Sep 30, 2016

Run For Your Lives!!!!!

Get ready to Run For Your Lives, a game of flag tag set in the world of a zombie apocalypse will be making its return to Malaysia this December 31st at Taman Botani Putrajaya. 

Drawing from its beginnings in the United States back in 2011, the game has attracted over 12,000 participants since its debut and has spread to other cities worldwide which include Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Spirit of WIPRO Run 2016

Over the last weekend, I was over at the Perdana Botanical Gardens to check out the Spirit of WIPRO Run. 

What made this annual charity event different from others would be that this event was held concurrently around the world where thousands of WIPRO employees, their families, friends, customers, partners and suppliers get together for a run on the same day in various different locations where WIPRO has its offices for a good cause...

Sep 28, 2016

Korean Fair 2016 at Hartamas Shopping Centre

I am a huge fan of Korea...I love their history, their culture, their food, their people... I do love a few other countries as well... but Korea definitely ranks on my top 5 favorite countries in the world....

So I was over at the Hartamas Shopping Centre, the neighbourhood mall of Hartamas and Mont Kiara.
Hartamas Shopping Centre is having a Korean Fair from 27th September until 1st October 2016, which will be showcasing Korean products from Korean food, fashion, lifestyle and more.

You can be sure to catch a bit of Korean culture which will happen at the Main Concourse daily from about 1pm onwards.

Sep 27, 2016

Movie review: Bridget Jones' Baby

After breaking up with Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) , Bridget Jones (Renée Zellweger) finds herself single again. Bridget then decides to focus on her career as a top news producer. 

Image result for bridget jones baby

Bridget goes to Daniel Cleaver(Hugh Grant)'s, (who is thought to be missing and dead after a plane crash) memorial, where she meets her ex boyfriend, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and his wife. 

An amazing Mid Autumn evening of celebration.....

Ancient Chinese emperors normally will worship the harvest moon on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar, as it is believed that the practice would bring the country a good harvest the coming year.

Image result

This custom originated from worshiping the moon goddess, and it was said that the practice of the emperors offering sacrifices to the moon began back in the Western Zhou Dynasty (1045–770 BC).

Sarapan Dutch Lady.....

Sarapan is breakfast in the Malay language... it is basically the most important meal of the day, though not all Malaysians think of it as such... I try never to skip breakfast even if I am on a diet, or on the go as I know very well the importance of having a good start and deriving the energy from breakfast to last throughout the day (I would normally skip dinner if I want to skip a meal, after all it is recommended that we should not eat too much a few hours before we sleep)… and well, nothing is better to kick-start your day than a nice little packet of milk which I learned is the elixir our bodies need at breakfast.

The Sarapan Dutch Lady 7 day challenge was indeed a good initiative and it reminded me how to drink my milk on a daily basis...

Sep 26, 2016

The Mermaid Share-and-Win Contest!

The Mermaid is a film that tells the story of a playboy businessman (Deng Chao) who falls in love with a mermaid, Shan (Lin Yun) who was sent to assassinate him. Upon release, this film broke numerous box office records and it will premiere exclusively on CELESTIAL MOVIES (ASTRO Channel 322) on Sunday 2 October at 9pm!

Sep 24, 2016

honor 7 and honor 7 Enhanced Price Adjustment

The honor brand is well known and it was designed to meet the needs of the ‘always on’ digital natives, a group that lives on the internet, spending one third of its time online for social and entertainment, shopping, studying or simply staying connected. honor is not afraid to do things differently and bring about change via its no-stores, no-gurus, no-contracts approach which is shaking up the mobile device industry, empowering customers to get the best technology at a great value price.

Image result for honor 7
honor 7

honor fans  should be glad to know that honor 7 smartphones which made its way into the Malaysian market in September 2015 with quality features at an affordable price tag and the Honor 7 Enhanced which entered the country early this year with a faster charging capability and double the storage can be obtained soon at a discounted price.....

Brothers, Hijjaz and Rabbani to perform at the Konsert 3 Kejora Bersatu

Nasyid in Malaysia are songs that is either sung a cappella or accompanied by some music. The lyrics of a nasyid usually refers to Islamic beliefs, history, and religion, to remind fellow Muslims about God/Allah and to continue to do good, and follow His teachings.

pic credit from

It is a good and easier to accept nasyid songs and to memorize favorite tunes and the messages they carry actually then to just listen to some religious figure droning on (sorry, I know it can be a sensitive topic, but there are times some religious figure tend to drone on about the teachings of the prophets or God/Allah in a very boring manner) . And from nasyid songs, messages are also sent to the non Muslims so that they can have a better understanding of what Islam is like....

