Dec 31, 2022

Countdown at IOI Malls!!!

Don’t miss out on an unforgettable countdown celebrations at these three IOI malls – IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, IOI Mall Puchong and IOI Mall Kulai, Johor. 

It’s happening today, 31 December 2022 and so get ready to party the night away from 6.30pm – 12.30am.

There will be exciting performances by local artists and fun activities specially curated for each mall which includes fun shows, activities and food trucks. But, that’s not all! There will be lucky draw sessions filled with attractive prizes up for grabs.

Wondering which mall to go to? Check out these scheduled performances and activities happening at each mall:

IOI City Mall Putrajaya

IOI City Mall will be coming alive with six hours of fun-filled activities including food trucks, lucky draws, live bands, roving buskers and local artist performances.

Enjoy performances by Hydra Live Band, illusion Magic Show by Pinky & Mark, a world class magician along with performances by local artists Ziana Zain, Masdo, Geraldine Gan, Floor 88, Andi Bernadee, Belle Yu Yian, Syameer Azmi, Bil Musa, Zul Hadi and Hasif Upin. Get ready to be starstruck by popular local artists and usher in the new year with a wonderful selection of musical performances.

To satisfy the foodies, there will be about 20 food trucks parked at The Symphony East, located at Phase 2 of the mall. Roving buskers and fire eaters will be roaming about while a delicious food fare is being served at Symphony East, Symphony West and West Garden. So, be on the lookout for some interestingly dressed characters who will be roaming the area and greeting guests. Don’t forget to snap a photo or two!

For more details on the countdown party at IOI City Mall Putrajaya, visit

IOI Mall Puchong

At IOI Mall Puchong, the countdown party will be happening at the outdoor carpark area where a flea market will be awaiting visitors as well. 

There will also be a wide selection of booths selling unique and quirky items along with food trucks, lucky draw, vocalist performances, and roving buskers to end the year with a bang.

Enjoy performances by renowned local artists such as Rynn Lim, Nick & Stella Chung, JieYing, Uriah See, Fuying & Sam, Rice Ng, Danny Ah Boy, Phei Yong, Chang Yong, Chang Le and Shu Sen. The show will also be hosted by radio announcers – Yoon Ng, Daniel Huang Zhen Yu, Byun Lim, Joe Chang, Catherine Kai Xin, Maq Lai and Kryston Yang.

For more details on the countdown party at IOI Mall Puchong, visit

IOI Mall Kulai

Down South in Kulai, Johor, shoppers will be treated to an Urban Food Fest at the mall’s parking area from 23 December 2022 – 1 January 2023. Paired with a countdown party on 31 December 2022, there will be about 20 vendors selling a variety of food and beverages ranging from local delicacies to a fusion mix of other cuisines. Do not miss out on the stage activities, traditional performances, lucky draw and a live band to keep the party going.

Enjoy performances by renowned local artists such as Baby ShimaWinnie K and Arulini Ashwiinaa Arumugam. 
For more details on the countdown party at IOI Mall Kulai, visit

With three malls to choose from, there is bound to be something for everyone at any one of the countdown parties to celebrate and party the night away. See you soon at one of the IOI Malls!

Dec 26, 2022

Durex ‘For-Play’ Mobile Hits the Spot Around Klang Valley

Durex Malaysia is continuing its mission to help young Malaysians learn about intimacy and encourage honest conversations through an open, safe and approachable platform with the launch of its roving ‘For-Play’ mobile truck which will be travelling throughout the Klang Valley for five days beginning 26 December 2022.


An extension of its #ComeTogether project which kicked-off in August 2022, the campaign advocates better understanding and the right knowledge about sex as well as drive positive behavioural change around the subject matter. This includes improving the youths’ attitude related to sexual and reproductive health and the inclination to shy away from speaking about it openly and honestly.


The roving vehicle, equipped with interactive educational games, live music, a bar which serves unique signature Durex cocktails and mocktails along with a product section to explain the importance of being safe revolutionizes sex education and enables young Malaysians to explore and learn that the first step to pleasure is protection.


“To live well with your sexuality while protecting yourself from sexually transmitted infections, you must keep one thing in mind: when it comes to sex, risk-taking is not related to orientation but to sexual practices. Youth is a key period for experimentation and learning about social interactions between individuals, including romantic feelings and sexual relationships. It is therefore the ideal time to identify the risks and to make lasting sense of the concepts of prevention, respect for others and for one’s own body,” commented Tiffany Tang, Marketing Director at Reckitt Benckiser.


