Sep 28, 2016

Korean Fair 2016 at Hartamas Shopping Centre

I am a huge fan of Korea...I love their history, their culture, their food, their people... I do love a few other countries as well... but Korea definitely ranks on my top 5 favorite countries in the world....

So I was over at the Hartamas Shopping Centre, the neighbourhood mall of Hartamas and Mont Kiara.
Hartamas Shopping Centre is having a Korean Fair from 27th September until 1st October 2016, which will be showcasing Korean products from Korean food, fashion, lifestyle and more.

You can be sure to catch a bit of Korean culture which will happen at the Main Concourse daily from about 1pm onwards.

photo credit to Khairul Iskandar

This Korean Fair is sharing the culture, connect and experience with visitors and shoppers of Hartamas Shopping Centre.

photo credit to Khairul Iskandar
Hartamas area a prime location for both Malaysians, and also home to expatriates from many countries from around the world especially Korean and Japanese.

"We would like to appreciate and celebrate the cultures of other nationalities especially among the residences around the mall vicinity as they also our estimated customers," said Mr Alex Tan, the Centre Manager of Hartamas Shopping Centre.

Visitors and shoppers are more then welcome to participate in all the activities and indulge in the experiences that Hartamas Shopping Centre offers at this exciting fair.

Don't forget to try out popular Korean snacks and food as well, such as Bulgogi, Tteobokki, Kimbab etc from The Manna Korean restaurant.. they certainly are delicious....

Image result for ddakji demonstration
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The daily activities chosen to be showcased during the 5 days fair are the traditional cultural dance at the opening, the Ddakji/Korean origami demonstration on the second day, Tuho (Korean traditional throwing sticks game) on the third game....

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Kimchi demonstration on fourth day and Samyang eating competition on the last day of the fair with great Korean products to be won.

So head over to the Hartamas Shopping Centre now... and visit for more details


  1. i was there too! so many choices of korean food and snacks. me likey

  2. Nice fair, I bought some Korean foods there too at discounted price :)

  3. I love Korean food! Will bring my family to the fair to soon


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