Dec 8, 2023


Japan’s iconic and award-winning BALMUDA has launched its two revolutionary kitchen appliances at a media event today - BALMUDA The Toaster and BALMUDA The Pot set to redefine Malaysians’ culinary experiences. 

Founded in Tokyo in 2003 by Gen Terao, BALMUDA has built a strong reputation as the iconic maker of innovative dream appliances, having sold almost 2 million toasters in six regions globally since it made its debut in 2015. BALMUDA’s ethos is to design home appliances that will deliver a thrilling and wonderful experience to its users.

This combined with science and engineering; BALMUDA appliances offer unprecedented value to its users and BALMUDA The Toaster and BALMUDA The Pot are a true testament of innovative functionality at its best. 

BALMUDA The Toaster offers a cutting-edge “steam technology” and precise temperature control to transform ordinary and overnight breads and pastries into fresh and perfect bakes! This amazing toaster has made the word “REBAKE” an everyday word in Japan and is best known as the “#the toaster that brings dead bread back to life” in South Korea.

Simply pour five cc of water in as a prelude to your REBAKE task. Heating more rapidly than air, the steam locks in the bread’s inner moisture before the surface is given a golden brown finish. The process draws out the delicious aroma and flavour unlike any other. This is complemented by a second-by-second control of three-temperature zones which create superb contrasts in flavour and texture – giving you crispy texture on the outside but still being moist and fluffy on the inside. 

There are 4 distinct steam-driven modes designed to create the perfect confectionery offering of any genre, ranging from Western fares such as toast, croissant, pizza, sourdough to local delights like curry puff and roti canai. All these are made possible with the multi-faceted modes in “Toast”, “Cheese Toast”, “Baguette”, “Croissant” –  ensuring the best results for your REBAKE adventures. BALMUDA The Toaster also has a Classic mode which is heat- regulated to reach the desired temperature (170°C, 200 °C and 250°C) without the use of steam. The Classic mode is recommended for dishes such as gratin, cookies, even salmon and vegetables! 

BALMUDA The Pot boasts of a pioneering precision pouring with its gooseneck feature, water temperature mastery and extraction techniques to brewing an exquisite and aromatic cuppa. BALMUDA The Pot sports a beautiful compact size, designed for the smooth pouring in everyday life with the unique design of a gentle glow which it’s visible from every single angle. Its petite size and light weight allow users to handle it steadily so they can get just the right amount of hot water whether it is hand drip coffee or a rich matcha latte.

According to Ms Lim Pei Yan, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Visionary Solutions Sdn Bhd (the sole distributor of BALMUDA Malaysia), the BALMUDA brand advocates the philosophy of “Better Moments, Better Life” – which aims to enrich lives through inspiring a new world of culinary experiences and discoveries for Malaysians for their meal times – be it at home, social, work or anywhere they may be.

“Malaysians love food. Eating is a very empowering experience and can bring so much joy, energy and connection with friends and family. The kitchen is the most creative place in the house. BALMUDA’s aim is to make the kitchen a more fun, exciting and enriching place to be in. 

“Malaysians also live very busy lifestyles. More often than not, we don’t even have time to cook or enjoy a fresh and hearty breakfast but resort to a piece of overnight toast. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring that stale bread back to its original freshness and crispness? With BALMUDA, and now you can! Our wish is for everyone to enjoy good bakes at any time, anywhere - it’s just like having our personal baker with us all the time! That’s essentially the core attribute of BALMUDA The Toaster – redefining culinary experiences and advocating a love for life,” enthused Lim. 

Award-winning pastry Chef Chong Ko Wai explained that making a delicious bake is not as easy as one thinks. The right ingredients, measurement and technique all contribute to the quality of the toast. Using the right appliance is absolutely crucial. “Besides being a beautiful kitchen appliance for my kitchen, BALMUDA The Toaster is very compact and handy to bring to anywhere to REBAKE my confectionery items to its original freshness for customers to try. So now everyone can enjoy fresh bakeries at its best, whenever and wherever they may be,” said Chef Chong.