Through the roving truck on-ground engagement, Durex is making the first move and sliding into areas where people congregate in order to break the taboos around sex and raise awareness on the importance of having a great and safe sex life.


As strong activists against sexual stigmas and non-inclusive attitudes, Durex Malaysia aims to showcase the “positive reality” of modern-day sex and encourage society to stand up, speak out and spark conversations.


While the exponential growth of the internet has brought positives in terms of exploration and access, its consequences such as misconception, myths, lack of education and confusion have been substantial.


“This might be the most important piece of work we ever do. Durex is a huge brand with a unique and vital role in culture. It has genuine influence, and the capability to enact real change. Our brand purpose will lead to healthier conversations around, and attitudes towards, sex, but also greater inclusion and acceptance for those who might not always experience it. To have a brand like Durex publicly and proudly on your side makes a difference,” added Tang.


With everyone being at different stages of their sexual life, Durex believes that having open conversations about sex can help all Malaysians feel more comfortable, enlightened and supported about sex and all the pleasures that come with it.

#ComeTogether and join the movement to celebrate the freedom to live and love!!


For more information about the Durex ‘For-Play’ mobile, log onto .

Dec 24, 2022

CU And Christy Ng Unveil A Truly Daebak Collaboration

Fans of CU, the number one Korean convenience store in Malaysia, can now celebrate the upcoming holiday season in ultimate fashion flair! CU has joined forces with popular Malaysian designer Christy Ng to unveil a line of fashionable, collectable tote bags for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re shopping for Christmas presents, meeting your besties, or even enjoying a carefree holiday with your loved ones – the CU x Christy Ng tote bags are the perfect additions to your #ootd! The designs on the tote bags are inspired by Korea’s CU outlet architecture, giving them a distinctive look unique to only CU, while both bags come in two special colour schemes to suit your personality and taste.

If a loud, outgoing, colourful vibe is what you want, the first tote bag with a fun, refreshing look with splashes of deep and bright blues and warm yellows for a sunny disposition is exactly what you need. Whereas if your vibe is more of a clean, classic feel – the second tote bag presents a more minimalistic, classic design in homage to CU’s instantly recognisable colours of purple and green.

Whichever colour you choose, these snazzy tote bags are made with high-quality canvas material, guaranteeing a comfortable shopping trip with an added touch of fashionable flair.  Take them with you when you’re shopping for your Secret Santa gifts, on a snack trip to CU, or even to simply jazz up your selfies during a fun day out in the town!

Having recently launched CU’s 100th outlet in Malaysia, this collaboration is both a celebration of the support CU has received from Malaysians, and an expression of CU’s sarang to shoppers. CU is all about creating refreshing experiences for our shoppers, and this is the first in many more special surprises to come – so stay tuned!

The CU x Christy Ng tote bag collection is now available to purchase at all CU outlets across Malaysia, retailing at RM49.90 each…
You can also opt for tote bags that comes pre-packed with an awesome range of CU offerings, including: a Foodaholic Aloe Soothing Gel, Lovint Choco Stick, Coca Cola Rasa Asli cluster pack, and even a limited quantity Coca Cola Notebook* for just RM69.90

C U around with one or even both of these trendy tote bags. Head to your nearest CU outlet and own one of these stylish tote bags designed by Christy Ng today!

*While stocks last.

Dec 22, 2022


Almost all Malaysians love instant noodles. We can never resist the urge for a big plate of instant noodles, no matter the time of day. To take its iconic flavour to the next level, Malaysia’s number one mi goreng, Mi SedaapTM has introduced a new flavour of Mi Goreng Ayam Bakar Limau.

The innovative flavour is inspired by our local legendary aromatic grilled chicken and its spicy piquant sambal, made available in the form of instant noodles.

“Grilled chicken is one of the most popular local dishes found across the Malay archipelago, heaven to diverse traditional dishes. What’s distinctive about our grilled chicken is that it combines a unique blend of spices that produces a burst of fresh lime aroma, paired with a spicy tangy sambal that tantalises all your taste buds.

We are delighted to introduce our innovative interpretation of this exquisite dish as the latest addition to our list of mouth- watering flavours. Mi SedaapTM Mi Goreng Ayam Bakar Limau is also complemented by our signature Kriuk- Kriuk® Daun Limau, coated with fresh lime taste, to be sprinkled as toppings,” said Ms Kam Ai Nee, Head of Marketing of Gentle Supreme Sdn Bhd.

