Mar 31, 2023

GKB Probiotic Range helps with Beauty, IBS and Digestive Problems

Most of us suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome as well as a myriad of digestive problems or issues… some more then others… it has been said that these are usually triggered by:
* Food. Many people have worse IBS or digestive problems symptoms when they eat or drink certain foods or beverages. These include wheat, dairy products, citrus fruits, beans, cabbage, milk and carbonated drinks.
* Stress. Most people with IBS or digestive problems experience worse or more-frequent symptoms when going through stress…

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is actually a common disorder that affects the stomach and intestines, also called the gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms include cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea or constipation, or both

It often happens when we eat a big meal, and our digestive system gets overloaded and is not able to handle food as well as it should. This causes heartburn from acids going back from the stomach into the esophagus can causes  gas, nausea, or vomiting.

I was definitely excited to try the new GKB products because personally I am also one of those who are suffering from on off digestive problems…. And these awesome GKB supplements promises to help improve our intestinal health. 

And having consumed and trying these range of products- my digestive issues has been pretty much addressed and I never had such a comfortable two weeks with the ease of going to the toilet, not getting much heart burns or gastric or constipation….

Let me run you through these awesome products which I have been trying and loving….

GKB Probio+ contain 5 strains of probiotics and 2 types of prebiotics and comes in a ready-to-eat granule form…. One sachet of GKB Probio+ had 20 billion of viable probiotics!!! 

* Improve intestinal environment
* Alleviate constipation and diarrhea
* Enhance immune system
* Daily health maintenance

Suitable for whole family
For children 2 years and above: 1 sachet daily after food.
For adults: Take 1 sachet twice daily after food.

Being someone often suffering from constipation, after consuming this for like a few days , I finally found it sooo easy going to the toilet…. 

GKB Probizymes is formulated with Probiotics, Prebiotics, Carbohydrates Enzyme, Protein Enzyme and Lipid Enzyme that helps to aid digestion problems. GKB Probizymes contains 2 strains of probiotics: Lactobacillus Rhamnosus & Bifidobacterium Longum and also 8 types of digestive enzymes (for carbohydrates, protein and fats)

It comes in a ready-to-eat granule form with a mild orange taste with about 4.5 billion viable probiotics per sachet!!!

GKB Probizymes alleviates indigestion symptoms (bloating, burping, heartburn) and this helped me sooo much since all I do these few weeks is eat eat and eat for Ramadan and it helped with my bloating and heartburns

GKB G-Pro Gold is suitable for individuals with severe gastrointestinal diseases such as ulcerative colitis, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). … I like that this supplement consists of 10 different types of probiotics and two different types of prebiotics, and it improves gut flora, which definitely helps with our IBS…   To be honest my stomach never felt so comfortable for such a long time… and this happened since I started consuming GKB probiotics products which included this 

GKB Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Plus uses a probiotic strain widely used to prevent gut diseases such as leaky gut or dysbiosis. This supplement is ideal for women and helps address women’s issues such as reducing skin sensitivity and promoting healthy skin. Therefore it helps people with skin problems, includes eczema, dermatitis as well as those suffering from vaginal infection or urinary tract infection… 

I have some skin irritations and this really helped  cos I did not have such a hard time needing to scratch myself …

GKB Lactobacillus Plantarum GKM3 is often the go-to probiotic choice for better gut health that could lead to weight loss…. Aside from that, this product also increases the skin water content in the face and hands that promotes glowy skin as well as skin elasticity. This product is very suitable for people who are trying to lose belly fat like me, and therefore you could tell which of these are my favorite !!!! Hahahaha

GKM3 is a probiotic strain that fermented from Brassica Juncea (Green Mustard)that focuses on promoting gut health.

It contains about 40 billion of probiotic in a capsule and formulated using advanced manufacturing technology from Taiwan. In addition, it has 10 times the absorptivity, which means that it can stay longer in our intestine. Thus, it ensures that it can really absorb all the fat and come out from the body. 

Overall, the selection of products that GKB offers is definitely great and highly recommended to all having some form of digestive problems (practically most of us!!!) Each product is designed with particular ingredients to address particular gastrointestinal problems, and I discovered that they all had positive effects on my overall gut health.