Head Barista Wesley Liew explained, “Various factors come into play when brewing a quality cuppa. Take for instance, for a great coffee, one should consider the type of beans used, water quality, the right temperature and specific brewing techniques. BALMUDA The Pot not only looks elegant, it has the ability to heat the water within few minutes. The most striking feature is its gooseneck spout for precision pouring – which is key to control the flow rate and direction of the water to enhance the overall brew taste and quality. Hence, it’s not surprising that BALMUDA The Pot is a much sought-after item by baristas to compete and excel in international competitions.

Media and lifestyle influencers had the opportunity to experience with the new BALMUDA range via an immersive culinary session. They created their own versions of toasts with various ingredients and brewed various types of beverages with BALMUDA The Toaster and BALMUDA The Pot. Everyone was impressed by the design and technology of the other BALMUDA appliances on display, comprising BALMUDA The Plate, BALMUDA The Range, BALMUDA The Gohan, BALMUDA The Brew, BALMUDA The GreenFan, BALMUDA GreenFan Cirq, BALMUDA The Lantern and BALMUDA The Speaker. 

BALMUDA The Toaster and BALMUDA The Pot retail at RM1,799 and RM799, respectively and are accessible at major electrical stores such as Harvey Norman, TBM, ESH, Best Denki, Volt and more to come.    
Personally am amazed by the stylishness of the appliances and would dearly love to have one for Christmas… so get one for your loved one … I am sure that he or she would appreciate this!!!

For more information, please visit or or follow us on Facebook & Instagram : BALMUDA Malaysia.

Shopee's 12.12 Birthday Sale Offers Exclusive Prizes and Rewards

Get ready for the grand finale of the year's shopping extravaganza! Shopee is rolling out the red carpet for its 12.12 Birthday Sale happening from 1 December until 15 December. The event promises an array of unbeatable deals, heart-pounding games, and jaw-dropping prizes. To sweeten the deal, enjoy the added perk of free shipping with no minimum spend, making this shopping experience even more irresistible!

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Dec 3, 2023


vivo, the international smartphone manufacturer, released the V29 5G First Love edition…. This newest edition captivates with its stunning aesthetics, top-notch features, and advanced photography capabilities, resembling the charm of a rose. In a saturated market, smartphone manufacturers are continuously exploring innovative ways to distinguish their products. Here at vivo Malaysia, they are proud to bring to the market its latest colour variant to the vivo V29 5G.


In 2023, the global resurgence of pink, particularly the Barbie pink and ‘Pink Girlie’  aesthetic, became prominent in fashion. vivo's V29 5G First Love capitalises on this trend, offering a one-of-a-kind design exclusive model for Southeast Asia. Inspired by fresh roses and the joy of love, the vivo V29 5G First Love features a unique design achieved through an industry-first grey-scale lithography technology. This technique creates a mesmerising 3D effect with 8 million finely controlled etchings on the back panel. The result is a luxurious, translucent design that captures the romantic allure of a bouquet of roses.


The device not only boasts stunning aesthetics but also excels in key performance areas like processor and photography. The upgraded Aura Light 2.0 enhances photography in dim environments with four LED lights (two cool and two warm LEDs), ensuring 360-degree even lighting for softer illumination resembling a studio setting. It's 36% brighter than previous models, delivering clearer photos in low-light conditions. The new Smart Colour Temperature Adjustment adapts to diverse environments, maintaining natural tones in various lighting conditions, making it perfect for vibrant streets or cosy bars.

Additionally, the V29 5G First Love features a 50-megapixel front-facing HD camera with f/2.0 aperture and a moderate 92-degree field of view. This setup strikes a balance for single-person selfies, avoiding distortion, and accommodates more friends and family members in the frame for group shots.


The vivo V29 5G First Love features the clearest display in the vivo V series history, a 6.78-inch 120 Hz 1.5K AMOLED with a 3D curved screen, showcasing vivid visuals with 1.07 billion colours and a cinema-grade 100% DCI-P3 wide colour gamut. Its pixel density of 452 PPI ensures detailed photo and video viewing. The display is also certified by SGS for professional-grade eye protection, reducing harmful blue light and flickering for comfortable extended viewing. With a streamlined curved screen and a thickness of 7.46 mm, the smartphone, weighing only 186g, offers a comfortable grip without being bulky.