As one of the leading brands in the instant noodles market for over 19 years, our vision is to provide quality products as we believe that the best things in life should be accessible to all. With the introduction of Mi SedaapTM Mi Goreng Ayam Bakar Limau, Malaysians can now get a quick fix of this legendary dish to satisfy their craving.

Mi SedaapTM factory is certified with ISO 22000 Certification for International Standard of Food Safety Management and ISO 9001 Certification for International Standard of Quality Management System. 

We have an extensive line of products that have been enjoyed by consumers in more than 30 countries including Malaysia over a decade. All our products meet the production standard that is highly controlled and produced under No.9, Jalan TP3, Taman Perindustrian UEP, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Tel: 03-80231489 (Hunting Line) Fax: 03-80237389 Email:

  GENTLE SUPREME SDN. BHD. (199901022322)
stringent production and supervision standards, as well as meeting food safety standards throughout the supply chain. Therefore, Mi Sedaap products are safe and always sedaap!

Mi SedaapTM Mi Goreng Ayam Bakar Limau is available in 89g x 5 bundle in all leading supermarkets nationwide.

Dec 21, 2022


Ailezee Rich Sdn Bhd yang mengeluarkan produk kosmetik Skin Dessert, telah memulakan tindakan undang-undang dengan menghantar Surat Tuntutan pada 7 Disember 2022 terhadap Institut Piawaian dan Penyelidikan Perindustrian Malaysia (SIRIM) berikutan isu yang tular menerusi platform media sosial baru-baru ini.

Isu ini bermula pada 4 Oktober 2022 apabila Pengasas Skin Dessert Puan Zirra Abdullah dan Pengarah Urusan Skin Dessert En Mohd Aliff Abd Kadir memuat naik gambar mereka di hadapan bangunan SIRIM di media sosial dengan tujuan untuk memaklumkan bahawa Skin Dessert sedang dalam proses menjalankan ujian produk bersama SIRIM.

Skin Dessert menerusi agen yang dilantik iaitu Abam Peah Holdings Sdn Bhd telah membuat dua (2) kali bayaraan kepada SIRIM untuk menjalankan dua jenis ujian iaitu Ujian Kerengsaan Kulit (Skin Irritation Test) dan Ujian Keberkesanan Produk terhadap produk keluaran iaitu ‘Skin Dessert Repairing Moisturizer’.

Berikutan muat naik gambar di depan SIRIM itu, SIRIM menerusi akaun rasmi media sosialnya meninggalkan komen di gambar yang dimuat naik Puan Zirra seperti berikut: “SIRIM Berhad ingin menegaskan bahawa SIRIM Berhad tidak pernah menjalankan sebarang pengujian terhadap produk Skin Dessert. Untuk sebarang pertanyaan berkenaan pengujian produk kosmetik, sila hubungi

Komen yang dibuat SIRIM menyebabkan isu produk Skin Dessert semakin tular mengakibatkan Puan Zirra dan En Aliff menerima pelbagai kecaman daripada netizen selama dua bulan sehingga merosakkan reputasi perniagaan dan mereka mengalami tekanan emosi memandangkan Puan Zirra dan En Aliff tidak dibenarkan membuat sebarang kenyataan mengenai isu berkenaan.

Malah komen SIRIM itu jelas bertentangan memandangkan Skin Dessert sudah membuat permohonan pengujian produk dan menghantar sampel produk kepada SIRIM pada 8 September 2022.

Pengujian Produk Oleh SIRIM

SIRIM kemudian menerusi surat bertarikh 26 Oktober 2022 memaklumkan terpaksa membatalkan permohonan pengujian ke atas produk sampel produk yang telah dihantar oleh Skin Dessert. Bayaran yang telah dibuat untuk kedua-dua ujian tersebut akan dipulangkan kepada syarikat Abam Peah Holdings Sdn Bhd selaku pengantara Skin Dessert dan SIRIM.

Susulan komen dan surat pembatalan yang dibuat SIRIM syarikat Abam Peah Holdings Sdn Bhd memohon untuk mengadakan satu perjumpaan dengan SIRIM bagi membincangkan isu yang timbul.