Sep 22, 2016

Movie Review: Storks

Thanks to an awesome invitation from blogger friend Jane and also TGV Cinemas, yours truly was at the special preview screening in TGV Cinemas 1 Utama Family Friendly Hall for the animation movie Storks. 

Sep 20, 2016

3 steps to a healthy heart

Our lifestyle plays an important role in our risk of heart disease but sadly, many people do not quite take it to heart, thinking that heart disease only happens to those who are elderly.…

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pic credit to

Do you know that if you but just maintain these three healthy lifestyle habits, you would be preventing nearly 90 percent of heart disease…

So what are the three healthy lifestyle habits?

Shopping at Hermo using MOLPay Cash is easy

Being born female and the fairer sex means I have vanity moments… I do like to keep myself nice, clean and also pretty… 

Image result

Yes, I know I have moments when I am just too lazy to do much and emerge from my house in just tshirt and my favorite Relaco 3/4 pants from Uniqlo (got to love them as they are just so super comfy) and barely any makeup on, but

Sep 17, 2016


Yours truly was given a chance to mingle with the rich and famous when I attended to launch of the Lifestyle  Pop-up Store by Bell & Ross together  with  Cortina  Watch which is now opened up until the 30 September 2016 at Level 1, Suria KLCC. 

Sep 15, 2016

A little bit about Park Shin Hye....

Mamonde Malaysia has introduced its brand ambassador Park Shin Hye through a greeting video, last July during its official launch. In the video, Park greeted everyone and congratulated Mamonde Malaysia on the launch of its first counter at Aeon 1Utama. Looking perky and cute in the video, Park also announced that she will be visiting Malaysia this October.

Review: Sumber Ayu Daun Sirih Feminine Intimate Wash...

As women we have to be responsible for our own hygiene, especially when it comes to our vagina or I shall name her Miss V…. That scented body wash may be nice to use, but it actually doesn't belong anywhere near Miss V. Did you know soap can be really drying to the sensitive skin around Miss V.

Image result for miss v

Personally, my Miss V is quite sensitive and I often get some itchiness and extra discharge when I am finishing that time of the month and out the whole day….and it is when I find that feminine hygiene wash comes in very handy…

Sep 14, 2016

Mindpearl Customer Support Centre Opens with Malaysia Airlines as Leading Partner

Yours truly was over at the UOA Business Park, near Glenmarie recently to witness Mindpearl, a leading customer support provider to the aviation industry, open its fifth base here in Malaysia. This is to establish a reliable customer support solution in the Asian region. 

Sep 13, 2016

Review: Centa Svelte Slender Jelly

Did you know that Malaysia is the most obese country in Asia with an obesity rate about 50%? This means 50% of Malaysians are overweight and obese and I am sure I fall in with them… huhuhu

Malaysia is a country that is obsess with food, and we are also, sad to say and admit, quite lazy… Malaysians do not like to walk too far, and they would rather sit around smoking cigarettes, laze around, vegetate, be couch potatoes then go exercise or do some hard menial work…. 

Image result for couch potato clip art

The typical Malaysian would go to work in an air conditioned office, sit at the desk, do work until its time to go home, then when they are home, they will just go and eat, and go back home and put their feet up and watch TV. 

Sep 11, 2016


Image result

Did you know that wearing a nice lip colour does actually improve your life. When you swipe on a lip colour, whether it is a lipstick or a liptint, it gives your lips some colour and 
 that can make you look great, and feel great, which in turn often lead to other positive things happening in your life. 

Beauty enthusiasts have shown a growing preference towards a lipstick with a moist texture and a beautiful colour that can be worn over a long period of time

Sep 9, 2016

10 types of food you have to eat to slim down fast....

As women, most of us have our own insecurities about our own body. And one of it would be our weight. In my case I DO REALLY NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT as after having three kids, and misbehaving somewhat with our very rich food, I have put on quite a bit of weight.....

