Sep 13, 2016

Review: Centa Svelte Slender Jelly

Did you know that Malaysia is the most obese country in Asia with an obesity rate about 50%? This means 50% of Malaysians are overweight and obese and I am sure I fall in with them… huhuhu

Malaysia is a country that is obsess with food, and we are also, sad to say and admit, quite lazy… Malaysians do not like to walk too far, and they would rather sit around smoking cigarettes, laze around, vegetate, be couch potatoes then go exercise or do some hard menial work…. 

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The typical Malaysian would go to work in an air conditioned office, sit at the desk, do work until its time to go home, then when they are home, they will just go and eat, and go back home and put their feet up and watch TV. 
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Only a handful of them will go for a jog or to the gym after work or so menial work. And well, everyone knows obesity happens when you eat too much and move too little. When you have eaten but do not burn off the calories through physical activity, these calories will turn to fat inside your body.

Personally, I was also guilty of all of the above, but lately I have taken to doing more brisk walking and joining in more walkathons, fun runs and so on….

And …. I got recently was introduced to Centa Svelte Slender Jelly. This product is an innovative product of Swiss Biotechnologies International in Geneva, Switzerland and distributed in Malaysia by Reich Ziel Sdn Bhd. 

It comes in a purple and white box and in 20 stick sachets. 

It contains 3 main famous ingredients commonly use in weight loss products- Acai Berry, Garcinia Cambogia &  L-Carnitine

Centa Svélte Slender Jelly can actually help us achieve the figure you want in just 3 steps.
1.       Burn Body Fat
2.       Stop Fat Formation
3.       Reduce Hunger Pangs

Centa Svélte Slender Jelly is certified by Swiss Institute of Quality Standard meaning they are safe and healthy to consume and it has also been awarded the Double Gold Medal Winner Geneva Invention in 2011.

It’s ingredients are made up of Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Young Honey Orange Extract, Acai Berry Extract, L-Carnitine, Purple Tea… And I think it is very convenient to pop into your handbag or purse to carry around.

With Centa Svelte Slender Jelly, I find it easy to control my food intake as I feel full most of the time…All you have to do is to take one sachet before breakfast and another one before dinner...

I also like that this product actually taste very nice like some berry gummy/jelly – because face it, some slimming products can taste downright horrible… and it also does not actually make you go to the toilet more then what you are use to… on a regular basis…

Do I notice changes? Yes, I can control my food intake more better, and I choose to share my food with my daughter now instead of ordering a full portion and yes, my super flabby tummy is slightly less flabby…. 

Hahah…. But don’t expect too much miracles with just one box right??? You need to consume this regularly and also watch your food intake and drink plenty of water…


  1. interesting.. :) it's suppose to work as a supplement, but not meal replacement right? :D

  2. I have this too. like to eat it before meal

  3. I think I would really benefit from this. LOL :(

  4. This looks good Miera :) I am up for anything that burns body fat and if it helps on the daily food intake as well, that is pretty much a bonus as well :)

  5. I have similar problem too, maybe this can help, thanks for sharing :)


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