GKB Promotes Health and Wellness in Malaysia GKB (GK BIO International Sdn. Bhd.) is a joint venture between All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Corporation and Grape King Bio from Taiwan which was established in 2018 with the objective of promoting health and wellness by providing quality health products to Malaysians at affordable prices. GKB has successfully helped over 1 million Malaysians have a healthy life with their great products 

All products under GKB are certified with the following labels: PICIS GMP, IS022000, HACCP, NSF GMP, TOF HALAL, TFDA secondary quality control certification, Malaysian GMP excellent manufacturing standard certification, FSSC 22000, and ISO/IEC TAF 17025 in order to ensure the highest levels of product safety, quality, and manufacturing standards….

GKB products are available at all major pharmacies in Malaysia, including Alpro Pharmacy, Guardian, Watsons Malaysia and Caring Pharmacy.
Official Website:
RED ID: 1318211221 (GKB E)

Mar 30, 2023


Guardian Malaysia premiered  ‘Guardian Raya Untuk Semua’, its 2023 Hari Raya video in conjunction with the unveiling of its spectacular Hari Raya promotion offers!


Angela Teo, Head of Marketing, Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd; “Our Raya video 2023, called ‘Guardian Raya Untuk Semua’ has been created to reinforce the beauty of strong family values and ties, on important occasions such as Hari Raya.


“We also used this occasion to showcase the role Guardian plays in the everyday lives of Malaysians by helping them have a healthy and stylish Hari Raya, by providing our customers great health and beauty products at even better value this year!” she added, during the airing of the video at a berbuka puasa event with the media.


The video, which features a catchy song by Guardian with a Joget vibe, is built around the theme - ‘A family that plays together, stays together.’


Despite their differences, different personalities, and idiosyncrasies, once a family comes together, they will fit together seamlessly, helping one another to be better and happier.


Teo said: “At Guardian, we want to celebrate differences and diversity and that Guardian is for everyone.  No matter who you are, what your needs are, whatever your age and gender, Guardian is a brand that serves all your health and beauty needs and bring families together and we will always be there for you.”


What makes this video different from previous ones, is that for this year’s video, Guardian featured four loyal Guardian customers. These four women, were the among the finalists in Guardian’s Face of Healthy Beauty Contest in 2019.


Teo said that these four women, namely; Dr Amanda Elli, Puteri Shazwani Megat Ahmad Shahriman, Yasmin Khalid and Afeefa Ooi, are loyal Guardian customers and are living examples of Healthy Beauty – a life concept that Guardian champions very strongly in everything it does.


“We are so proud of them that we call these four women, our Icons of Healthy Beauty,” Teo said.


To help customers stay healthy and beautiful for Hari Raya, Teo also announced Guardian’s ‘Raya Untuk Semua’ offers that features promotion savings of up to 50%, that will begin in all stores and online from 30 March 2023.


Some of these special Hari Raya offers include:

Exclusive Free Gifts

o Free Beauty Storage Organizer with purchase of RM160 & above

o Free 3-Piece Ceramic Baking Plate Gift Set with purchase of RM120 & above

o Free Meadows Glass Container with Bamboo Lid with purchase of RM120 & above

Purchase With Purchase of an Exclusive Mini Air Fryer 1.5L at RM89 and save 50% off (T&C applies)

Free RM10 Skin Care Coupon with purchase of RM80 & above

Free Skin Care Brand Vouchers worth RM118

70% discount on 2nd item on selected Guardian brand personal care products

Free Raya Packet (6s) with purchase of RM68 & above


In the holy month of Ramadan, where doing good and charitable actions are encouraged, Guardian customers can also help the underprivileged children in Malaysia by buying any Guardian bath care products.  For every one litre bottle sold, Guardian will donate RM0.15sen to a fund to buy bath care products for these children.


“So don’t miss out on these spectacular offers that we have prepared for you for this Hari Raya.  Make sure you look your glamourous and healthy best when you ‘balik kampung’ to meet all your extended family members,” Teo concluded.


‘Guardian’s Raya Untuk Semua’ Hari Raya video can be seen by accessing this link: and Guardian’s Raya Untuk Semua offers can be found and at Guardian’s mobile app store.

Mar 23, 2023

Music 2023 - joan share new single ‘loner’

Acclaimed alt pop duo joan today announce their new single and accompanying visuals ‘loner’, the latest track to be lifted from their highly anticipated debut album superglue, out April 19thvia Photo Finish Records.


‘loner’ discusses the poignant experience of feeling like you don’t fit in, and the isolation and sadness that can result. The emotional yet upbeat track also highlights how important it is to find your tribe and those feelings of acceptance and joy that result when you are comfortable in yourself and around others. 