Pertemuan telah berlangsung pada 2 November 2022 dan antara perkara yang dibincangkan adalah permintaan Skin Dessert supaya SIRIM memohon maaf dan menjelaskan keadaan sebenar yang terjadi di mana Skin Dessert telah mengemukakan permohonan serta membayar kepada SIRIM bagi menjalankan dua (2) ujian iaitu ujian kerengsaan kulit dan ujian keberkesanan produk ‘Skin Dessert Repair Moisturizer’.

SIRIM bersetuju untuk meneruskan ujian untuk ‘Skin Dessert Repair Moisturizer’ seperti yang dirancang. Pada 16 November 2022 laporan ujian untuk produk tersebut telah dikeluarkan SIRIM.

Hasil laporan ujian daripada SIRIM menyatakan bahawa ‘Skin Dessert Repairing Moisturizer sebagai: “Under the condition of this test, Skin Dessert Repairing Moisturizer is consider as NON- IRRITANT (NI) to in vitro skin LabCyte EPI-Model 24.

Skin Dessert ketika ini masih memberi peluang kepada SIRIM untuk menjelaskan semua tuntutan yang dikemukakan memandangkan pihak peguam yang mewakili SIRIM masih dalam proses menunggu arahan lanjut dan jawapan SIRIM berhubung tuntutan Skin Dessert seperti dimaklumkan menerusi surat bertarikh 14 Disember 2022

Penjelasan semula SIRIM adalah penting memandangkan komen yang dibuat SIRIM di media sosial Puan Zirra adalah kenyataan berniat yang tidak menggambarkan situasi sebenar kepada umum.

Kenyataan dibuat SIRIM telah menimbulkan keraguan yang tidak menggambarkan keadaan sebenar yang terjadi kepada umum. Tindakan itu berpotensi menimbulkan fitnah yang merosakkan reputasi, integriti dan kebolehpercayaan awam secara umum oleh stokis, agen serta pengguna terhadap Skin Dessert.

Kenyataan agensi itu menyebabkan masyarakat mempunyai persepsi Skin Dessert ada agenda tersembunyi dan jenama Skin Dessert tidak boleh dipercayai.

Produk Telah Lama Dihentikan Pengeluaran

Untuk makluman juga, produk ‘Skin Dessert Moisturizer Treatment’ yang dibatalkan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) pada Oktober 2022, sudah dihentikan pengeluaran dan produksi akhir produk itu adalah pada Disember 2021.

Skin Dessert sudah menarik balik produk ‘Skin Dessert Moisturizer Treatment’ daripada pasaran dan dihentikan pengeluaran pada Disember 2021 melalui satu MEMO yang disiarkan menerusi platform sosial media rasmi Skin Dessert.

Produk ‘Skin Dessert Repairing Moisturizer’ adalah produk baharu yang menggantikan ‘Skin Dessert Moisturizer Treatment’ iaitu produk yang dihantar kepada SIRIM untuk membuat ujian keselamatan.

Pelan Penstrukturan Semula

Menerusi Pelan Penstrukturan Semula Jangka Masa Panjang Skin Dessert, kesemua produk akan dihantar untuk ujian makmal secara berperingkat bermula dengan ‘Skin Dessert Repairing Moisturizer’.

Skin Dessert juga turut menghantar ENAM PRODUK untuk ujian makmal di Pusat Racun Negara Malaysia Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Menerusi hasil ujian ini, kesemua produk yang dihantar diklasifikasikan sebagai Not Detected atau diuji bebas daripada kandungan logam berat. Ujian produk telah dijalankan di Makmal Toksikologi Pusat Racun.

Disebabkan Pusat Racun Negara Malaysia Universiti Sains Malaysia memberikan terma dan syarat yang perlu dipatuhi pihak Skin Dessert, hasil ujian tidak dapat dikongsikan kepada umum.

Orang ramai bagaimanapun boleh menyemak hasil ujian ini dengan menghubungi Makmal Toksikologi PRN dengan menggunakan nombor rujukan PRN2022/581-587 untuk pengesahan ujian.

Dec 20, 2022

Greyscorff opens physical outlet at Glomac Galeria Hartamas

Congratulations to Malaysian ethical jeweller Greyscorff for officially launch their very first physical outlet at Glomac Galeria Hartamas….

The launch event was graced by several celebrity guests that included Greyscorff Brand Ambassador & partner Datin Seri Mastura Yusoff, Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 - Francisca Luhong James, Miss World Malaysia 2012 - Lee Yvonne, Miss Global Malaysia 2022 and VIP guests Dr Daljit Gill Founder & Managing Director of Klinik Alam Medic Group of Clinics and Datin Selwinder Olikh COO of GLOJAS Smart International Aesthetics, various influencers, other invited guests and members of the media.