The vivo V29 5G First Love boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor, 12 GB RAM (expandable to virtual 20 GB via Memory Booster), ensuring swift performance and seamless 5G connectivity with reduced power consumption. Gamers will enjoy the ultra-large vapour chamber Bionic Cooling System for immersive gaming, and the phone features a 4600 mAh battery with 80W FlashCharge, charging from 1% to 50% in just 18 minutes while minimising heat.

The vivo V29 5G First Love will be available to purchase at vivo Malaysia's official E-storeShopeeLazada and TikTok shop

Nov 29, 2023

Tayangan khas filem “magiK” telah dilangsungkan dengan berjaya di tujuh lokasi di Malaysia

Sebagai usaha menyelami kelebihan dan keistimewaan golongan bermasalah pendengaran, syarikat produksi, 42nd Pictures Sdn Bhd yang diterajui pasangan suami isteri, Yasu Tanaka dan Bea Tanaka tampil dengan filem “magiK”.

Filem bergenre drama, keluarga dan fantasi arahan Tanaka itu menampilkan barisan pelakon hebat seperti Beto Kusyairy, Nadia Aqilah, Nam Ron, Ruminah Sidek, Roy Azman, Kamarul Eqifshah dan bintang cilik, Qisya Hairulzain.

Tanaka berkata, magiK yang juga filem kedua arahannya itu bukan sekadar mengangkat kisah gadis pekak yang mampu berkomunikasi dengan kelip-kelip, malah menjadi medium untuk penonton mendekati golongan berkenaan.

"Idea menghasilkan “magiK” apabila idea kami disatukan iaitu hubungan isteri, Bea dengan komuniti pekak dan minat saya terhadap alam alam semula jadi.”

“ Begitulah cara dua idea ini digunakan untuk mencipta cerita seorang gadis pekak yang boleh berkomunikasi dengan kelip-kelip,” kata Tanaka yang juga pengarah filem Nota kelahiran Jepun.

Sehubungan itu, tayangan khas filem “magiK” diadakan di beberapa lokasi terpilih di seluruh Malaysia selama dua bulan pada September dan Oktober lalu sebelum ditayangkan di pawagam pada 30 November 2023.

Tujuan tayangan khas itu ialah untuk berkongsi filem “magiK” dengan penonton. Selaku pengarah dan penulis skrip filem ini, Tanaka dan Bea yang juga penerbit turut turun padang di semua lokasi terbabit.

Mengulas konsep tayangan khas berkenaan, Bea berkata, pihaknya mahu menampilkan kelainan untuk masyarakat luar bandar termasuk golongan bermasalah pendengaran supaya dapat menonton filem berkenaan.
"Versi yang ditayangkan untuk tayangan khas ini ialah versi 'closed caption' yang memudahkan penonton dari komuniti bermasalah pendengaran.”

"Filem “magiK” memaparkan masyarakat Kampung Kuantan, Kuala Selangor, Selangor dan kami mahu mendekati golongan sasaran seperti masyarakat luar bandar menerusi konsep tayangan khas ini.”

"Kami berterima kasih kepada PORT Ipoh yang menaja tayangan di Ipoh untuk dua hari. Tayangan ini kami bekerjasama dengan Persatuan Orang Pekak Perak dengan menjemput komuniti pekak.

"Kami juga menjemput sekolah pendidikan khas sekitar Ipoh dengan kerjasama Jabatan Pendaftaran Negeri (JPN) Perak," katanya.

 Tanaka pula berkata, Bea adalah bekas guru pendidikan khas untuk golongan bermasalah pendengaran selama 15 tahun dan masih akrab dengan golongan istimewa itu.

“magik” adalah filem kedua arahan Tanaka selepas Nota ditayangkan di pawagam pada 2015.
Katanya, dia juga berpeluang melihat konsep tayangan wayang pacak pada 2017, apabila KOMFIT telah menjayakan Nota di mana En.Hassan Abdul Mutalib sebagai moderator ketika itu.