Watch the video for ‘loner’


joan share, “We talk all the time with each other about how we never really fit in with any crowd in high  school, and we’re lucky to have found people that match with us and make us feel comfortable in our own skin. It’s a hard few years though, not having that  connection with anyone specific that *really* gets you. This song was brought out  from that emotion and experience.


With fervent pop rock soundscapes under cathartic and infectious melodies, ‘loner’ is a captivating anthem dedicated to every misfit. The band further share, "You know when you go to a party or really anything with  crowds, and you have that sort of pit in your stomach because you don’t feel like  you belong and you really just don't want to be there? That’s what loner is about — being in those situations and knowing you’re better off just sticking to your own  corner and keeping to yourself. But, it’s also about someone walking into that  party that sees you and gets you and feels the same way you do and you’re  thinking, “i’d rather be alone, you’d rather be alone, should we alone together?”  and all the sudden the thought of being with someone doesn’t seem so bad.”


The single is the latest from their 12 track full length which is over three years in the making, following their beloved EPs portra, cloudy, hi  and bye. Entitled superglue, the album is an existential journey influenced by the duo’s recent transition into fatherhood. The duo will embark on a 20 date nationwide U.S. headlining tour beginning May 13th, to support their album, see below for full list of dates.

superglue tracklist

life, death & everything between




backseat driving

coffee shop

don't wanna be your friend



feeling like dancing

falling in love




Pre-order superglue

The Little Rock, Arkansas based twosome is known for creating expansive pop music from inside their bedrooms in deepest Middle America. Their infectious blend of pop eras, DIY, self-sustaining aesthetic and deep connection with their fanbase has resulted in international success with over 150 million streams and sold out shows across the globe including headlining 15,000+ capacity venues in Asia.

joan(Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford) have spent the past few years building their world, single by single, tour date by tour date; from their debut EP, 2019’s portra, to the much-loved cloudy & its sister EP partly cloudy, to 2021's hi & bye EPs. Their songs have been streamed over 120 million times, with well over a million listeners a month across streaming platforms.  

joan have enjoyed U.S. and international tours supporting the likes of Jeremy Zucker, COIN, Bloc Party and The Aces, as well as playing to fans across Asia with headline shows and festivals in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong - they return to Asia for the biggest shows yet, includes dates at a basketball arena and a theme park. joan’s infectious blend of pop eras & styles belies their roots in Little Rock, Arkansas, but their sense of warmth and community from those around them at home gives their music a sense of belonging often missing from others’ and that extends to their fanbase, with whom they interact via a successful Patreon page and through free meet & greets at every show.

 2023 promises to be the band’s biggest yet, with the release of their debut album and worldwide touring & festivals. 

joan tour dates 

April 5 - Camden Assembly, London, UK  

May 13 - The Masquerade (Hell Stage): Atlanta, GA 

May 14 - The Basement East: Nashville, TN

May 16 - Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 

May 17: The Lounge @ World Cafe: Philadelphia, PA 

May 19 - The Black Cat: Washington DC

May 20 - The Sinclair: Boston, MA  

May 23 - The Velvet Underground, Toronto, ON  

May 25 - Subterranean: Chicago, IL 

May 31 - Parish: Austin, TX

June 1 - Club Dada: Dallas, TX  

June 3 - Valley Bar: Phoenix, AZ 

June 4 - Voodoo Room @ HOB: San Diego, CA

June 6 - Constellation Room: Santa Ana, CA  

June 7 - Teragram Ballroom: Los Angeles, CA  

June 8 - Popscene @ Rickshaw Shop: San Fransisco, CA  

June 10 - Polaris Hall: Portland, OR  

June 11 - Barboza: Seattle, WA  

June 13 - Soundwell: Salt Lake City, UT  

June 14 - Larimer Lounge: Denver, CO  

June 16 - Little Rock Music Hall: Little Rock, AR  

5 Places To Buy Yummy Buka Puasa Meals On ShopeeFood This Ramadan

With Ramadan just around the corner, ShopeeFood users can get their favourite buka puasa meals delivered right to their doorstep for better convenience during the fasting month.

With discounts and free delivery, ShopeeFood users can spend more time enjoying a yummy meal to start and end of the day while spending less time in the kitchen or being stuck in traffic during rush hour. 

Kongsi Keriangan with your family and friends this Ramadan, and order from ShopeeFood today. 

