Dec 14, 2017


Skechers™ shoes has always been one of my favorite brand since a few years now.. there is no other sports shoes that is actually so super comfortable or attractive like a pair of Skechers, but well, that is my opinion...

Anyway for fans of Skechers™, you will be pleased to know that SKECHERS USA, Inc (NYSE:SKX), a global leader in the lifestyle and performance footwear industry, has opened its new Skechers™ City Outlet at the recently renovated IPC Shopping Centre in Mutiara Damansara. 

Dec 13, 2017

888 Tea and Coffee range of Organic Products

‘Organic Care2u’ is an organic brand under Syarikat Thong Guan Trading Sdn Bhd, the same company that comes out with one of Malaysia's best coffee and tea... the 888 coffee and tea... 

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It is Organic Care2u's commitment to promote holistic sustainable development for us via organic food. 

‘Organic Care2u’ inspires well-being of mind, body and spirit through the art of creating a health product that nurtures people and honours the planet.

Mrs Malaysia Tourism Queen 2017

The Grand Final of Mrs Malaysia Tourism Queen 2017 is finally over and the Queens of the pageant were crowned during a glitzy and glamourous evening at the Shangri-La Hotel featuring “A” list judges and over 500 enthusiastic audience supporting their favourite queens.

Dec 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Shopee - 80 Million Downloads Across the Region

I am sure if you are a fan of online shopping like I am, you would have heard of Shopee.. becausenif you haven't, err, which coconut shell or rock did you just crawl out from under???

Shopee, if you somehow really do not know, is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.. and well it is now celebrating its anniversary again after another year of marked growth.

Dec 8, 2017

Ana Kleopatrena - The New Romantic Malay Drama

HyppTV, the award winning TV & Video streaming platform in Malaysia has produced yet another local but exclusive serial drama entitled ‘Ana Kleopatrena’. This 30 episode romantic drama series tells the story of Ana, a rich young girl who is unfortunate in looking for love and is aired over HyppSensasi HD (HyppTV Channel 116) beginning 29 November 2017 from 9.00 pm.

HyppTV drama fans will definitely be thrilled with this new production starring notable local actors and actresses such as Mimi Lana, Adeline Tsen, Mimi Ernida, Nazim Othman and Zoey Rahman. 

Dec 5, 2017

Beauty Kaseh Skincare 5 in 1.. beautiful skin in 7 days

Taking care of my beauty, even if I am not a great beauty is of importance to me. I have my vanity and I believe no matter what we should not let our beauty go... At very least, be presentable and attractive...

I am also pretty cautious when trying new products... and when I had a box of Beauty Kaseh Skincare given to me, believe me or not, I was highly suspicious...

Dec 3, 2017

The Gift of Christmas at Sunway Putra Mall

 So yours truly was over at the Sunway Putra Mall recently to witness the launch of their Christmas event... it sure was fascinating seeing the atrium cone alive with what looked like toy shelves and what looked like a toy factory in some ways...

Nov 30, 2017 to the rescue when your bateri 'kong'

Don't you know it is just so frustrating when your battery 'kong' or exhausted? Heaven knows that it is one of the most frustrating moments when you are tired, and want to head home after work, or shopping, and such only  to find your car dead... Its probably the moment all the expletives you know start coming out from your mouth... LOL

Nov 28, 2017

Loving the Jonlivia LED compression pants...

I was excited when Jonlivia asked me if I would love to try out their LED compression pants, though at that time I did not exactly know what it was for.. 

Previously, I had had reviewed a compression hot pants before and the material of the previous pair of hot pants was a little bit thick and somewhat uncomfortable to be won over a long period of time...

Nov 26, 2017

The new USANA InCelligence

Most of us know that USANA® InCelligence® Technology is on the cutting-edge of nutritional science. It is just amazing when you think about it, that USANA scientists has discovered how nutrients communicate with cells to initiate natural protection and renewal processes and have re-evaluated their formulas and updated the products.

Nov 25, 2017

The most well-proportioned face in Malaysia

We all seen beautiful people, so what makes someone beautiful.. some believe having a well-proportioned face is what that defines beauty... 

Merz, best known for having the only U.S. FDA-cleared, non-invasive skin lifting and tightening ultrasound device, Ulthera, recently revealed the 10 well-proportioned faces in Asia Pacific. 

At the same time, Merz also introduced some new scientific guidelines, the first of such, at the 38th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Dermatological Surgery (ISDS) 2017, to help aesthetic doctors assess well-proportioned faces in Asians.

Nov 18, 2017

Check out the new Komune-ity Workspace in Bangsar South

If you are looking for a community coworking space be sure to check out Komune...

Inspired by the word Community and all that it represents, Komune prides itself to be a place where people gather to innovate, collaborate and network with each other to foster a community of diverse talents.