Sep 24, 2016

Brothers, Hijjaz and Rabbani to perform at the Konsert 3 Kejora Bersatu

Nasyid in Malaysia are songs that is either sung a cappella or accompanied by some music. The lyrics of a nasyid usually refers to Islamic beliefs, history, and religion, to remind fellow Muslims about God/Allah and to continue to do good, and follow His teachings.

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It is a good and easier to accept nasyid songs and to memorize favorite tunes and the messages they carry actually then to just listen to some religious figure droning on (sorry, I know it can be a sensitive topic, but there are times some religious figure tend to drone on about the teachings of the prophets or God/Allah in a very boring manner) . And from nasyid songs, messages are also sent to the non Muslims so that they can have a better understanding of what Islam is like....

I have and I personally know many non Muslim friends who enjoy listening to nasyid... both for the melody and the messages...

Qum... Fa Anzir means "to rise" and to be a better individual in life from time to time. And in conjunction with the coming Islamic New Year Muharram 1346H,  Istana Budaya (the Palace of Performing Arts) has put together the "Konsert 3 Kejora Bersatu"

This is also to bring back the glory of the beginning of contemporary nasyid songs which began since around 1996.... and created an extraordinary phenomena..

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Remember Brothers? They opened a new dimension in the local music industry where contemporary nasyid began to draw attention with songs like Teman Sejati, Satu Perjuangan and Man Ana. Their ability to sing in English and also Arabic also made the songs easily acceptable from different walks of society ....

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The music industry was also stunned and mesmerized with Hijjaz's appearance on the nasyid scene which continued the legacy and successfully bagged Gold and Platinum awards on the sale of their album Keizinanmu , which sold over  90,000 units....

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Then the nasyid group Rabbani came to the music scene with modern nasyid like Pergi Tak Kembali, Intifada (both my favorites) , Iqrar, Apa Yang Kau Tahu and many more... Their creation was so good they dominated the Best Nasyid Album Award for 3 consecutive years, and this proves that nasyid songs can make a big impact to our local music industry.

It is after all, not just entertainment, but the lyrics spread aspirations of peace and harmony to listeners around....

And so with that KAY Event Management & Services has decided to bring the pioneers from the local nasyid industry together in one very epic concert you will not forget.

These three nasyid groups will be singing their hit songs from their albums as a gift to their fans both in Malaysia as well as Internationally who has always continued supporting them all these years.

The concert will be accompanied by some string ensemble and will definitely shake up emotions of those who listen to it. 

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There will also be appearances from the acapella group Colour of Voices which has once been viral, as well as Nazrey Johani and Zulfadhli Afad (both from the nasyid group Raihan) and a special appearance from Hillary Ang, one of Malaysia's best guitarist from the rock bands Search/Cromox...

The Konsert 3 Kejora Bersatu will be held for 2 days which will be on the 7th and 8th of October 2016, at 8pm at the Panggung Sari Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur. 

Tickets are being sold at RM50, RM70, RM100, RM150, RM200 and RM250 and can be purchased directly from the Istana Budaya's Box Office or over

So there you have it... I know I am all excited to watch my favorite nasyid singers performing and singing and I am so gonna be there... how about you....

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