Oct 25, 2016

beautiful skin and captivating persona with ENCHANTEUR PARIS body care

Famed for its French inspired fine fragrance EDT range, ENCHANTEUR PARIS recently introduced their body care products which are also infused with similar fine fragrances to provide women with a complete top to toe all day freshness. 

Living in a humid weather together with having busy lives, I love having lotions or serums to protect and care for my skin, as do many women, don't you?

Oct 22, 2016

Julie's brings out "The Best of You"

Yours truly went all the way to Melaka to attend the Grand Launch for Julie’s ‘The Best of You 2016’ which was held at the AEON Bandaraya Melaka..

Oct 21, 2016

Venting it out a little......

Image result for frustration

Recently I got ‘cheated’ by a company. The company is a big company (and no, I am not disclosing the name of the company... I still have the decency to cover and protect the company’s name despite having them ‘cheat’ me)
What happened was the company has requested our presence along with a few other bloggers. Some were offered reimbursement, and I was one of those who were offered reimbursement (of a certain amount)…

Asia- Pacific One Belt One Road Tourism Industry Fund invests in Malaysian projects....

Yours truly was over at the Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur to check out the signing of MOU between  Evergreen Offshore Inc and a few Evergreen  has already signed some MOUs with a few potential project owners who are directly involved in the tourism development projects 

They have allocated some HKD2 billion from the Fund to invest in Malaysian projects ahead of its other targeted markets including Thailand and Vietnam. . 

 Hong Kong based Evergreen Offshore Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the “Evergreen Group” incorporated at the British Cayman Islands in May 2012. 

Oct 20, 2016

Indulge in "the Joy of Life" for a beautiful, healthy you....

Most Chinese girls grow up knowing that edible birds' nests are among some of the most expensive delicacies on the planet.

Image result for swiftlet bird nest

It may seem dumb, paying a lot of money just to indulge in bird saliva but the saliva comes from cave-dwelling birds called swiftlets, where the male birds would build the nests onto the vertical walls of the caves. Collecting and removing these nests is quite challenging, dangerous and painstaking, but well, this birds’ nest is believed to have a long list of health benefits. However here are also some of these swiftlets that build their nests under eaves of houses.

Oct 19, 2016


Yours truly was over at the Glasshouse in Seputeh to check out BETADINE®'s new Feminine Care range, the BETADINE® Daily Feminine Wash Foam and the BETADINE® Daily Feminine Liquid Wash that is specially designed for women’s daily hygiene needs. 

Surviving a high dosage of Radio Active Iodine at the National Cancer Institute..

After about 2 weeks in the hospital, my mother is finally discharged from the National Cancer Institute...I am very grateful she came out alive and well.. 

Image result for institut kanser negara

My mother Elaine, is 66 years old. She has been a single mother, and is not working. Unfortunately, I am her only daughter... huhu.. heaven knows how much I wish for siblings or people who can share my stress and also help take care of my mother...but for now, I have to be grateful she has a good friend and companion she lives with...

Oct 18, 2016

Focus Point's "Universal Eye Health" CSR Campaign

Do you know there are approximately 285 million people worldwide living with low vision and blindness? Out of these shocking numbers, 39 million people are blind and 246 million have moderate or severe visual impairment, and yes, yours truly is one of them... (moderate visual impairment, and need to wear glasses or contact lenses)...

Sad to say, 90% of blind people live in low-income countries of which 80% of these statistics is actually avoidable - i.e. readily treatable and/or preventable...

It is sad that though restorations of sight, and blindness prevention strategies are actually among the most cost-effective interventions in health care, not all know about it or worry about the cost...

However, the number of people blind from infectious causes has been greatly reduced in the past 20 years, though sadly, an estimated 19 million children are visually impaired....

Grab your free Chicken Muffin on 24 October 2016 between 7am -10am....

McDonald’s National Breakfast Day is back and it is on the 24th of October this year!!! McDonald’s National Breakfast Day is McDonald’s annual campaign in the bid to remind Malaysians to start off their day right with a wholesome breakfast, since many Malaysians prefer to skip breakfast…..

McDonald’s National Breakfast Day  is entering its fourth edition this year and with the theme #Senangpagipagi, McDonald’s hope that they can help Malaysians everywhere celebrate mornings by making it easier for early risers to indulge in a scrumptious meal.

Oct 17, 2016

BDB Marathon Jitra 2016

Jitra is a quaint little town in the Kubang Pasu District, Kedah, Malaysia. It is the fourth-largest town in Kedah after Alor Setar, Sungai Petani and Kulim.

Image result for darulaman lake park

Some of the famous landmarks in Jitra would be the Darulaman Park, Jitra Waterfront (behind police quarters), Rocky Dog Park, Lye Huat Garden (Mini Zoo), Cendol Pulut Jo and Bukit Wang,] a recreational park. Jitra is located approximately 30 kilometres from Thai border and thus is popular for being one of the many stops for tourists who came from the neighboring country or Malaysian visiting Thailand via road….

Oct 16, 2016

RM 200,000 raised at the first ever RBC Race for the Kids in Kuala Lumpur

Yours truly and her mini me (maybe not so mini... hahaha) were at the lush and beautiful Perdana Botanical Gardens early this morning with a good 1,500 or so people who gathered around to take part in the first ever Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Race for the Kids in Kuala Lumpur in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Malaysia.

Oct 15, 2016

The Great Britain Festival in KL

I do not know about you, but Britain definitely has a place in my heart. I do love many British things.. and have crushes on British men (yup, it's not all Korean pretty boys only ya, I also have crushes on this more rugged British dudes... hahah)... ehem... Colin Firth, David Beckham, Henry Cavill, Stephen Moyer, Hugh Dancy to name a few....... 

Most of my favorite clothing brands are from Britain.. errmm.. Marks and Spencers, Warehouse, River Island, Oasis, Dorothy Perkins....and yes, I have been to Britain twice.. once as a kid, and again in my twenties... I would so love another chance to head back to Britain, one fine day if  can save that much moolah...