Formerly known as Moissanite Malaysia Sdn. Bhd, the company was established on 25th March 2019 by Terrence Goh (CEO), Dr Ivan Ling (CTO) and Thanita Gill (CFO).

The pioneering company, a standalone offshoot of Lee Heng Jewellers & Goldsmiths, a 70-year-old family-owned local business spanning 3 generations, was the very first to sell Moissanite gemstones in the nation. In keeping with the times, it was established with a commitment to sell high quality diamond alternatives in Malaysia at affordable prices and based on pure elegance, class and a touch of ‘joie de vivre’.

Greyscorff aspires in creating the perfect piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime with its customers. Moissanite, a recently discovered gemstone is perfect for just that. Lab-grown Moissanites are affordable, durable, and with refractive index that is higher than that of diamond, and shines brighter than diamond.

Greyscorff focuses on crafted innovation, utilizing the latest technology in the industry to deliver the highest possible product quality for the price.

The fundamental values of Greyscorff are grounded in transparency, simplicity and creativity. Greyscorff believes in paying for the stone, not for the inflated prices of marketing the stone.

In his welcome address, Greyscorff’s Chief Executive Officer Terrence Goh explained that the high costs related to diamonds is nothing more than a marketing scheme targeted at the engagement market.


“With the blood or conflict diamond controversy since the nineties, it’s safe to say that despite their luxury status, diamonds have not received the best reputation,” the young change maker expressed, referring to diamonds mined in a war zone and sold to finance war.


“People have now begun turning to more sustainable and ethical alternatives in lab-grown diamonds and Moissanites.” he shared.


“Lab-grown Moissanite is comparatively more affordable and durable, and carries a refractive index that’s higher than that of diamond. It literally shines brighter than a diamond,” Goh added.


“Conscious and more socially aware about sustainability and the environment, the newer generation have begun looking at alternatives such as lab-created diamonds and Moissanite. It appeals to a variety of buyers, many who are conscious of the potential for exploitation in the diamond industry. In current economic times, we believe the public also understands the magnitude of their spending power and appreciate the lower comparative cost of buying lab gemstones over natural diamond,” Goh further expressed.


As lab diamonds and Moissanite continue to grow in popularity, Greyscorff is committed to addressing customers’ concerns about these splendid stones. 

Some buyers are still skeptical and unwilling to buy Moissanite and Lab Diamonds, despite having read or heard of then but not having never seen the gems in person which is why Greyscorff is there to bridge the gap.


Growing rapidly, Greyscorff has been supplying lab diamonds and Moissanites to customers all over Malaysia via their online store over the last four years, and now through their newly set up Kuala Lumpur showroom. For those outside of Kuala Lumpur, they also provide a free service which allows potential buyers to view Moissanites from the comfort of their own homes. Customers just have to pay a fully-refundable deposit and Greyscorff will mail loose stones directly to their doors for a preview.


Greyscorff celebrates life's cherished moments, conscientiously. Not only are their Lab Diamonds and Moissanites ethically sourced, they are much kinder to the environment, giving buyers guilt-free alternatives without the need to sacrifice style and sophistication.


Greyscorff is the leading ethical and accessible brand for premium lab-grown engagement rings in Malaysia. Greyscorff specialises in timeless, unparalleled designs and bespoke lab-grown diamond and Moissanite engagement rings.


By providing low volume, bespoke production services, Greyscorff is able to offer competitive pricing and personalized services, while creating a strong emotional connection between their customers and their skillful team of jewellery designers in crafting each unique piece.


Greyscorff aims and strives to provide ethical and eco-friendly fine jewellery that will last a lifetime through through their positive community impact and exclusive use of lab-grown gemstones. Prioritising sustainability and responsibility, Greyscorff’s designs are synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship, empowering couples to embody their values for generations to come through exquisite beauty and style.


Greyscorff’s showroom features a range of their most popular engagement rings to grace clients with beautiful ethical stones, including Solitaire, Halo and Trilogy styles in Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum.


Addressing the idea that diamonds are the ultimate status symbol for love and commitment,Greyscorff is presenting that narrative through its bespoke services. 


