Sep 21, 2017


Yours truly was over at the Nando’s Art Initiative exhibition at Publika recently...

The Nando’s Art Initiative is a platform that is dedicated to changing the lives of young artists in Malaysia and it has done so for 10 long years already, and so it is also celebrating its 10th year anniversary. From its humble beginnings in 2008, Nando’s has showcased more than 500 pieces of artworks from over 400 young upcoming local artists. 

Sep 17, 2017

RBC Race for the Kids returns to Kuala Lumpur on 29 October 2017

There is noting more exciting than running for charity, especially a charity for kids and well, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) recently announced that RBC Race for the Kids will return to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, 29 October 2017 at the scenic Perdana Botanical Gardens.

This 5km non-competitive charity run is expected to attract more than 1,800 runners and walkers of all ages in support of RBC’s charity partner, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Malaysia. RBC and RMHC Malaysia aim to raise more than RM 90,000 to fund a third Ronald McDonald Sensory Room at Sekolah Semangat Maju Taiping (SSMT) for children with learning disabilities, autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy.

Sep 14, 2017

Review - Hada Labo Whitening Cooling Sherbet

What if... there was a simple way to keep our skin radiant, hydrated and grease free... yeah, I am not kidding, in our Malaysian hot and humid weather all year long, that is a tough feat right...

However, Japanese brand, Hada Labo recently introduced their new Whitening Cooling Sherbet from Japan, so our skin does not have to take the heat anymore.

Sep 13, 2017

KL Sogo's new Beauty Hall...

Have you been to the newly revamped KL Sogo? If you haven't, I have to say you are missing out on a lot... and I really have to say I do so love KL Sogo’s refurbished beauty hall especially with all the latest products and mini stores by popular brands...

The new beauty hall is definitely pleasant with warm contemporary lighting that complements the sleek tiles, giving the departmental store a comfortable, fresh yet chic appearance.

Sep 12, 2017

Burp! Chicken with Salmon complete food, the new premium cat food from Pet Lovers Centre

 My cat Muezza is not a pure breed cat, but she has blue eyes, brown fur that somehow marks her decendance from some pure breed cat, however her huffiness and snobbishness might make anyone think she was one of the most expensive breeds around, but I guess this would be because she is just too spoiled and even more so when her brother/partner whom we adopted alongside with her went on to cat heaven earlier this year..  and yes, she can be pretty picky when she comes to food...

Sep 11, 2017


So yours truly was over at the Avenue K and I was stunned for a little while, for like, isn't Easter over.. but, no, for the first time in Malaysia, the Ground Floor Atrium area of Avenue K is kind of overrun by eggs from 1ft to 3ft tall..

This is in conjunction with the 2017 World Egg Day. So there, I have warned you, so do not be so stunned or surprise when you happen to be at Avenue K and come across about 388 eggs, eggs, and more egg sculptures 

Sep 5, 2017

My new best friend, the Philips SmartPro Compact robot vacuum cleaner

I use to have to ask my daughter to vacuum the floor every other day and she would be giving me that annoyed look, which I would return with an exasperated look… Why, you might ask..  but well, it is because of her that the floor gets dirty.. with biscuit or bread crumbs, bits of rice, paper and yeah, my huffy cat Muezza’s fur... and it also annoys me when she would just vacuum the area half heartedly , and the floor does not seem any cleaner than before either..

Related image

It can be so tiring having to vacuum the floor every other day but well, if you don’t… then you have a dirty home…It has been said that the dust in the average household has more than 2,000 different types of fungi/mould and 7,000 types of bacteria.. scary right!

Sep 2, 2017

How to clean your washing machine...

You might think that your washing machine must be clean since water is constantly passing through it, but what would you say if I tell you that your washing machine could be as dirty or even dirtier then your toilet?

Isn’t that scary… I know it sure is for me.. and the sad or horrifying part is it is true.. and this is because things such as detergent, food and bacteria actually build up inside our washing machine.

Aug 31, 2017

Mrs Worldwide International 2017 results and winners...

Mrs Worldwide 2017 pageant has crowned a new winner, the lovely Mrs Estonia, Triinu Akimseu who won the title of Mrs Worldwide International 2017… followed by Mrs Siberia, Evgenia Golovina as the first runner up and Mrs Korea, Younhi Park as the second runner up respectively…

The glitzy event showcased these gorgeous and beautifully poised married women, their accomplishments, and commitment to family and marriage as well as the ability to be positive role models to other women around.  The pageant tested participants for factors such as intelligence, personality & talents proving without a doubt that married women can still shine as brightly as the stars they are given a chance.

Aug 29, 2017

Rencana Royale TTDI, a great investment..

 Yours truly was over at the Rencana Royale Sales gallery for a peek at their Office Suites development project. It was a beautiful night of glitz and glamour and VIPs graced the event dressed to the nines and was entertained by a live band. Gracing the event was also YB Dato Razali bin Ibrahim, Timbalan Menteri Perdana Putra.

The Rencana Royale TTDI, an office suites development project on a two-acre Malay reserve parcel in TTDI, is giving Malay owners a chance to invest or own one of the unique 13-storey Corporate Suites in the sky, 2-storey Garden Suites, Deluxe Duplex Suites, Deluxe Suites, Executive Duplex Suites and/or Executive Suites...


Fusion food are food that has been prepared by using the techniques and ingredients of two or more ethnic or regional cuisines

There are times, some fusion food fail to go along nicely, but many a times, fusion food can be very delicious, recently, I was at the Cooking House in Bangsar to watch two new fusion dishes being made, which were lip smacking good..

Aug 28, 2017

Home decor ideas that do not burn a hole in your pocket

Our lives which are forever changing should also be reflected in our living spaces. I read somewhere that it is recommended that we upgrade our home decor a few years once, especially our bedroom as it is the place we spend most of the time in, resting and sleeping…. 

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pic credit to pinterest

A perfect bedroom should be a haven of relaxation that enables us to switch off and get a great night’s sleep, and so yes, I am in the midst of planning some changes on mine since it is getting pretty dull and boring and am in need of something new and refreshing.