ShopeeFood offers a variety of merchants to choose from and if you don’t know where to start, checkout these 5 popular restaurants on ShopeeFood to order your meals from:
1. Tiga Budak Gemok: This restaurant serves generous portions of Malaysian comfort food that are perfect for sharing with friends and family. Popular dishes include Nasi Ayam Kicap Biasa + Telur + Tempe and Siput Masak Lemak Cilipadi.

2. Pasta Panas: This popular pasta joint offers a unique and exciting dining experience with their spicy twist on classic pasta dishes. Try out their bestselling pasta dishes like Spicy Chili Mac and Salted Egg Pasta.

3. 4Fingers: This restaurant serves mouthwatering Korean-style fried chicken that is crispy, juicy, and addictive.Offering singular combos and family sets, 4Fingers is perfect whether you’re dining alone or with your loved ones.

4. Tealive: Tealive is a popular chain of bubble tea shops in Malaysia, known for their diverse range of delicious drinks made with fresh ingredients.

5. Sushi King: For sushi lovers, Sushi king provides a wide selection of fresh and delicious sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese dishes at affordable prices, making it a go-to spot for sushi lovers.

Don’t forget to checkout these special discount days as well and make the most of your fasting month food orders:

ShopeeFood Day : LINK

From 20 Mar - 22 Mar, kickstart the holy month of Ramadan right and enjoy great discounts and free delivery for buka puasa meals.
  ● Up To RM30 OFF (no minimum spend)
● Super Deals up to RM21 OFF
● Free Delivery
ShopeeFood PayDay Sale : LINK

From 25 Mar - 28 Mar, treat yourself and your loved ones to yummy meals without breaking the bank.
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● Free Delivery

Music 2023 - Rema Holiday / Reason You

Global hitmaker Rema returns with ‘Holiday’ and ‘Reason You’, a double-sided single to mark his first solo release since dropping his debut album ‘Rave&Roses’ last year.

Both singles showcase a new, evolved sound for Rema with uptempo ‘Holiday’ reflecting on his struggles and the sacrifices he has made in his life - from Benin City to his debut EP in 2019 - highlighting his self-belief despite doubts, criticism and rejection. On the flip, Rema transports the listener through his enchanting, meditative vocals on ‘Reason You’, a song dedicated to one particular individual who has caught his eye.

Rema is best known worldwide for his hit single ‘Calm Down’, which hit No. 6 on The UK Offical Charts, and No. 1 on the Billboard Global (Excl. U.S) chart, and has become the best performing Afrobeats video on Youtube of all time.

 ‘Calm Down’ has received unwavering support across India and The UAE, it was the first No. 1 single on the debut MENA chart, and now Rema is the 65th most streamed artist on Spotify with over 37 million monthly listeners, the highest amount an artist from Africa has ever achieved. 

At the end of 2022, Rema’s sold-out worldwide tour proved why he has continued to be one of the most hyped artists in the global game. His two sold-out Brixton shows in London boasted surprise appearances from Skepta, Dave and Fireboy DML, to name a few, with Rema's high-energy performance impressing the harshest of critics.
Marking a year since his debut album dropped, Rema’s star has continued to shine brighter than ever, proving the immense impact Afrobeats has had on the world. Rema has grown up in front of everyone's eyes and has known the potential he held inside from day one.

Now 22 years old, 2023 is a coming-of-age year for the Afrorave pioneer who will continue to grow, create and leave his Divine mark on music. For more information on Rema, please visit: 

Watch the videos here: 

Mar 22, 2023

PGDM Annual Digital Awards 2022 awards promising industry players for their achievements

So yours truly was lucky to be given a chance to mingle with top business people in the small medium industries during the recent PGDM Annual Digital Awards 2022

The PGDM Annual Digital Awards 2022 was held  recently at Tenera Hotel Bangi, with the objective of giving acknowledgement and opportunities amongst the active PGDM - Pertubuhan Generasi Digital Malaysia consortium members especially for successful industry players who showed a lot of promise and have the potential for bigger achievements in their chosen industry in and out of the country…

PGDM also gave awards to international conglomerate companies as well as acknowledgments to agency bodies and government statutory bodies for their kind assistance and contributions towards the local community and country…


Until this moment, PGDM’s  strategic partners are as follows:























This are the list of 4 of the main PGDM ANNUAL DIGITAL AWARD recipients!!! They are deserving and just amazing and personally I am excited to see what the future is with these amazing people around!!!

Don’t get me wrong, as there were actually a lot more awards - 32 of them to be exact-  to a lot of equally deserving companies and the people behind it, and me going on and on about it will only make it long and draggy….

