Feb 27, 2024

A Successful Intimate Night With Fabio Asher and Aizat Amdan

Tanjak Adventure & Tour successfully organized ‘An Intimate Night With Fabio Asher and Aizat Amdan,’ recently featuring the collaboration of two renowned singers familiar to music enthusiasts in Malaysia and Indonesia. 

The concert which was held at JioSpace, Petaling Jaya on 24th February 2024 marked the first shared stage performance for Fabio Asher and Aizat Amdan. 

However, both artistes delivered an amazing show for their fans, belting out 24 songs in total (12 songs each), and a special duet - Sinaran (made popular by Sheila Majid) performed by both artists in a special collaboration session which sent the fans clamouring for more…. 

Aizat Amdan, a household name in the Malaysian music industry was discovered on Malaysia’s biggest reality TV show ‘Akademi Fantasia’ more than a decade ago, and catapulted to stardom and has since written countless hit songs and has won a number prestigious awards in the local and regional music arena, including the Best Vocal Performance for the Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) and the regional Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM), and even Best Song and Best Performance at the Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL), one of the longest-running song competitions in Malaysia…..

Fabio Asher started singing from junior high and has also won several local singing competitions as qell as  coming out as one of the TOP 30 finalist in Xfactor Indonesia 2021. 

Fabio’s debut single “Bertahan Terluka" tells a story about a person who is willing to fight & sacrifice everything for his true love even though the person he loves keeps hurting him. 

This would be Fabio’s third concert in Kuala Lumpur, but he still manage to give his fans a unique experience while sharing the stage with Aizat Amdan…and the crowd certainly went wild for his hit song “Rumah Singgah”…..

And I was truly blessed to be able to watch these two singers giving their best in the concert!!! 

Tanjak Global plans to continue organizing more concerts showcasing creative collaborations between Malaysian and Indonesian artists in near future….


The VIKids Carnival is back at Alamanda Shopping Centre from 23 February to 10 March 2024!!!! 

Coinciding with the school holidays, this 17-day campaign will be an immersive carnival experience for VIKids members and their families.

The centre court at Alamanda Shopping Centre has been transformed to a vibrant carnival area, adorned with red and white striped tents and booths hosting a variety of fun fair games, arcade games, and craft activities. 

Weekends are further amped up with carnival performances 

A minimum spend of RM300 in two receipts at specialty stores grants VIKids members with a delightful We Bare Bear kids’ blanket from Miniso.

VIKids members can redeem a free Carnival Pass daily, unlocking a world of complimentary activities, games, and gifts at the carnival!!!

From the carousel and fun fair games to cotton candy and face painting, the Carnival Pass promises a fun and wholesome experience for young ones.

Non-members can join the VIKids Club on-site with a minimum spend of RM50 in a single receipt.

Upon completing the craft activities like crafting a Colourful Windmill, Building & Colouring a Wooden Plane, and engaging in colouring exercises, VIKids will have the exciting opportunity to Spin the Wheel of Prizes for a chance to win additional gifts, including a water bottle from Miniso.

During the weekends, the carnival will feature amazing performances like clown balloon sculpting, exciting juggling performance, and mesmerising magic shows.

Francis Tan, CEO of Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd, said, "The VIKids Carnival provides children with fun and educational activities during the school holidays, apart from creating lasting memories for families. The VIKids campaign is particularly special as it reaches out to young ones, and it is a testament to Suria KLCC Group’s commitment to providing value and joy to our loyal customers."

Mesra Mall Kemaman hosted its own VIKids Carnival from 18 to 22 February 2024, offering a unique and enjoyable experience in collaboration with Hobby Exotic Petting Zoo.

Throughout the 5-day event, the Sports Lobby came alive with a vibrant carnival-themed petting zoo, where families enjoyed animal interactions, feeding sessions, and awe-inspiring pet shows.

From 20 to 22 February, VIKids had the opportunity to unleash their creativity through craft workshops, including fingerprint printing, DIY cotton bud flowerpot making, and frog paper craft sessions.

For a rewarding experience, shoppers who spent RM50 or more in a single receipt at any specialty store could redeem an art/stationery set, enhancing the school holiday experience with a creative touch.

On 22 February, a colouring contest awaited children below the age of 12, divided into two categories (4-8 years old and 9-12 years old). Participants showcased their artistic talents for a chance to win exclusive hampers.

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Feb 26, 2024

Bella Hazaha Makes Pyjama Fashion Go Viral on Shopee Live

One homegrown Shopee Live entrepreneur has disrupted the Malaysian sleepwear market by targeting customers searching for trendy, modest, and affordable pyjamas that can be worn publicly. Bella Hazaha Pyjamas, launched in September 2023, has carved out a unique space in ready-to-wear pyjama fashion, by selling over 500 pyjamas daily and becoming a top seller on Shopee Live.

"Shopee Live has been a game-changer," says founder Bella. "Gone are the days of niche social media advertising. Now, I connect directly with customers, showcasing products in real time. It's like having a personal shopping assistant – the platform tracks orders while the host explains each pyjama's details. This has streamlined operations and boosted my business significantly. I even opened a physical office and warehouse to meet demand!"

Redefining Sleepwear Beyond the Bedroom
Going beyond traditional sleepwear, Bella Hazaha shatters stereotypes with bold prints, vibrant colours, and playful patterns. Their best-selling Kaftan Dress, designed by Bella herself, resonates with women who crave both comfort and self-expression, boasting over 36,600 pieces sold. The collection consists of 16 stunning patterns, ensuring every woman finds her perfect match, from ‘Daisy’ to ‘Leopard print’.

“Our customers are owning their individuality,” she explains. “While satin and silk sleepwear offer undeniable luxury and sensuality, their hefty price tag can be a barrier for many. We strive to create affordable luxury fashion pieces without compromising on quality. That’s why we use cotton mix for our sleepwear. This material isn't just budget-friendly, but it also provides comfort and practicality, offering low maintenance and easy care.”

Harnessing the power of live streaming, Bella revolutionises the way customers connect and shop. During a recent session with over 3,400 viewers, a viewer asked, "What size is right for me? I'm 151cm and 60kg." The host, demonstrating quick thinking and product expertise, promptly recommended a size ‘S’ and went on to explain the brand's sizing guide in detail, giving viewers confidence in their purchase decision. The brand goes live daily at 12PM, offering Malaysians not just affordable pyjamas below RM30 but also a friendly and informative shopping companion.

Personalising Audience Experience
To maintain brand consistency, Bella handpicks and trains each host as a brand ambassador. “I believe that livestream hosts are not just tasked to answer questions  – they are the face of our brand. I ensure that my hosts are trained far beyond scripts, standardising everything from makeup and headscarf styles to host-audience interaction. It’s a demanding approach, but what truly sets us apart is our ability to captivate viewers with both stunning fashion and genuine connection."

Bella Hazaha’s live team drives a sevenfold increase in sales through captivating Shopee Live sessions. Since its launch, the brand has strategically expanded its team from three to eight hosts, attributing a significant portion of its sales success to their lively streams that build trust and drive conversions.

"Maintaining energy and engagement during our four to eight hour daily streams demands a lot from our hosts," says Bella. "To ensure their well-being and maximise viewer interaction, we rotate between two hosts per stream, allowing for short breaks and recharged energy. Peak sales periods on Shopee can be intense, with viewership spiking over sevenfold from an average of 36,000 views. We prioritise addressing every comment, fostering a sense of community and ensuring no viewer feels neglected." she concluded.