Nov 17, 2017


All too often, as women, when it comes to buying gifts for the festive season, we often tend to think about other, your other half, your kids, your friends... But well, how about rewarding yourself this coming Christmas.. and yes, Mamonde’s Holiday Collection themed ‘Flowers for Me’ is sending out a message – which is to reward yourself before others. 

These JBL gadgets will change the way you listen to music...

 JBL is one of the brands around known for delivering immersive and breath-taking sound both indoors and out.  So when yours truly was invited to their event recently to check out their latest offerings I was delighted... 

With so many speakers, headphones and all, these are just a few that caught my attention or my eyes ... 

Nov 9, 2017

ENCHANTEUR PARIS PETITE PARFUM a must in every girl's bag...

If you are a girl who takes care of how she appears to others in public, your getting ready for the day would include a spritz of her perfume at the pulse points, sprucing up your hair and checking out your outfit of the day at the mirror before heading out. 

By midday, after a few appointments and running around and having lunch, you would probably head to the ladies room to touch up your lipstick. 

When evening comes you probably need another touch-up to your make up in the ladies room before heading out. After all, you might be bumping into that guy, the one that makes your heart race, and you do want to make an impression, right...  Just remember after every touch-up you do also need to reapply your perfume as a lady with a lovely scent gives the strongest attraction and lasting impression. 

Nov 6, 2017

Losing weight successfully the USANA MySmart Shake diet way...

Every now and then, we really have to stop and check when we are doing, how we are living and our health, and size… I am not overly vain, but I still like to be able to look good and take a step forward looking and feeling great..

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Being a blogger has its good and bad, which actually goes hand in hand… as we are exposed to a whole lot of good food and well, because of that, we also tend to over indulge and that is bad… for our weight..

Nov 5, 2017


So yours truly here was invited to go and try out the Sonne Sauna treatment, and admittedly I had mixed feelings.. I have indeed heard about the many benefits of using the Sonne Sauna for our health and so on... but well, yours truly has never actually been a fan of the conventional sauna and would run out of the sauna in about less then 5 minutes whenever I tried one... and always think I am being cooked alive or feeling like a steamed fish or the likes.. hahaha

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Nov 1, 2017

Effortless, bouncy curls any time with the new Philips StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler

Most of us ladies look better with curls, as well, it makes our hair looks more voluminous, and somewhat sexy and tousled for a night out with friends, while attending formal events or even when going to work or classes, rather the super straight and sleek hair... However, don't you think it can be just so hard recreating those bouncy and flouncy hairstyles we can get in salons....

I know I have used my hair curler at home and burnt my fingers countless times and also worry about unknowingly damaging my already fragile hair.

Oct 31, 2017

Take A Trip By Yourself

Why would I encourage anyone to do something on their own when we live in a world, surrounded by such amazing people? Writing a review of heat protectant is something you could do on your own but you might be thinking why would I want to travel on my own. You are about to find out why I think you should. Traveling is great when you go with a group of friends of family members, but it is also really great when you go on your own. When you go with other people, you are always coming to some sort of agreement as to what you want to do and see. You are not 100% doing what you want to do, unless you are the leader of the group and you were left in charge. If you do not like the responsibility of figuring out what to do on your own, then traveling by yourself might not be in your best interest.

Oct 28, 2017

ProductNation - Your Destination For The Latest Product Reviews

You know how confusing it can be when you are trying to look for a certain product and then once you think you found something you like, how annoying it gets when you realise you cannot get it here in Malaysia...

Image result for wondering

So I was trying to find myself some suitable skin care cleansers for my combination skin - yeah, I am so cursed with skin that is dry at the mouth and cheek areas but oily along

Oct 26, 2017

NaViX- your Natural Secret for Vitality and Combating Stress...

Stress is such an awful word and an even more worse feeling… and I have been given a whole shit load of stress lately, from my husband getting his 3rd stroke and temporary losing the left side function of his body, to family members pressuring me here and there, managing my teenager, juggling work and trying to make ends meet…

The stress has been overwhelming and if I do not think of my two daughters who are practically the only thing keeping me, or rather forcing me to be sane and grounded, I would have gone of the rockers and probably hurl myself off some building from what I am undergoing..

Oct 24, 2017


Nik Nafisah Marini Kamil is a woman who inspires half the women in Malaysia and make the other half envious. She is tall, graceful, slender and looks much more amazing then many women half her age…

Marini was one of our country's top models back in the 1980s. She has graced magazine covers and TV commercials.

Oct 23, 2017

ENCHANTEUR 24H Moist Perfumed Body Lotion- Irresistibly Soft Skin All Day Long!

It is important to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day so that our bodies get sufficient water to function. But drinking water alone is not enough to boost the hydration of skin. Dehydrated skin can cause skin to look dull and may lead to other skin problems like itchiness and sensitivity, which is exactly one of the problems I am undergoing currently because of the heat wave we are having here in Malaysia.. the weather has been oh so hot...

A hand and body lotion can keep skin hydrated, but may require re-application a few times a day to provide effective moisture all day long.

Oct 22, 2017

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur's the Conjuring Connection

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, one of Kuala Lumpur's premier malls recently threw some the members of the media and bloggers a little Halloween Party in conjunction with the Conjuring Connection Halloween even in the week leading up to Halloween...