1st recipient is Mr V Devindran who is the CEO for BIGCORP-A BERHAD for being the “POPULAR DIGITAL AWARD YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR TALENT OF THE YEAR”

BiGCORP-A created a Health & Beauty 

product named Litna and has been providing quality products using natural herbs which are non toxic , free of chemicals , artificial ingredients & preservatives in Health & Beauty and offering the greatest gifts from nature to all, so that others can achieve radiant beauty as well as a healthy life….

2nd recipient is Dato SK who is the for CEO SIMEBAX HOLDINGS SDN BHD for winning the “POPULAR DIGITAL AWARD FOR INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY”, a worldwide Logistics company specialising in providing transportation from Air Cargo forwarding to interstates trailer transport services.

Then, there is Mr Shairul Abd Razak & Mr Izwan Kamal, both who are Malaysian Country Partners to PANDOSOFT SDN BHD which won the “POPULAR DIGITAL AWARD FOR INFLUENTIAL ENTREPRENEUR IN BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY”

These Onestop Multi Model Streaming Blockchain Platform Company is powered by community  that has demonstrated exceptional performance in this industry and have made a significant impact through the contributions to advancing the technology!!!

Mr Abdul Kadis bin Engkok who is the President for KADIS INTERNATIONAL BERHAD, “POPULAR DIGITAL AWARD FOR INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS AND DEVELOPMENT FINANCING” collected the 4th award for being an investment & finance company that work hand in hand with corporations , institutions & governments to provide the solutions for each of their needs.

Anyway other amazing and proud award winners included Worldwide Holding Berhad, Imar Maju Sdn Bhd, Agro Universal Resources Sdn Bhd, P.T Humitek Biomass Energi, Honorable Mohammad Ali Mia Bpm Ppm Bangladesh Assistant Inspector General Of Police (CID), Pertubuhan Alumni Penerima Zakat Malaysia, Google USA, Blue Quartz Group Canada and Malaysia, SWATV Malaysia, H.E Ambassador Francis Ndegwa Muhoro - Kenyan High Commissioner To Malaysia, H.E Dato Seri Marietta Arguido Reformado President United Nation World Peace Association (Unpa) Malaysia and the list continues

With over a total of 500,000 PGDM consortium association members consisting of small medium industry players from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan as well as Nepal, it was expected to get a significantly big impact from the Central Asia and South East Asia right from the start but this should noy be taken lightly as it signifies a huge market impact especially once opened to other countries’ participation 

The consortium association members will also be united under one eco-system platform with a completed E-Commerce which has been developed by a world famous Web Developer from Google USA and Google Canada under the supervision of Bluequartz Canada currently in stages in the coming 12 months… This will give the consortium association members an exclusive, efficient and effective opportunity to market their products exclusively, completed with with the benefits of the use of apps that has been prepared under a platform following current technologies

This objective and effort will make Malaysia a ‘Popular Gateway Cloud Platform’ for digital economy growth in line with the Malaysian Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s aspirations in promoting global digital economy….


PDGM also expressed their appreciation towards the readiness of the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia or Perbadanan Kemajuan Filem Nasional Malaysia (FINAS) for their efforts towards societal assistance  and will be launching the community  fund to assist those who are involved in the Malaysian film industry as well as the general society so that a better financial standing can be achieved to improve their livelihood….

PGDM is currently also drafting out a few programmes that is considered to be able to invigorate the spirit as well as business opportunities and feasible projects in the shape of exploring members “Strategic Partnership” network marketing opportunities such as an exhibition of their products and efforts at exhibitions that will be organised in Malaysia during the third quarter of next year and in Indonesia at the end of 2025 with the participation from the midst of consortium members as well as those who are relevant to them


Beside that, PGDM aspires and is looking forward to plan other programs such as seminars and international forums for the purpose of ‘Business Matching, Digital Economies, Human Resources Development, International Political RelationshipAwareness & Etiquette”towards the end of 2024

PGDM hopes that their digital economy activities and societal programs planned in the coming future to get the support and mentor support from the government, agencies and Malaysian government statutory bodies as well as from overseas including foundations, Non- Governmental Organisations (NGOs), philanthropists as well as private companies 


PGDM is confident that with the assistance of their appointed ambassadors and as global representatives, the continuity of efforts is ensured as planned to make a MADANI Malaysia - MADANI is the Malay acronym for SCRIPT, which stands for sustainability, care and compassion, respect, innovation, prosperity, and trust.