However I realize my folly and am doing me best to lose weight participating in walkathons and fun runs, as well as some simple exercise as I realize the importance of losing weight is health wise as well...

honor 8: exquisite beauty with ultimate power

Yours truly has always been curious at new gadgets and when she got a chance to attend the honor 8 launch at Connexion@Nexus in Bangsar South, she was delighted…

While waiting for the launch, fans of honor smartphones and members of the media were all given four task to do… a Hide and Seek picture where we had to go hunt out the Pikachu and Venusaur figurine in the gorgeous garden there and take a picture of it, a selfie or is it a wefie with 8 people in the picture, a picture with the props and a picture on how we played with light reflections…..

Sep 7, 2016

Under Armour Partners With One Championship

Just one day before Malaysia completed 59 years of independence, Under Armour S.E.A announced its partnership with ONE Championship (ONE), the largest sports media property in Asian history officially at a ceremony at Under Armour’s Brand House in Mid Valley Megamall.  

Naturally, yours truly was there with some media friends to witness this momentous occasion as well as to meet and greet all the Malaysian MMA fighters present...

Sep 6, 2016


Over the weekend, I was over at the Perdana Lake Gardens early in the morning with some of my blogger friends 
to do our  part in the Walk-A-Mile event held there for the 15th year. This Walk-A-Mile event is a collaboration between  Nestlé Omega Plus® with Yayasan Jantung Malaysia (YJM). WAM is the longest-running event for heart health advocacy in this country.

Sep 5, 2016


I have a new favorite Cover Powder Cushion... I just love using it because it is just so calming every time I use it... and yes, you saw Park Shin Hye as Dr Yu Hye Jung using it on the Korean drama series Doctors....

Image result for mamonde cover powder cushion review

This Cover Powder Cushion was created after being inspired by the beauty of the Peach Blossom. Yup... for those who are using it, I am talking about the  Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion that enables women to have a bright, light-reflecting skin. 

Running through the oldest Rainforest in the World...

My eldest daughter was over at the Merapoh Forest Run 2016/ MFR2016, which was successfully held at the Pahang National Park, Sg Relau in Merapoh, Kuala Lipis, Pahang over the weekend. She was there with about 700 other people that join the second instalment of this event that was organized by the Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia (WSFFM), which have definitely surpassed previous year MFR2015’s entries having obviously captured the hearts of participants from long distance professional runners, amateurs and nature lovers who just wanted to be there to enjoy the natural beauty of our rainforests…

Sep 4, 2016

Bryan Adams is coming to Kuala Lumpur!!!

Bryan Adams was one of my favorite singers when I was in my teens to my twenties... how could anyone not remember all his hits like (Everything I do) I Do It For You, Please Forgive Me, Summer of 69, Here I Am, All For Love, Have You Ever Really Love a Woman and so on...

And so for other Bryan Adams fans.... boy have I got news!!!! Bryan Adams will be coming to Malaysia!!!!!

Image result for bryan adams songs

Bryan Adams ‘The Get Up Tour’ Live in Kuala Lumpur will be held on the 21st January 2017 at 8.30pm and will be held at Malawati Indoor Stadium, Shah Alam. 

Sep 3, 2016

ONE Championship Fight Night

Yours truly was at the ONE Championship™ (ONE) at the Stadium Negara recently to watch a really spectacular showcase of world-class mixed martial arts action. 

Sep 2, 2016


Tonight's the night!!! I am so thrilled I am going to be seeing the ONE: UNBREAKABLE WARRIORS live in action tonight!!!

Did you know that Malaysia has in recent years become one of the most mature Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) markets in Asia. 

We have a few pretty cool and awesome local action heroes, making Malaysia home to some of top ONE Championship talents which have on numerous occasions prior, represented

Sep 1, 2016

How I Vanquish my Fat... Part One...

(Note/Warning: This blog post has some undesirable pictures of some flabby flesh -somewhat similar to bikini pictures except uglier, so if you think it is going to harm your delicate sensibilities as a religious person or so, do not read any further, I am sharing this as I see fit) 
Now that age is catching up, as a mother of three grown children, my metabolism rate is falling, and coupled with the desire of indulging my tastebuds at times, it is little wonder I am a little obese. It is hard to getting rid of the fat around my stomach area, as many women will attest to, especially the  love handles.