“Pengalaman itulah yang mendorong kami mengadakan tayangan khas di Road Trip dengan konsep wayang pacak. Kami amat teruja berinteraksi secara langsung dengan penonton yang hadir pada tayangan khas berkenaan,” katanya.

Tujuh lokasi wayang pacak ——————————————-
Sementara itu, tayangan khas filem “magiK” telah berlangsung dengan jayanya membabitkan tujuh lokasi terpilih di seluruh tanah air pada September dan Oktober lalu.

Tayangan khas itu diadakan di Warung Adri, Kuantan pada 16 September lalu disusuli Pantai Telaga Papan (23 September) dan SPace08000, Sungai Petani (29 September). Malangnya Tayangan khas di Pantai Telaga Papan, Setiu, Terengganu tidak kesampaian kerana itulah satu-satunya lokasi di mana konsep wayang pacak berlaku tepi pantai “outdoors” sebab gangguan hujan.

Selain itu, lokasi tayangan khas filem di YMCA, Kuala Lumpur (1 Oktober); YMCA, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang (7 Oktober); PORT, Ipoh, Perak (14 dan 15 Oktober) yang turut menjemput penonton dari komuniti bermasalah pendengaran. Tayangan khas “magiK” di YMCA KL adalah sebahagian dari sambutan ‘International Deaf Day’

Jadual tayangan khas “magiK” berakhir di Embrace Hall, Johor Bahru pada 20 Oktober lalu.

 Sinopsis dalam Bahasa Melayu
Filem “magiK” memaparkan Kit, gadis pekak berusia 7 tahun yang tinggal di sebuah perkampungan yang terkenal dengan kelip-kelip. Ibu bapanya bergelut dengan masalah kewangan kerana bapanya yang bekerja sebagai pendayung yang membawa para pelancong melihat kelip-kelip.

Ibunya pula mahu Kit belajar bahasa isyarat dan pergi ke sekolah, namun, Kit tidak berani untuk berkomunikasi dengan orang ramai kerana dia lebih cenderung untuk hidup dalam dunianya yang dikelilingi alam semula jadi.

Namun, semuanya mula berubah apabila Kit bertemu dengan kelip-kelip yang seolah-olah berkomunikasi dengannya berkelip dan terbang dengan cara tertentu.

“Kami berterima kasih kepada pihak FINAS atas sokongan mereka dengan Dana Kandungan Digital (DKD) penerbitan dan pemasaran “magiK”. Kami juga ingin mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi terima kasih kepada warga Kuala Selangor khususnya, warga Kampung Kuantan atas kerjasama dan sokongan semasa penggambaran,”

Sebarang pertanyaan dan maklumat lanjut mengenai filem magiK, boleh layari laman web dan mengikuti akaun TikTok dan Instagram (#magikthemovie), Facebook (42nd Pictures) serta Channel YouTube 42nd Pictures.

Nov 17, 2023


Philo Group of Companies has opened their Philo Hair Studio Damansara Uptown branch

Philo Hair Studio is Shiseido's premier hair salon in Malaysia, earning the esteemed recognition as Shiseido's No.1 Hair Salon in the country. With a commitment to excellence and a fusion of cutting-edge techniques, the studio redefines the art of hairstyling. Beyond crafting exceptional looks, it aspires to create an immersive experience where beauty, innovation, and clien satistaction converge. Discover the epitome of hairstyling luxury at Philo Hair Studio.

Philo Hair Studio Damansara Uptown branch is more than just a hair salon, and represents a revolutionary beauty destination that seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with the allure of nighttime entertainment.

As the sun sets, Philo Hair Studio transforms into an entertainment hub, offering visitors a unique nightlife experience with live DJ performances, themed entertainment nights, and exclusive events that goes beyond the conventional salon setting.

Philo Hair Studio aims to redefine the traditional beauty experience, allowing clients to enjoy top-notch styling while immersed in a vibrant social and entertainment scene.

