMA di Sungai Besi

Absolut Events & Management Sdn Bhd akan berkolaborasi dengan jenama ELFBAR untuk menganjurkan sebuah konsert PERCUMA pada awal November depan. 

Festival gaya hidup yang berkonsepkan sebuah konsert secara terbuka ini juga akan membawa festival makanan Absolut Food Festival di bawah satu acara….

Kelainan yang Absolut Events & Management Sdn Bhd bakal bawakan adalah dengan menyatukan kepelbagaian di dalam satu acara. 

Akim dikhabarkan juga akan menampilkan diri antara barisan 18 artis yang akan menjayakan persembahan sempena konsert percuma awal bulan depan di Bandar Malaysia, Sungai Besi.

Selain Akim, kumpulan rock legenda Search, vokalis Alleycats, Datuk David Arumugam, Faizal Tahir, Joe Flizzow, Andi Bernadee, Dolla serta ramai lagi akan melakukan persembahan sepanjang tiga hari penganjuran acara tersebut.

Bertemakan festival dengan konsep terbuka, acara yang mendapat tajaan dari syarikat vape, Elfbar diadakan bertujuan menyemarakkan lagi industri acara yang tampak suram sejak dua tahun kebelakangan ini.

Acara kali ini juga akan memberi peluang rezeki kepada 110 peniaga kecil dan sederhana terdiri daripada industri makanan, minuman, pakaian dan kosmetik untuk menjual barangan mereka.

Tidak lupa juga dengan kehadiran lebih 50 penggiat media sosial dan 50 para penggiat dari industri lakonan seperti Aedy Ashraf, Meerqeen, Anna Jobling, Uqasha Senrose, Emma Maembong, Hannah Delisha dan ramai lagi yang bakal memeriahkan suasana acara ini kelak.

Festival yang akan bermula dari 4 hingga 6 November ini turut mendapat sokongan Tourism Malaysia dan Cuti-Cuti Malaysia.

Acara ini tidak mungkin dapat disajikan secara PERCUMA kepada anda semua tanpa kerjasama bersama pihak ELFBAR selaku penaja rasmi Absolut Music Festival 2022.

Tidak lupa juga, Festival ini turut mendapat sokongan daripada Tourism Malaysia dan Cuti-Cuti Malaysia.

Sehubungan dengan itu, pihak Absolut Events & Management Sdn Bhd ingin menjemput orang ramai untuk hadir beramai-ramai memeriahkan lagi festival yang bakal berlangsung selama 3 hari ini. 

Sambil makan dan minum bersama yang tersayang, anda juga boleh menikmati dendangan lagu yang bakal dipersembahkan kepada anda semua.

Semua dijemput hadir! Jumpa anda di Absolut Music Festival by ELFBAR !

Thursday Plantation skin care for acne breakouts

Acne is such an annoying skin condition that happens when your follicles are clogged with oil and dead skin cells. This causes whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. 

Acne happens most commonly among teenagers, but also affects people of all ages.

Effective acne treatments are available, but acne can be persistent. The pimples and bumps heal slowly, and when one begins to go away, others seem to crop up.

Depending on its severity, acne can cause much emotional distress and leave our skin ugly woth scars…. Thus the faster you start treatment, the lower your risk of such problems… and one of the best way to prevent and treat acne is with tea tree oil…..

Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil, is an essential oil distilled from the leaves of the native Australian plant Melaleuca alternifolia.

Tea tree oil has been used for almost 100 years as a healing treatment in Australia, particularly for skin conditions as it is best known for its antibacterial activity.

Tea tree oil is believed to have powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help purify skin. Used in traditional and folk medicine for centuries, tea tree is believed to be effective in treating skin complaints like acne and dandruff, as well as insect bites and minor infections.

Thursday Plantation has been educating  people on the restorative power of tea tree oil as well as other natural oils for nearly forty years now…. 

And today, the brand offers a unique range of health and beauty products, all derived from nature’s oils, to restore our skin to its healthiest. 

From relieving skin problems to restoring radiant, healthy skin, Thursday Plantation has you and your family’s health and beauty needs covered…. Thursday Plantation only uses the pure power of plant oils to restore our skin to its optimum… 

I love the products from Thursday Plantation as  the product range does not contain any nasties like synthetic parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sodium lauryl ether sulphate (SLES), or harsh detergents and is free from animal testing….

The all natural soap-free Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Wash for Acne is a formulation of nature’s cleansing and moisturising oils to deeply cleanse your skin while supporting its protective barrier and improving its condition and it has been newly reformulated to be better…

This vegan-friendly face wash contains the powerful combination of natural oils to help prevent acne and pimples by gently cleansing the skin to remove a build-up of excessive oils.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner is formulated to capture the antibacterial power of Tea Tree Oil and the toning benefits of Witch Hazel to purify your skin and tighten pores. 

Daily use of this naturally derived toner will leave our skin soft, smooth, hydrated, rejuvenated and glowing.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Cream is a formulation of nature’s cleansing and moisturising oils to deeply cleanse your skin while supporting its protective barrier and improving its condition. This vegan-friendly cream is made with organic ingredients to gently clean and freshen the facial skin without drying and without clogging the pores.

But personally for me and my teenage daughter, our favourite must-have would be Thursday Plantation Blemish Gel….

Thursday Plantation Blemish Gel is a natural, no peroxide, 100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, with a natural antibacterial agent. The concentrated formula penetrates deep into our skin to unblock sebaceous ducts and remove build-up of excessive oils as well as dry out pimples and acne. 

It is excellent in managing whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and acne and you will see a much improved skin condition in just 6 days….

As mentioned above, like all Thursday Plantation product , Thursday Plantation Blemish Gel is free from synthetic parabens, mineral oils, propylene glycol, lauryl sulphates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, synthetic preservatives and animal-derived ingredients. 

Many skincare companies use Benzoyl peroxide to combat acne… this is not healthy as Benzoyl peroxide works by peeling away the skin to get rid of dead skin cells, excessive oil, and bacteria that may be trapped underneath. Such effects leads to dryness, as well as redness and excessive peeling. You might notice itching and general irritation at the site of application too….

At Thursday Plantation, they use the natural goodness of Tea Tree Oil to provide a more gentle solution to all types of skin when treating acne without peroxide and silicon.

So lets join the #NoPeroxide movement and use a safer and more naturally effective way to get better healthier skin in like 6 days!!!!

Thursday Plantation Blemish Gel and Tea Tree range are available at selected pharmacies as well as online…