“Every piece of our jewellery tells its own tale. We ask for their story, the message they want to convey through that piece of jewellery, be it an engagement ring, a wedding band or quite simply a pair of earrings as a gift, or to be worn by the customer themselves,” Goh expanded.


The process of creating a bespoke jewellery generally takes about three weeks from start to completion of the final product. The design process may require several reiterations over time to ensure that Greyscorff’s customers are indeed satisfied with the design before it goes to production.


“All our designs are within financial reach and we create a piece of jewellery together with you which will last a lifetime,” Goh concluded with a twinkle in his eye.


Although the engagement market may already have preconceived beliefs, diamonds are no longer the epitome of showing one’s love, as socially conscious young adults turn to more sustainable and brighter alternatives.

Time will tell whether Moissanites will eventually be the preferred choice, and Greyscorff aims to be the #1 trusted source of Moissanite for Malaysia and the rest of South East Asia.

After all, Moissanites “shine brighter than a diamond”.


About Moissanites

Moissanite is naturally occurringsilicon carbide and its various crystalline polymorphs. It has the chemical formula SiC and is a rare mineral discovered by the French chemist Henri Moissan in 1893. 


The first lab grown moissanite was synthesized by Edward Acheson. Subsequently, Silicon Carbide coatings has been used in heavy industries, such as drilling and power-tooling to replace diamond coating.


Moissanite was introduced to the jewelry market as a diamond alternative in 1998 after Charles & Colvard received patents to create and market lab-grown silicon carbide gemstones, becoming the first firm to do so.


Moissanite is approximately 10 times cheaper than diamonds that are graded based on the 4Cs - clarity, colour, cut and carat. Moissanite, is graded based on carat as well. But not all carats are equal because moissanite is lighter in weight.

Moissanite grading uses a colour grading scale that is based upon the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) diamond colour grading scale.

There are three grades of moissanite available today: colourless (D-E-F range), near-colourless (G-H-I range), and with faint hues of colour (J-K range).

As a diamond alternative Moissanite has some optical properties exceeding those of diamond. It is marketed as a lower price alternative to diamond that does not involve the expensive mining practices used for the extraction of natural diamonds.


For more information:


Tel: +60193888187



Dec 19, 2022


Every year, we look forward to celebrating the year-end festivities with family and friends. Christmas is a time of joy and happiness and family gatherings, but it is also a time of cleaning, baking, and decorating the Christmas tree, leaving you little time to prepare lunch or dinner.  

From 20th to 25th December, ShopeeFood has lined up some amazing promos to start the Christmas cheer with RM25 off discounts and up to 99% off with ShopeeFood. Whether you are busy wrapping gifts, decorating the tree or just visiting, ShopeeFood has you covered. And with the ShopeePay mobile wallet, you can take advantage of amazing deals with a secure, rewarding payment and delivery experience with ShopeeFood.

Here are the top three reasons why you should sit back, relax, and take advantage of ShopeeFood amazing deals this Christmas.  

Value for Money

“I went to a new restaurant recently. It was a little far from my place, but I loved the food. Luckily, I found it on ShopeeFood! Imagine my excitement when I could order in my favourite food from that restaurant. And the best part is that they offer great discounts. It is truly value for money and my Christmas just got better.” 

Chin Yi Hong, Kuala Lumpur 

Variety of Food

“Christmas is my favourite time of the year. With so much to do, from all the cleaning, shopping, and decorating the Christmas tree, and so little time, I turn to ShopeeFood. You can order just about any type of food on the app. The choices are endless, and I can focus on getting ready for Christmas while my favourite foods are delivered right to my doorstep!” 

Donovan David, Selangor 

Convenient and Hassle Free

“When it comes to the festive season, especially Christmas, everyone is busy cooking for Christmas day. With technology being at our fingertips, I have opted to just order in. I can spend quality time with my family and friends and at the same time order great food from ShopeeFood. The safety and convenience of ShopeePay make my life so much easier”.  

Melanie Siew Li Shean, Selangor

ShopeeFood connects users to various eateries, from restaurants to local street food stalls, where you can choose from a wide variety of cuisines. ShopeeFood is currently available in six locations: Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, and Kota Kinabalu. Make your Christmas time extra special with us!  

Here’s ShopeeFood PayDay Amazing Deals Just You!

Order from a variety of restaurants like Salad Atelier, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Bubble Bee, JuiceWorks, Old Town White Coffee, Baskin-Robbins, Juicy and much much more:  

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