In addition, its new standard in hairstyling embraces innovative technology to offer clients an unparalleled experience. With physical and virtual meticulous hair consultations, products, and state-of-the-art styling tools, Philo Hair Studio stands at the forefront of technological advancements in the beauty industry.

Fyn Hann, Founder and CEO of Philo Group of Companies, expressed, "Philo Hair Studio is committed to providing our clients with the latest in beauty technology. We believe that the intersection of tech, beauty, and entertainment is the future. We are excited to provide cutting-edge and innovative hair and beauty services in Damansara Uptown, for all walks of life."

Furthermore, Philo Group of Companies not only aims to enhance foot traffic in the area but also strives to become a cultural and social hub for the vibrant community. Initiatives for this include collaborating with nearby businesses, participating in local events, building a mentorship program for aspiring hair stylists, and partnering with local charities or shelters to offer free hairstyling services to those in need, in the future.

The studio's commitment extends beyond exceptional hairstyling services; it aspires to create a space where individuals can immerse themselves in the intersection of beauty, fashion, and entertainment. To mark this revolutionary concept in beauty and entertainment, guests at the opening ceremony were serenaded with a star-studded performance by Malaysian artist Shatirah Amanda, and a special hair show by local stylists, showcasing their talents and passion for producing innovative hairstyles.

Philo Hair Studio invites visitors from all walks of life to drop by its salon and enjoy a unique experience with a special VIP status pass, granting eligibility for an exclusive 20% discount on standard services and a 50% discount on hair treatments throughout the opening month For more information, please visit

Nov 13, 2023

Shop Black Friday Shapewear for Your Winter Style

Winter is approaching, and with it comes the need for extra warmth and comfort. If you're on the lookout for shapewear that styles up your body and also keeps you warm in winter, this is it. So, this Black Friday, we've scoured the market to find the top picks in winter shapewear. They will leave you feeling confident and cozy at the same time. Let's get started!

New Arrival Shapewear
First of all, you can check out the latest additions to the shapewear lineup. These fresh arrivals showcase incredible designs that complement your winter outfits. From fantastic leggings to form-fitting tops, the new collection includes everything. It will ensure you stay stylish while braving the chill this winter. Explore new arrival shapewear, and you'll be ready to face frosty days with confidence.

As the temperature drops, the desire for a more layer of warmth intensifies. The new shapewear lineup acts as a reliable barrier against the winter breeze. Carefully chosen fabrics by Waistdear provide insulation without sacrificing style.

Waist Trainer at Black Friday
Now, onto everyone's favorite shopping event – Black Friday. Our selected waist trainer vendors offer exclusive deals on wholesale purchases this year. So, it means you can revel in a 15% discount on orders surpassing US$100 between the 20th and the 25th. It's the perfect opportunity to give your winter wardrobe a facelift. It will be more stylish and affordable for you!

Don't let this limited-time offer slip through your fingers! Grab amazing waist trainers at unbeatable prices at Waistdear. Save big on popular and best-selling items. Remember, this Black Friday deal applies to all products on our website. So, this is an ideal time to explore the diverse range of shapewear.

Winter-Ready Confidence
Like everyone else, you may want to walk through the streets, knowing you look and feel fantastic. It is possible with quality outfits, right? That is the magic of quality shapewear, especially during the holiday season. You can avail of different deals on Black Friday waist trainer wholesale at Waistdear. They came up with top outfits.
The right shapewear can enhance your natural curves. Also, it provides that extra bit of warmth, making winter outings more enjoyable. So, are you ready to add some amazing outfits as the winter season starts?

How to Choose the Right Shapewear?
When selecting shapewear for winter, choose pieces that blend with your winter wardrobe. Consider the shapewear that goes with turtlenecks, chunky sweaters, and stylish winter coats. Yet, the key is to create a look that is not only flattering but also practical for the winter season.

Make This Black Friday Memorable
Winter has come, finally. So, this Black Friday is your ticket to upgrading your winter wardrobe. With the best shapewear, you can style yourself up for the whole season. So, take advantage of the exclusive discounts on all outfits on Waistdear. You can choose the best-selling shapewear or the latest arrivals. All these items will promise both style and comfort.

