Jul 19, 2017

Higher Education in Malaysia – Quick Overview

Read about educational system in Malaysia, higher education in Malaysia, and how to apply to Malaysian universities

Malaysian educational system: one of the best in the world
Thinking about an exemplary educational system, first that comes to mind are the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, or some of European countries with old educational tradition and well-known universities. And probably it will be striking that 5 of Malaysian universities are among the 500 best world universities (according to Shanghai rating, 2014), and that Malaysian educational system duplicates the British one, that is among 5 best systems in the world (IMD rating, 2014-2015). Students from all over the world are studying in the Malaysian universities and get international-level diplomas which are recognized and highly estimated in most countries.


Vitacare Pharmacy is a place where medicine and food meet. The people at Vitacare believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness, therefore whenever you step into a Vitacare Pharmacy, you will be sure to find a whole array of healthy and organic foods at their outlets and friendly pharmacists readily on hand to advise you on any queries you may have…

So yours truly was over at Vitacare Pharmacy at the Gardens where they had their ‘Health & Wellness Discovery Journey’ event for some of us bloggers and influencers…

Jul 17, 2017

Experience groundbreaking innovation at the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion in Malaysia

The Taiwan Excellence Pavilion recently had its first showcase at 1 Utama Shopping Centre...

The symbol of Taiwan Excellence is a mark of innovation - the highest accolade that can be awarded to Taiwanese products. 


So I was having some stressful moments recently... My refrigerator started giving me problems... It could not stay cold and water was leaking everywhere.. It was the sight of nightmares and a stench was beginning to come out of it... since when your refrigerator cannot stay cold the foodstuff starts spoiling as well.... and ohmaigerd busuknyer....

I was ready to tear out my hair then... stress.. oh stress...

Jul 16, 2017


Don't you agree with me that there are moments our lips can be pretty sensitive and when we ignore or forget to take extra care with it, our lips can be pretty dull, develop wrinkles and even become chapped and dry?? So that is why you really need to take care of our lips, whixh is as inportant as the rest of our face...

Mentholatum has introduced their all-new Premium Rich Moist, a super nourishing lipbalm that pampers the lips with all the best moisturizing ingredients. Formulated with 8 moisturizing ingredients i.e. Olive Oil, Honey, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Royal Jelly Extract, Shea Butter and Moringa Butter this premium lipbalm helps to relieve dry and chapped lips while keeping the lips velvety silky smooth.

Jul 15, 2017

Althea turns 2.....

Before anything else, a very happy 2nd birthday to one of most favorite online shops, none other then Althea Korea, the place I head to when I need to get me my K-beauty products which are always so affordably priced, beautifully bubble wrapped , packed straight from Korea in the most gorgeous themed boxes, during festive seasons, or a nice pink box on normal days. 
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It is hard to believe but Althea Korea is already 2 years old, and as usual, when Althea is celebrating, we are the one enjoying since there are like tons of amazing activities happening during in conjunction to their birthday!

Jul 13, 2017

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera review

I got my daughter an Instax Mini 9 instant film camera not too long ago and well, my soon-to-be teenage daughter, Anne fell in love with it.. The Instax Mini 9 instant film camera is an updated version of the Instax Mini 8, and is ideal for those vainpots who love to take selfies... 

The  Instax Mini 9 comes equipped with Fujinon 60mm f/12.7 lens, which offers a fixed focus from 2' to infinity and it includes a small selfie mirror which has been built into the front area of the lens design...

Jul 8, 2017

Shila Amzah to perform at Resorts World Genting

Malaysian singer-songwriter Shila Amzah, amazes me. I have never seen another person who can sing in so many languages fluently, she has sang Malay songs, English songs, Chinese songs, Korean songs, Japanese songs, Hindi songs and the list will go on I am sure and her voice is just so melodious...

It is surely no surprise that she is dubbed “Asia's Sweetheart,” and well, if you are a fan like I am, you will be pleased to know that she will soon light up the stage at Resorts World Genting with her unique brand of music that has won her international fame across Asia.


Most little girls grow up with Disney, and that would make them a Disney fan.. after all who can forget those brave and gorgeous Disney Princesses or well.. Mickey and Minnie Mouse..

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At the same time, little girls growing up will need lipbalms to keep their lips supple and moisturized.. And I daresay most of us in Asia would know that you can get some of the best and most affordable lipbalms that won't burn a hole in your pocket or wallet with LipIce lipbalms.. they have been around for as long as I can remember...

Ultherapy® for a younger you

Did you know Merz Aesthetics' Ultherapy® is celebrating the milestone achievement of providing one million treatments globally... Yeah... one million...

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Since its global launch in 2008, the non-invasive ultrasound device has become a game-changer in physician offices worldwide by using the body’s own regenerative response to gently and naturally stimulate collagen growth, don't you think that is impressive...

Jul 6, 2017

Memes on the Internet

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We spend a lot of time online and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. With mass amounts of information coming at us from multiple outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, email, Slack, Pinterest, and Youtube - just to name a few!), it can be hard to distinguish between the funny stuff and the hurtful stuff.

Jul 5, 2017

Awesome Books to Read This Summer

Looking for something a little different to read this summer? Tired of the same old top ten book lists or the laundry list of classics that are coming up short? If you are like me and have a bunch of half finished books on your shelf because they turned out to be boring, then check out these kick ass books this summer. I promise, you won’t be bored. There’s something for everyone on this list, and it offers a good mix of new and newish titles.

For The Broke Entrepreneur

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If you are a struggling writer, artist, babysitter - any kind of entrepreneur - you’re going to want to make some time to read Jen Sincero’s latest installment of the Badass books: You Are a Badass at Making Money. She tells it like it is and offers insightful ways to go out and get what you want out of life. She challenges you to get off the fence and make a decision already. It gets you all fired up and makes you want to go get your goals. She uses autobiographical anecdotes to cheer you on.