What to remember? The offer stands from the 20th to the 25th, so mark your calendars. Get ready to welcome and live this winter with confidence and flair!

Nov 10, 2023

Discover the Heart of Deepavali at the Curve

As the festival of lights approaches, the Curve, the iconic pedestrianised shopping mall nestled in the heart of Mutiara Damansara, is all set for a dazzling celebration that promises to captivate hearts and engage shoppers in Deepavali traditions. This spectacular event promises a journey through the vibrant tapestry of Indian culture, adorned with the grace of Kolam art, the allure of peacocks, and the immersive charm of “Little India".

From now to 13th November 2023, the Curve’s Centre Court will bloom into a spectacular display of lights, colours, and time-honoured traditions.The Colours of Little India’ is a festive celebration that harmoniously brings together tradition and modernity. Adorning the floor are intricate Kolam patterns, celebrating the age-old Indian art of creating mesmerising designs, while magnificent peacock decorations symbolise beauty, prosperity, and the sacredness deeply rooted in Indian culture.

Shoppers can also look forward to a range of cultural activities, including traditional Peacock and Bhangra dance performances, melodious harmonium tabla, violin & miruthangam performances, and a captivating flashmob. Shoppers will be swept away by the rhythms and melodies of Deepavali.

“The Festival of Lights, Deepavali, is a global celebration symbolising the victory of light over darkness, a time for renewal, reflection, and the strengthening of bonds,” says Mr Jazmi Kamarudin, Chief Operations Officer of Boustead Properties Berhad. “Here at the Curve, we believe in the power of celebrations to bring communities together and create lasting memories. We are dedicated to offering our shoppers a remarkable festive experience, and this year, we are delighted to present 'The Colours of Little India’, a joyous celebration that pays tribute to the festive spirit of Little India during the Deepavali season.”

No celebration is complete without the joy of indulging in exquisite cuisine, and the Curve promises a mouthwatering experience. As you step into this cultural extravaganza, be prepared to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates Deepavali in the most delectable way. Savour the richness of Pani Puri and Punjabi Tea at Tasty Chapati, embracing the vibrant flavours of India.

At Flint, quench your thirst with a delightful Lychee Lassi and savour India’s favourite savoury snack - Vadai, both playfully named Lychee Langsi and Masala Vadai.

The Chicken Rice Shop has something special in store - the ‘DeLIGHTful Koli’ set meal paired perfectly  with a refreshing Pandan Swirl drink, a mouthwatering creation to tantalise your taste buds. For tea aficionados,

Teh Tarik Place offers an extraordinary pairing - the mouthwatering Roti Sarang Burung together with an aromatic Masala Tea. This is all part of the Deepavali celebration, and can be enjoyed at a special Diwali offer price of only RM11.11.

To round off the culinary adventure, Cold Stone Creamery presents an innovative twist with a single scoop of Spicy Dark Chocolate flavoured ice-cream, adding a delightful spark to this year’s festivities. This special menu will be sure to delight senses and elevate all Deepavali experiences at the Curve.

Deepavali is also a time for artistic expression, and the celebration provides an opportunity for creativity to flourish. Shoppers can engage their artistic side with arts and crafts workshops available throughout the event period! Henna Art, Rangoli Art, and Clay Diya making workshops will inspire creativity and provide shoppers with a hands-on experience, letting them take a piece of Deepavali home with them.

the Curve believes in making every celebration special and will be hosting a GWP initiative throughout ‘The Colours of Little India’ event! Simply indulge in a shopping spree and spend a minimum of RM200 at the Curve mall from now until 13th November 2023 and receive a set of colorful ceramic bowls for your home, adding a touch of Deepavali warmth to your abode.

the Curve, renowned as more than just a shopping destination, proudly stands as a beacon of unity, bringing together families and friends in the spirit of joy and togetherness. Experience Deepavali like never before, where the spirit of Little India comes alive!

For more information, visit